August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Agreement to Allow SCMPD Participation in Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program

Statistics show that nationally the number of opioid overdoses and deaths have risen sharply in recent years. One of the ongoing challenges with opioid overdoses is the lack of data, and data sharing between agencies.  SCMPD was recently approached to participate in the overdose detection application program or ODMAP.

ODMAP is a federally funded program designed to gather information related to opioid overdoses across jurisdictions. The program is free, and participation grants SCMPD access to opioid overdose data. Eventually, it is the intent of the program managers to involve public health and other public safety entities in the data gathering process.

Goals of ODMAP:

1. To provide real-time surveillance of known and suspected overdose events occurring nationwide using a specialized program.
2. To collect and store geocoded addresses of known and suspected overdose events.
3. To provide liaison, coordination and resource assistance in the collection, storage, exchange, dissemination, and analysis of ODMAP data for participating agencies.
4. To enable participating agencies to develop effective strategies for addressing overdose incidents occurring in their jurisdictions.
5. To enhance the development of regional strategies designed to prevent the spread of substance use disorders resulting in overdose incidents.



David W. Gay, SCMPD Captain
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