August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend the Charter of the City of Savannah to Allow for City Restructuring

On August 3, 2017, City Council passed a resolution approving the restructuring plan for the City organization, as proposed by the City Manager, and in accordance with City Council's Strategic Plan. Certain Charter amendments are now required to implement the reorganization plan. 

The proposed amendment to the Charter of the City of Savannah would eliminate Appendix III in its entirety. Appendix III concerns the City of Savannah’s organizational structure -- specifically the identification of Bureaus and Departments. Appendix III currently list an outdated version of the City of Savannah organizational structure that is no longer applicable.  

The restructuring plan establishes the following City departments, offices and functions reporting to the City Manager:

City Manager

  1. Arena Development District
  2. Office of Management and Budget
  3. Office of Business Opportunity
  4. Office of Public Communications
  5. Office of Organizational Performance & Accountability


  1. 311 Action Center
  2. Special Events Management
  3. Financial Services Department
  4. Fleet Services Department
  5. Human Resources Department
  6. Information Technology Department
  7. Real Estate Services Department
  8. Recorder’s Court Administration

Infrastructure and Development

  1. Office of Capital Projects Management
  2. Office of Sustainability
  3. Mobility and Parking Department
  4. Development Services Department
  5. Public Works and Water Resources

Community Services

  1. Human Services Department
  2. Arts, Culture and Historical Resources
  3. Code Compliance Department
  4. Housing and Neighborhood Services Department
  5. Parks and Recreation Department
  6. Sanitation Department

Public Safety

  1. Police Department
  2. Fire Rescue Department
  3. Public Safety Communications Department


Bret Bell, Deputy Assistant to the City Manager
Financial Impact
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