August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Adopt Savannah Forward: The City of Savannah Strategic Plan, 2018-2025

Earlier this year City Council contracted with consultant Managing Results, LLC, to work with the City organization to develop a seven-year strategic plan for the City of Savannah. Called Savannah Forward, the process included seven community meetings; five focus groups; 11 individual meetings with City Council, the City Manager, employees, and others; and a two-day City Council Retreat in June. 

After reviewing and discussing this data and input, City Council developed five priorities: Public Safety, Infrastructure, Neighborhood Revitalization, Economic Strength and Poverty Reduction, and Good Government. High-level goals were established for each priority to allow the City organization to move forward with aligning operations with resources and funding to obtain the planned and desired priority outcomes.

Following the selection of the priorities and goals, City staff formed teams to generate measures for each goal, and generate detailed strategies and action items to further assist in determining how the results will be achieved.

Upon approval of the Strategic Plan, teams will work to finalize the implementation plan and begin the business planning process for all of the City’s business units that will be impacted by the Strategic Plan priorities.



Liz Taschereau, Strategic Initiatives Manager
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