August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Council Work Session/City Manager’s Briefing of August 17, 2017
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of August 17, 2017
3. Appearance and Recognition of South State Bank donation of $5,000 for Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
4. Appearance by Historic Savannah Foundation to present the City of Savannah a check for $2,500.00 toward the City Hall Interior Assessment project
5. Appearance by the St. Vincent's Academy Volleyball Team to Recognize its 2017 State Championship Season
6. Appearance by Dr. Humberto Miranda Lorenzo from the Institute of Philosophy of Cuba to Discuss the Creation of an Historic Partnership with Armstrong State University
7. Motion to Approve Consumption on Premises Liquor, Beer and Wine License with Sunday Sales for Stephen T. Moore of Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant, LLC t/a Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant
Density Map - Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant20170818_0013.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant20170821_0016.pdf
8. Motion to Approve Transfer of Consumption on Premises Beer and Wine License with Sunday Sales from Rajesh Patel to Stephanie Lingh of APL America, LLC t/a Taste of India
Density Map - Taste of India20170818_0014.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Taste of India20170821_0014.pdf
9. Motion to Approve Consumption on Premises Wine License, with Sunday Sales, for Amanda Chezaud of Maison Montplasisir, LLC t/a Café M
Density Map - Cafe M20170818_0015.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Cafe M20170821_0015.pdf
10. Motion to Approve Consumption Beer and Wine License with Sunday Sales for Larry Gay Jr of Maddio's Acquisitions-Chatham Plaza, LLC t/a Uncle Maddio's Pizza
Density Map - Uncle Maddio's20170818_0016.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Uncle Maddio's Pizza20170821_0013.pdf
11. Motion to Approve Transfer of Consumption on Premises Liquor, Beer and Wine (drink) License with Sunday from Adrian Johnson to Charlene A. Webber of Sey Hey and Adrian's Bar
Alcohol Documents - Sey Hey & Adrian20170823_0017.pdf
Density Map - Sey Hey and Adrian's20170823_0018.pdf
12. Motion to Rezone a Property Located on Normandy Street from I-L to B-C (Petitioner David Hornsby for HD Companies)
Planning Commission Recommendation on Normandy Street Rezoning 17-004210-ZA.pdf
Draft Ordinance for Normandy Street Rezoning 17-004210-ZA.pdf
13. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance regarding Short Term Vacation Rentals (Petitioner, City of Savannah, File No. 17-004372-ZA)
Planning Commission Recommendation on STVR Text Amendment 17-004372-ZA.pdf
Draft Ordinance for STVR Text Amendment 17-004372-ZA.pdf
14. Motion to Approve Amendments to the Short-term Vacation Rental Use in Zoning Ordinance Sections 8-3025(a), 8-3025(b), 8-3028(9), 8-3046(b)(1)(d), and 8-3217.
Draft Ordinance _17-004372-ZA.pdf
MPC Recommendation Packet 1.pdf
Short-term Vacation Rental Report June 30 2017.pdf
15. Motion to Amend the Short-term Vacation Rental Ordinance to Include Rental Use Conditions and Capping System
REVISED REDLINE Full Ordinance. Revisions to Chapter 11 Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance August 31 2017.pdf
REVISED Chapter 11 Short Term Vacation Rental Ordinance Amendment August 31 2017.pdf
16. Motion to Amend the Charter of the City of Savannah to Allow for City Restructuring
PACKET- Charter Amendment FINAL 080217.pdf
LEGAL NOTICE- Savannah Morning News Charter Amendment 080217.pdf
17. Motion to Amend Article H, Part 6, Section 6-1214, subsection (b), of the Code of Ordinance to Extend the Go-Cup Zone to Include the Savannah River Landing
Petition to Amend Sec. 6-1214 to Include SRL in Go-Cup Zone.pdf
Sec 6-1214 Go Cup Ordinance Amendment (Clean Version).pdf
18. Motion Amend to Adopt Section 8-1003 in the Code of Ordinances to Restrict the Placement of Certain Vehicles on Residential Properties
