August 31, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Appearance by Dr. Humberto Miranda Lorenzo from the Institute of Philosophy of Cuba to Discuss the Creation of an Historic Partnership with Armstrong State University

Dr. Miranda is a professor of political and social philosophy and an academic researcher at the Instituto de Filosofía de Cuba, a higher-education facility that is affiliated with The Academy of Sciences of Cuba, an official institution of the state. He is Armstrong State University’s faculty partner in their new Cuba study abroad program.

Dr. Miranda spent most of July with Armstrong Sociology Professor Dr. Ned Rinalducci educating students from Armstrong, Georgia Southern, and UGA enrolled in this historic exchange. His contribution to the partnership between Armstrong and the Instituto de Filosofía has been invaluable, laying the groundwork for an exchange of culture and ideas that will continue long into Savannah’s future.

Martin Sullivan, Mayor's Office
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