April 27, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Manager’s Briefing of April 13, 2017
04.13.17 WS Minutes.pdf
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of April 13, 2017
04.13.17 Minutes.pdf
3. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Council Work Session of April 18, 2017
04.18.17 WS Minutes.pdf
4. Approve All
5. BB&T Awards $10,000 to the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
6. Presentation of Good Neighbor Award to Howard Dawson, Sr. and Thelma Grant
7. Motion to Approve Beer and Wine License for CVS/Pharmacy No. 4187
CVS PHARMACY20170420_16520989.pdf
Alcohol Density Map - CVS 119 Bull St.pdf
8. Motion to Consider a Rezoning Request for 1.03 Acres Located at 2803 Limerick Street from P-B-H District to a P-B-G* (MPC Reference File 16-005546).
MPC Recommendation Packet.pdf
9. Motion to Consider Amendment to Future Land Use Map for 1.03 acres on Limerick Street (MPC Reference File No. 16-005585)
MPC Recommendation Packet 16-005585-CPA.pdf
10. Motion to Approve an Ordinance to Rezone a 56-acre Site on East President Street From PUD-MXU to SRL-PUD (MPC Reference File No. 17-000452-ZA)
MPC Recommendation Packet-455.pdf
MPC Recommendation Packet-452.pdf
11. Motion to Approve a Text Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance to Establish a Savannah River Landing PUD Zoning District (MPC Ref. File No. 17-000455-ZA)
MPC Recommendation Packet-455.pdf
12. Motion to Approve Revisions to the Horse and Carriage Ordinance
Support letter from LLAVS.pdf
Clean Copy of the Revisions to the Horse Drawn Carriage Ordinance.pdf
Redline Copy of the Revisions to the Horse Drawn Carriage Ordinance.pdf
Support from Horse Carriage Companies.pdf
13. Motion to Approve Supplemental Budget Appropriations to the 2017 Budget
Q1 Budget Amendment.pdf
14. Motion to Amend Savannah Code of Ordinances, Article H, Board of Appeals Sections 8-3161(a) and 8-3162, to Increase the Number of Board Appointments
ORDINANCE 8-3161(a) and 8-3162.docx
15. Motion to Amend Chapter 5, Part 9 of the Code of Ordinances to Add Section 9-5014, Prohibiting Fishing at the Coffee Bluff Marina.
ORD Banning fishing CBM 042617 JNH.pdf
16. Motion to Adopt Resolution to Submit Coastal Incentive Grant for Using Goats to Reduce Overgrown Vegetation
Executed Grant Review Forms Goats.pdf
Council Resolution for Grant Ruminants for Public Works.docx
17. Motion to Adopt Resolution Amending the Fiscal Year 2016 Budget
Resolution 2016 Budget Adjustments 27April2017.pdf
FY16 Exhibit A.pdf
18. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting Donation from the Downtown Garden Club to Help Beautify Reynolds Square
Resolution of Adoption of Donation by Downtown Garden Club.pdf
19. Motion to Authorize LaTeia Lott, Administrative Assistant to the Clerk of Council, to Sign Items in the Absence of the Clerk of Council
20. Motion to Approve a Short-term Lease for Use of Building Space by the Cultural Affairs Department
CA lease exhibit.pdf
21. Settlement of Claims
22. Motion to Approve Contract with Michael Baker International, Inc. for Site Development of Three Lots Along Stephen S. Green Drive
23. Motion to Approve Contract with K2 Construction Consultants Inc. for Relocation of Security Checkpoint Equipment
24. Motion to Approve Letter of Agreement with the University of Georgia to Conduct Wood Storks Colony Modification Study
25. Motion to Authorize Contribution to Media Event for the Air Canada Launch
26. Motion to Approve Contract with Infax, Inc. for Flight Information Display System Upgrades
27. Approve All
28. Approve All
29. Motion to Award Annual Contract with Chatham Personnel Enterprises, Inc. for Summer Youth Employment Temporary Labor Services (Event No. 4800)
Summer Youth Temp Funding Verification.pdf
Summer Youth Temp Purchasing Summary.pdf
Summer Youth Temp Scope of Work.pdf
30. Motion to Award Construction Contract to McLendon Enterprises for West River Street Infrastructure Improvements (Event No. 4803)
River Street Improvements Funding Verification Form.pdf