Unlawful parking of vehicles ordinance (1).pdf
19. Motion to Adopt Part 9, Chapter 2, Article C of the Code of Ordinances to Provide a Mechanism for the City to Recover Costs Associated with Nuisance Abatement
Nuisance Abatement Ordinance (1).pdf
20. Motion to Adopt Part 9, Chapter 2, Article D of the Code of Ordinances to Make it Unlawful to Dump or Store Solid Waste and Vegetation
Weed-debris ORD (1).pdf
21. Motion to Adopt Part 9, Chapter 3, Section 9-3020 of the Code of Ordinances to Provide Limitations on the Storage and Transport of Used Tires
Part 9, Chapter 3, Section 9-3020 Storage and Transport of Used Tires.pdf
22. Motion to Adopt Ordinance to Issue General Obligation Bonds for Downtown Streetscape Improvements
Memo to CM regarding 2017 bond issues GO and DSA.pdf
2017 GO Bond ord-tax (v2) 08-10-17.pdf
23. Motion to Approve Supplemental Budget Appropriations to the 2017 Budget
Q2 Budget Amendment Ordinance.pdf
Q2 Budget Amendment-Capital.pdf
Q2 Budget Amendment-Operating.pdf
24. Motion to Rezone Portion of 701 Montgomery Street from R-B-C-1 to B-C (Petitioner Josh Yellin for Lookin Good Properties)
701 Montgomery St 20170718 Draft Ordinance 17-003908-ZA.pdf
701 Montgomery St 20170718 Planning Commission Recommendation 17-003908-ZA.pdf
25. Motion to Amend Sec. 8-3121 Historic Sign District (Petitioner, Stacey Richie for J. Christopher Restaurant)
Historic Sign District Text Amendment Sec. 8-3121(11)(a) 20170718 Planning Commission Recommendation 17-003501-ZA.pdf
Historic Sign District Text Amendment Sec. 8-3121(11)(a) Draft Ordinance 17-003501-ZA.pdf
26. Motion to Amend Code of Ordinances to Add Yield Signs on Nettles Industrial Boulevard at Ross Road
Nettles Industrial Boulevard @ Ross Road - Map.docx
27. Motion to Amend Ordinance to Prohibit Commercial Vehicles in the 1200 Blocks of West 49th Street and West 50th Street
1200 blocks West 49th & West 50th Streets - Map.docx
28. Motion to Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Submission of the Continuum of Care (CoC) Application to the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for FY 2017 Shelter Plus Care funding and to enter into agreements with the Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless, Inc. as the Project Sponsor.
Council RESOLUTION_S+C Authorizing Application.pdf
29. Motion to Adopt a Resolution Accepting a $5,000 Donation from South State Bank for the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
South State Bank SAHF Donation Resolution.pdf
30. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting Bid for Purchase of Savannah General Obligation Bond
Memo to CM regarding 2017 bond issues GO and DSA.pdf
2017 GO Bond res-bond (v2) 08-10-17.pdf
31. Motion to Adopt Resolution Authorizing a Contract with the Downtown Savannah Authority (DSA) and Approving the Issuance of Bonds by the Downtown Savannah Authority
Memo to CM regarding 2017 bond issues GO and DSA.pdf
2017 DSA Bond res-bond (v3) 08-10-17.pdf
DSA 2017 Bond Intergovernmental contract (v3) 08-10-17.pdf
32. Motion to Adopt Resolution Imposing a 90-Day Stay on Issuance of Alcoholic Beverage Package Licenses Along Ogeechee Road
33. Motion to Adopt Resolution Conveying Rights of Way Between the City of Savannah and the Savannah River Landing and Declaration for Sole Source for Design and Construction of Parking Garages
Resolution)City)Street Deeds Sole Source).pdf
34. Motion to Approve a Contract with Advanced Door System, Inc. for the Terminal Automatic Door Replacement Project
Summary of Solicitations and Responses - Terminal Automatic Door Replacement SAC.pdf
Bid Documents - Terminal Automatic Door Replacement.pdf
35. Motion to Approve Task Order No. 23 with AECOM (URS Corporation Southern) for the Terminal Ramp Design Services.
Agreements with URS Corporation, RS&H, and Michael Baker, Jr. -Airport.pdf
36. Motion to Approve Task Order No. 24 with AECOM (URS Corporation Southern) for the Concourse and Security Checkpoint Expansion Design Services.
