August 3, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Manager’s Briefing of July 20, 2017
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of July 20, 2017
3. An appearance by Captain Marshall Branch of the Coast Guard Air Station Savannah, to receive a Resolution of Support Endorsing its Application Designating Savannah/Chatham County a "Coast Guard Community"
Coast Guard Community.doc
4. Motion to Approve Transfer of Beer and Wine (Package) License from Yash Desai to Jagrutiben Patel of KM Food Mart, LLC t/a Pump N GO
Alcohol Documents - Pump N Go20170721_0167.pdf
Pump n Go Density Map.pdf
5. Motion to Approve Consumption on Premises Drink License for Patrick Zimmerman of The Black Rabbit, LLC t/a The Black Rabbit
Alcohol Documents - The Black Rabbit20170721_0166.pdf
The Black Rabbit density map.pdf
6. Motion to Add Consumption on Premises Liquor by the Drink to the Existing Beer and Wine (Drink) license with Sunday for Heather Perez of Little Italy Abercorn, Inc. t/a Cuco-Pazzo
Alcohol Documents - Cuoco Pazzo20170721_0169.pdf
Cucou Pazzo density map.pdf
7. Final Public Hearing for the 2017 Proposed Millage Rate
070517 Final Adoption of the 2017 Millage Rate.pdf
Notice of Public Hearing 3 2017.pdf
8. Motion to Refer Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Hotels back to the Metropolitan Planning Commission
Text Amendment 17-002806-ZA Hotels 20170606 MPC Recommendation.pdf
Text Amendment 17-002806-ZA Hotels 20170606 Draft Ordinance.pdf
9. Motion to Establish the 4-R Zoning District (Petitioner Harold Yellin for Delray Ventures, LLC)
4-R Zoning District Text Amendment 20170627 The Planning Commission Recommendation 17-002739-ZA.pdf
10. Motion to Rezone 906 Drayton Street and 905 Abercorn Street from 2-R to 4-R (Petitioner Harold Yellin for Delray Ventures, LLC)
906 Drayton St and 905 Abercorn St 20170627 The Planning Commission Recommendation 17-002741-ZA.pdf
11. Motion to Create Passenger Loading Zone in Thomas Square Parking District
Code of Ordinances - Appendix l - Attachment 1.docx
Code of Ordinances - Part 7 - Attachment 2.docx
Passenger Loading Zone Aerial View 1.png
12. Motion to Amend the 2017 Revenue Ordinance, Adopt the Final 2017 Property Tax Millage Rate, and Adopt the Special Service District Tax Rate for the Water Transportation District
Ordinance Setting Millage Rate for 2017.pdf
2017 Tax Digest and Five Year History.pdf
070517 Final Adoption of the 2017 Millage Rate.pdf
13. Motion to Rezone 1204 and 1206 East Broad Street from P-R-4 to RIP-B and to Approve a General Development Plan (Petitioner, Roy Ogletree)
14. Motion to Amend the Short-term Vacation Rental Ordinance
Redline Revisions to Chapter 11 Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance.pdf
Revisions to Chapter 11 Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance.pdf
15. Motion to Approve 90-Day Stay on the Issuance of Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages by the Package Along Montgomery Street between Victory Drive and DeRenne Avenue
Resolution Imposing Temporary Stay of Alcoholic Beverage Licenses On Montgomery Street.pdf
16. Motion to Adopt a Resolution Accepting Additional Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Authorizing the Increase of Adopted Funding Allocations to Inner City Night Shelter and Family Promise of Greater Savannah
FY17 ESG Supplemental Letter-Savannah GA.pdf
Resolution_Substantial Amendment_Final.pdf
17. Motion to Adopt Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Implement an Organizational Restructuring Plan
Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Make Changes to the Organizational Structure.pdf
Organizational Chart 080317.pdf
18. Motion to Adopt Resolution Annexing a Portion of the Deptford Tract into the City of Savannah
Certificate to Remove Property From Industrial Area.pdf
The Ellis Apartments Site Map.pdf
19. Motion to Approve CPR and First Aid Training Agreement with the American Red Cross
Authorized Provider Agreement with American Red Cross.pdf
20. First Reading of Downtown Savannah Authority Application
Memo regarding 2017 bond issues GO and DSA.pdf
21. Motion to Approve a Contract with Miller Painting Co., Inc. for the Terminal Concourse Exterior Metal Insulated Panel Refinishing Project.
