August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend Ordinance to Prohibit Commercial Vehicles in the 1200 Blocks of West 49th Street and West 50th Street

Resident concerns about tractor trailer traffic on West 49th and West 50th streets have prompted Traffic Engineering staff to undertake data collection and analysis to determine actual conditions and evaluate a request to prohibit commercial vehicles in the area around Beach High School. 

The 1200 blocks of West 49th and West 50th streets are situated north of Mills B Lane Boulevard and are bounded on the east by the Springfield Canal and on the west by Edwin Avenue.

Neighborhood residents have expressed concerns about drivers using these two streets as a means to turn around in order to make commercial deliveries to businesses at the intersection of Edwin Avenue and Mills B Lane Boulevard. Tractor trailers have caused damage to trees in the City’s rights of way, necessitating intervention by the Park and Tree Department.

Given the residential nature of the neighborhood, the roadbeds are not constructed to withstand sustained use by commercial vehicles. Over time, the heavier weight causes road failure, resulting in more frequent repair and resurfacing. Data collected by Traffic Engineering indicates that the daily traffic volumes of 41 vehicles are normal given the single block length of both streets with the exception of an average of three tractor trailers per day.

It is clear from the traffic volumes that drivers are using West 49th and West 50th Streets as a turnaround in order to make deliveries and/or return to Mills B Lane Boulevard. At a minimum, prohibiting commercial vehicles will extend the life expectancy of the streets themselves, eliminate damage to City trees caused by the taller vehicles, and improve the quality of life for the residents of the Beach High School neighborhood.

Recommend amending the Code of the City of Savannah, Part 7-1032, Appendix I, Section 215, Commercial vehicles prohibited, to add: 

West 49th Street between Edwin Avenue and the Springfield Canal

West 50th Street between Edwin Avenue and the Springfield Canal



Mike Weiner, Traffic Engineering Director
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