August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Adopt Resolution Conveying Rights of Way Between the City of Savannah and the Savannah River Landing and Declaration for Sole Source for Design and Construction of Parking Garages

On August 3, 2017, City Council approved a restated development agreement with developers of the Savannah River Landing, a 55-acre mixed-use development north of East President Street that is planned to have multifamily residential, hotels, office, single-family residential, and retail space. The development will contain public parks and squares that will be constructed for recreational and cultural uses. This property is the largest single tract of undeveloped land adjacent to the downtown area, and is an important component of the Tax Allocation District, established to fund certain public infrastructure projects.

Under the new agreement, the Developer will build all of the roads, water and sewer infrastructure, and other improvements in the project. As in the prior agreement, the City will make public park and streetscape improvements which will be funded by the Eastside Tax Allocation District. The City will also purchase and operate two parking garages on the site, which will contain between 1,200 and 1,400 parking spaces, which will be funded by the City’s Parking and Mobility Fund, utilizing bonds to be issued by the Downtown Savannah Authority. The project development, at build-out, will utilize approximately 800 of the proposed spaces, which will be charged rates to be determined by the City.

Approval of resolution authorizes the City Manager to:

1. Convey by quitclaim deed to Savannah River Landing (SRL) all of City’s right, title and interest in and to the 2006 - Plat Road Systems 

2. Accept the delivery by SRL to the City of deeds and platted dedications which shall collectively convey to the City all of SRL’s right, title and interest in and to the 2017-Plat Road Systems 

3. Convey and assign by quitclaim deed and assignment to SRL all of the City’s right, title and interest in and to the Corps Permit 

4. Accept delivery by SRL to the City of the Riverwalk Maintenance Easement, subject to the approval by the City Manager of the foregoing deeds, plats, assignments and easements

5. Declare SRL the sole source for the design and construction of the parking garages to be built on the Savannah River Landing property



Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney
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