Terminal Concourse Exterior Metal Insulated Project -Bid Documents.pdf
22. Motion to Approve an Agreement with Environmental Services, Inc. for the Savannah Airport Commission/ Rookery Management Project.
Rooker Management Project -ES14034.02 Proposal.pdf
23. Motion to Approve a Contract with Boaen Mechanical for the Cooling Tower No. One Upgrade Project.
Cooling Tower No. One -Bid Documents.pdf
24. Motion to Approve Purchase of 2017 Ford Police Interceptor from JC Lewis Ford
25. Motion to Approve Purchase of 2017 Ford F-250 Utility Truck from JC Lewis Ford
26. Motion to Procure Gordonston Traffic Calming Services from SABE, Inc. (Event No. 5110)
Gordonston Funding Verification.pdf
Gordonston Traffic Calming Bid Tab.pdf
Gordonston Purchasing Summary.pdf
27. Motion to Approve Amendment No. 1 for River Street Water and Sewer Improvements to Thomas & Hutton Engineering (Event No. 4211)
Amendment 1 (signed)- Thomas & Hutton - WT233.pdf
River Street Funding Verification.pdf
River Street Purchasing Summary.pdf
28. Motion to Procure Sole Source Consulting Services for the Springfield Canal Basin Model from Thomas and Hutton Engineering (Event No. 5381)
Springfield Funding Verification.pdf
Springfield Purchasing Summary.pdf
29. Motion to Procure Construction Services from Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 5174)
Abercorn Ramp Bid Tab.pdf
Abercorn Ramp Funding Verification.pdf
Abercorn Ramp Purchasing Summary.pdf
30. Motion to Approve Renewal of Annual Contract for Fire Hydrant and Repair Parts with Ferguson Waterworks (Event No. 4269)
Fire Hydrants Repair Parts Bid Tab.pdf
Fire Hydrant Repair Parts Funding Verification.pdf
Fire Hydrants Repair Parts Scope.pdf
Fire Hydrants Repair Parts Purchasing Summary.pdf
31. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Gate and Tapping Valves to Fortiline Waterworks, Consolidated Pipe & Supply, HD Supply Waterworks, and Ferguson Waterworks (Event No. 5160)
Gate Tapping Valves Bid Tab.pdf
Gate Tapping Valves Purchasing Summary.pdf
Gate Tapping Valves Scope of Work.pdf
Gate Tapping Valves Funding Verification.pdf
32. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Lighting Installation and Repair to Hoffman Electric Company and Aiken-Harper Electrical (Event No. 5280)
Lighting Install Repair Purchasing Summary.pdf
Lighting Install Repair Scope.pdf
Lighting Repair Funding Verification.pdf
Lighting Install Repair Bid Tab.pdf
33. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Crane and Hoist Maintenance to Royal Arc Services (Event No. 5081)
Crane Hoist Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
Crane Hoist Maintenance Scope.pdf
Crane Hoist Purchasing Summary.pdf
Crane Hoist Funding Verification.pdf
34. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Security Services with Dothan Security, Inc. (Event No. 4286)
I and D Security Funding Verification.pdf
I and D Security Purchasing Summary.pdf
I and D Security Scope.pdf
I and D Security Bid Tab.pdf
35. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Retrofit Services from Seimens (Event No. 5338)
Emergency Retrofitting Svcs Funding Verification.pdf
Emergency Retrofitting Svcs Purchasing Summary.pdf
36. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Asphaltic Concrete with Preferred Materials, Inc. (Event No. 4042)
Asphaltic Concrete Funding Verification.pdf
Asphaltic Concrete Purchasing Summary.pdf
Asphaltic Concrete Scope.pdf
37. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Crushed Stone with Martin Marietta (Event No. 4255)
Crushed Stone Funding Verification.pdf
Crushed Stone Purchasing Summary.pdf
Crushed Stone Scope.pdf
38. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Recycled Crushed Stone with ADRS Services, Inc. (Event No. 4094)
Recycled Stone Funding Verification.pdf
Recycled Stone Purchasing Summary.pdf
Recycled Stone Scope.pdf
39. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Mowing Services with J Corbett Enterprises (Event No. 4153)