River Street Improvements Purchasing Summary.pdf
River Street MWBE Scoring.pdf
Staging Plan.pdf
River Street Improvements Bid Tab.pdf
31. Motion to Award Annual Contract to Hoffman Electric for Traffic Signal Construction (Event No. 5019)
Traffic Signal Construction Bid Tab.pdf
Traffic Signal Construction Funding Verification.pdf
Traffic Signal Construction Purchasing Summary.pdf
Traffic Signal Construction Scope.pdf
32. Motion to Extend Annual Contract with American Infrastructure Technologies (primary) and Southeast Pipe Survey (secondary) for Trenchless Sewer Line Repairs (Event No. 179)
Trenchless Funding Verification.pdf
Trenchless Scope.pdf
Trenchless Purchasing Summary.pdf
33. Motion to Award Annual Contract to L&H Welding for Structural Welding Fabrication at the Dean Forest Landfill (Event No. 4961)
Structural Welding Scope of Work.pdf
Structural Welding Purchasing Summary.pdf
Structural Welding Funding Verification.pdf
Structural Welding Bid Tab.pdf
34. Motion to Award Annual Contract to Complete Lawn Care, Inc. for Securing Vacant Structures (Event No. 4922)
Securing Structures Bid Tab.pdf
Securing Structures Funding Verification.pdf
Securing Structures Purchasing Summary.pdf
Securing Structures Scope.pdf
35. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No.1 for Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA) Contract Numbers 16-0167, 16-0167-02 and 16-0167-03 for Paxen Learning Services, LLC and 16-0869 for Savannah Impact Program
36. Motion to Approve Modification No. 2 to the PY2016 Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Year-Round Contract to Administer the Jobs for Georgia Graduates Out-of-School Program
37. Motion to Award the Sale of Surplus Residential Vacant Lots at 1510 Augusta Avenue, 244 McIntyre Street, and 246 McIntyre Street (Event No. 4623)
Surplus Residential Vacant Lot Sale Funding Verification.pdf
Surplus Residential Vacant Lot Sale Purchasing Summary.pdf
Surplus Residential Vacant Lot Sale Scope.pdf
38. Motion to Award Contract to KPMG, LLP for Utility Billing and Collection Assessment Services (Event No. 4900)
Utility Billing Assessment Scope.pdf
Utility Billing Purchasing Summary.pdf
Utility Billing Funding Verification.pdf
39. Motion to Award Annual Contract to Superior Janitorial Services for Janitorial Services at Grayson Stadium (Event No. 4848)
Grayson Janitorial Funding Verification.pdf
Grayson Janitorial Purchasing Summary.pdf
Grayson Janitorial Scope of Work.pdf
Grayson Janitorial Bid Tabulation.pdf
40. Motion to Approve Contract Modification with Johnson-Laux Construction for Liberty Street Municipal Building Elevator Replacement (Event No. 4563)
LMB Elevator Funding Verification Form.pdf
LMB Elevator Purchasing Summary.pdf
41. Motion to Award Annual Contract to AT&T for Data Circuit Leased Lines (Event No. 5027)
Data Circuit Funding Verification Form.pdf
Data Circuit Leased Lines Scope.pdf
Data Circuit Purchasing Summary.pdf
42. Motion to Procure e911 VIPER System Upgrade from AT&T (Event No. 5111)
e911 Upgrade Purchasing Summary.pdf
e911 Upgrade Funding Verification.pdf
43. Motion to Amend Contract with EDSA for Downtown Streetscapes Design Services (Event No. 4348)
Streetscapes Design Svcs Scope.pdf
Streetscapes Matrix.pdf
Streetscapes MWBE Scoring.pdf
Streetscapes Purchasing Summary.pdf
Streetscapes Funding Verification.pdf
44. Motion to Approve Contract Modification with Level 3 Communications for Internet Services (Event No. 1485)
Internet Service Provider Funding Verification.pdf
Internet Service Purchasing Summary.pdf
45. Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement For Adjustment of Sewer Force Main Work on the Islands Expressway
0007128 - Chatham-City of Savannah: CIA Three Party Agree Cover.pdf
0007128 - Chatham-City of Savannah-Chatham County: Three Party CIA Agree.pdf
0007128 - Chatham-City of Savannah: CIA Immigration Compliance Affidavit.pdf
0007128 - Chatham-City of Savannah: Water and Sewer Facility CIA Cost.pdf
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