Agreements with URS Corporation, RS&H, and Michael Baker, Jr. -Airport.pdf
37. Motion to Approve Procurement of a Walk-Through Metal Detector and X-Ray Unit for Employee Screening from Rapiscan.
38. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Stump Grinding Services to McKinnon, Inc. (Event No. 4864)
Stump Grinding Bid Tab.pdf
Stump Grinding Funding Verification.pdf
Stump Grinding Scope.pdf
Stump Grinding Purchasing Summary-Event 4864.pdf
39. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 3 for Tree Removal with McKinnon, Inc., AllCare Tree Surgery, Inc., and ArborNature (Event No. 3681)
Tree and Stump Removal Funding Verification.pdf
Tree Removal Purchasing Summary-Event 3681.pdf
40. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Tree Pruning with McKinnon, Inc. and AllCare Tree Surgery (Event No. 4306)
Tree Pruning Bid Tab.pdf
Tree Pruning Funding Verification.pdf
Tree Pruning Purchasing Summary.pdf
Tree Pruning Scope.pdf
41. Motion to Renew Contract for Directional Boring with D and C Directional Boring (Event No. 4195)
Directional Boring Bid Tab.pdf
Directional Boring Purchasing Summary.pdf
Directional Boring Scope.pdf
Directional Boring Funding Verification.pdf
42. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Sanitation Curbside Packets with Proforma PrintSource (Event No. 3283)
Curbside Packets Bid Tab.pdf
Curbside Packets Funding Verification.pdf
Curbside Packets Purchasing Summary.pdf
Curbside Packets Scope.pdf
43. Motion to Approve Sole Source Procurement of Playground Equipment for Edgemere/Sackville Neighborhood from Game Time (Event No. 5449)
Edgemere Sackville Playground Funding Verification.pdf
Edgemere Sackville Playground Purchasing Summary.pdf
44. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for Fencing with Guaranteed Fence (Event No. 5176)
Guy Minick Bid Tab.pdf
Guy Minick Contract Mod Funding Verification.pdf
Guy Minick Contract Mod Purchasing Summary.pdf
Guy Minick Scope.pdf
45. Motion to Procure Replacement Wheelchair Lift from Johnson-Laux Construction (Event No. 5467)
Wheelchair Lift Funding Verification.pdf
Wheelchair Lift Purchasing Summary.pdf
46. Motion to Renew Tiburon Annual Maintenance Agreement with Tiburon, Inc. (Event No. 5448)
Tiburon Funding Verification.pdf
Tiburon Purchasing Summary.pdf
47. Motion to Approve Circulator Service Agreement with the Chatham Area Transit Authority
COS-CAT Circulator Svd Agreement Route.jpg
CAT Circulator Agreement.pdf
48. Motion to Approve Parking Lease for Downtown Workers with West Henry Street Owner, LLC
Parking Lease - 9 West Henry Street.pdf
49. Motion to Approve Supplemental Agreement No. 1 with the Georgia Department of Transportation for Broughton Street Tree Installation
Agreement for Transportation Enhancement Activities signed August 5, 2016.pdf
Supplemental Agreement #1 Funding.pdf
50. Motion to Approve Memorandum of Understanding with the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia on Behalf of the Digital Library of Georgia for Digitization Services and Online Access of Historical Maps
51. Motion to Approve Agreement to Allow SCMPD Participation in Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program
ODMAP User Agreement - Savannah-Chatham.pdf
52. Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement for Adjustment of 48-inch-diameter Industrial and Domestic (I&D) Water Main on Brampton Road
Brampton Connector Memorandum of Understanding.pdf
53. Motion to Approve Lease for Office Space at 1375 Chatham Parkway
Chatham Pkwy Lease.pdf
54. Motion to Approve Agreement (Second Amendment) with Greenfield Environmental Savannah Trust, LLC Concerning the Former Deptford Landfill Site
Final Order 40161 Community Solar.pdf
Community Solar - City of Savannah.pdf
55. Settlement of Claim
56. Motion to Declare the Broughton Municipal Building Surplus and Available for Sale to the Public
BMB Exhibit.pdf
57. Motion to Declare the Gamble Municipal Building as Surplus and Available for Sale to the Public
GMB Exhibit.pdf
58. Motion to Declare a Vacant Lot on E. Park Avenue Lane as Surplus and Available for Sale to the Public
59. Motion to Accept Utility Easement at Southwest Corner of Dean Forest Road and Pine Meadow Drive
60. Motion to Approve Short-Term License to Use Fairgrounds for 2017 Coastal Empire Fair
2017 Fair Lease.pdf
61. Motion to Declare Surplus City Owned Property Located at 625 Seiler Avenue
Seiler Map.pdf
62. Motion to Approve Final Plat of a Recombination and Major Subdivision of Savannah River Landing
Savannah River Landing
63. Motion to Approve Installation of the Berrien House Marker in the Habersham Street Tree Lawn at 322-324 Broughton Street
HSMC recommendation.pdf
Habersham St. Photos.pdf
Submittal Package.pdf
64. Motion to Adopt Savannah Forward: The City of Savannah Strategic Plan, 2018-2025
COS Strategic Plan.pdf
Agenda Plus