Public Works Mowing Bid Tab.pdf
Public Works Mowing Funding Verification.pdf
Public Works Mowing Purchasing Summary.pdf
Public Works Mowing Scope.pdf
40. Motion to Renew Annual Maintenance Agreement with Zonar Systems (Event No. 5340)
Zonar Purchasing Summary.pdf
Zonar Funding Verification.pdf
41. Annual Contract for Demolition of Structures with JCS Construction (Event No. 4009)
Demolition Bid tab.pdf
Demolition Funding Verification.pdf
Demolition Purchasing Summary.pdf
Demolition Scope.pdf
42. Motion to Award Contract Modification No. 1 for Drug and Substance Abuse Education to Coslick Recovery (Event No. 3789)
Drug Education Funding Verification.pdf
Drug Education Purchasing Summary.pdf
43. Motion to Procure Fountains from Fountains N Such (Event No. 4835)
Floating Fountains Scope.pdf
Fountains Bid Tab.pdf
Fountains Funding Verification.pdf
Fountains Purchasing Summary.pdf
44. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Mowing for the Leisure Services Bureau with Art's Landscaping (Event No. 3631)
Leisure Svcs Mowing Bid Tab.pdf
Leisure Svcs Mowing Funding Verfication.pdf
Leisure Svcs Mowing Purchasing Summary.pdf
Leisure Svcs Mowing Scope.pdf
45. Motion to Award Design Services for Bonaventure Restrooms to Lominack Kolman Smith Architects (Event No. 4522)
Bonaventure Funding Verification.pdf
Bonaventure Restrooms Scope.pdf
Bonaventure Restrooms site drawings.pdf
Bonaventure Purchasing Summary.pdf
Modified VE Scope.pdf
46. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Welding to L&H Welding (Event No. 5222)
Leisure Svcs Welding Bid Tab.pdf
Leisure Svcs Welding Funding Verification.pdf
Leisure Svcs Welding Purchasing Summary.pdf
Leisure Svcs Welding Scope.pdf
47. Motion to Award Contract for Visitors Center Roof Replacement Services to Metalcrafts (Event No. 5086)
Visitors Center Roof Bid Tab.pdf
Visitors Center Roof Funding Verification.pdf
Visitors Center Roof Purchasing Summary.pdf
48. Motion to Award Construction Contract for Whistle Stop Junction to Pioneer Construction (Event No. 4758)
Whistle Stop Funding Verification.pdf
Whistle Stop Purchasing Summary.pdf
Whistle Stop Scope.pdf
Whistle Stop Floor Repair Cost - PCI.pdf
Whistle Stop Value Engineering Proposal - PCI.pdf
49. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel with Sommers Oil Company and Barrett Oil Distributors (Event No. 4244)
Gasoline Diesel Fuel Purchasing Summary.pdf
Gasoline Diesel Fuel Funding Verification.pdf
50. Motion to Procure Roll Off Container Trucks from Roberts Truck Center (Event No. 5205)
Roll Off Container Trucks Scope.pdf
Roll Off Container Trucks Bid Tab.pdf
Roll Off Container Trucks Funding Verification.pdf
Roll Off Container Trucks Purchasing Summary.pdf
51. Motion to Procure Landfill Bulldozer from Flint Equipment Company (Event No. 5173)
Landfill Bulldozer Scope.pdf
Landfill Bulldozer Bid Tab.pdf
Landfill Bulldozer Funding Verification.pdf
Landfill Bulldozer Purchasing Summary.pdf
52. Motion to Accept PY2017 WIOA Youth Grant Awards
PY2017 Youth Grant Award.pdf
53. Motion to Approve PY2017 Ross Innovative Employment Solutions Corporation Contract
Ross Signed PY16 Contract (One Stop Operator).pdf
54. Motion to Approve PY16 WIOA Ross Innovative Employment Solutions Contract Modification
Ross Signed PY16 Contract (Resource Room).pdf
55. Motion to Approve PY16 Paxen Modification
Paxen BES Signed PY16 Contract.pdf
Paxen BLL Signed PY16 Paxen Contract.pdf
56. Motion to Approve Water and Sewer Agreement for Brookhaven Phase 1
Brookhaven Phase 1.pdf
57. Motion to Authorize City Manager to Execute an Amended and Restated Development Agreement with the owners of the Savannah River Landing Project
SRL Development Agreement.pdf
58. An Appearance by the Boys and Girls Club to Make a Presentation to the City in Honor of the Group's 100th Anniversary
59. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the Special City Council Meeting of July 21, 2017
Special Meeting 07.21.17.pdf
Agenda Plus