July 5, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Mid-Year Budget Conference of June 18, 2018
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Work Session and City Manager's Briefing of June 21, 2018
06.21.18 WS minutes.pdf
3. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Meeting of June 21, 2018
06.21.18 Minutes.pdf
4. Appearance by City Human Services Department to Announce the Connecting the Dots Poverty Summit
5. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Samuel G. Evans for Maple Street Biscuit Company
Measurement Report - Maple Street Biscuit Co20180622_16320844.pdf
Alcohol Document - Maple Street Biscuit Co20180622_16353653.pdf
Density Map - Maple Street Biscuit Co20180622_16345381.pdf
Code Compliance Report Maple Street Biscuit Company.pdf
6. Motion to Approve Transfer of Alcohol License to Ashwinkumar Patel of Bradley Liquors
Density Map - Bradley Liquors20180622_16422544.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Bradley Liquors20180622_16430523.pdf
Measurement Report - Bradley Liquors20180622_16411369.pdf
Code Compliance Report Bradley Liquors.pdf
7. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Rebecca S. Lockwood of The Alida
Density Map - The Alida Hotel20180622_16392832.pdf
Measurement Report - The Alida Hotel20180622_16400792.pdf
Alida - Alcohol Documents.pdf
Code Compliance Report - Alida.pdf
8. Motion to Approve Request to Transfer of Alcohol License for Mafalal Patel of Tibet Liquor
Measurement Report - Tibet Liquor20180622_16495516.pdf
Density Map - Tibet Liquor20180622_16485279.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Tibet Liquor20180622_16481758.pdf
CM. Alcohol License Tibet Liquor. 070318.docx
9. Motion to Rezone 2824 and 2830 Dixie Ave from R-6 to B-C (Petitioner: Robert L. McCorkle for Patrick All)
2824 and 2830 Dixie Ave Planning Commission Recommendation 18-002315-ZA.pdf
2824 and 2830 Dixie Ave Draft Ordinance 18-002315-ZA.pdf
10. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Upper-story Residential (Petitioner: Planning Commission) as an Alternative to the Rezoning of 415 E Oglethorpe Ave
Upper-story residential Draft Ordinance 18-003306-ZA.pdf
11. Motion to Deny the Rezoning Request of 415 E Oglethorpe Ave from RIP-C to B-C (Petitioner: Harold Yellin for Bryson–Read, LLC)
415 E Oglethorpe Ave Rezoning Planning Commission Recommendation 18-002579-ZA.pdf
415 E Oglethorpe Ave 2012 Deed Book 378M Pages 92-93.pdf
415 E Oglethorpe Ave 2008 Plat Book 40P Page 95.pdf
415 E Oglethorpe Ave 1984 Plat Book 6P Page 29A.pdf
12. Motion to Adopt the Final 2018 Property Tax Millage Rate, Adopt the Special Service District Tax Rate for the Water Transportation District, and Amend the 2018 Revenue Ordinance
13. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding the Mid-City Design Review Process (Petitioner: Planning Commission)
Draft Ordinance Mid-City Ordinance Revisions 18-001150-ZA.pdf
14. Motion to Amend Sec. 3-2096, Article H, the Fire Services Utility Ordinance
Ordinance to Repeal the Fire Service Fee.pdf
Fire Services Fee Ordinance.pdf
15. Motion to Amend Article L - Fire Services Fee of the 2018 Revenue Ordinance to Eliminate the Fire Fee Discount Program
Savannah Fire Discount Manual.pdf
16. Motion to Amend the 2018 Budget and Capital Improvement Program
2018 Budget Amendments.pdf
MidYear Op Budget Amendment Details_July 2018.xlsx
17. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding the Savannah Historic District (Petitioner: Planning Commission)
DRAFT Ordinance Historic District Section Revisions 18-002327-ZA (002).pdf
18. Motion to Approve Purchase of a Runway Deicer Trailer System from Wausau Equipment Company, Inc.
Wausau Brochure.pdf
Wausau Equipment Company, Inc. Bid Proposal.pdf
Bids City of Savannah Event No6153.pdf
Letter to City Manager - SAC Agenda Items 07.05.2018.pdf
19. Motion to Approve a Contract with Vaquer Firm, LLC for Governmental Affairs Services
SAC Sept 18 - 19 .docx
Vaquer Firm contract Letter of Engagement signed by SAC 7-11-2016.pdf
20. Motion to Approve Contract Amendment No. 1 for Conservation Services to Landmark Preservation, LLC and Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 5349)
Conservation Funding Verification.pdf
Conservation Purchasing Summary.pdf
21. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for Civic Center Ceiling Demolition and Restoration to Johnson-Laux Construction, LLC (Event No. 5969)
Ceiling Purchasing Summary.pdf
Ceiling Funding Verification.pdf
22. Motion to Award Contract Modification No. 1 for Gordonston Traffic Calming to Sabe, Inc. (Event No. 4983)
Gordonston Purchasing Summary.pdf
Gordonston Funding Verification.pdf
23. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Backflow Preventers to Core & Main, L.P. (Event No. 6042)
Backflow Preventers Purchasing Summary.pdf
Backflow Preventers Funding Verification.pdf
Backflow Preventers Bid Tab.pdf
Backflow Preventers Scope.pdf
24. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Tree Pruning to McKinnon, Inc., Kolcum Tree Care, LLC, ArborNature, LLC, and Downey Trees, Inc. (Event No. 5932)
Tree Pruning Funding Verification.pdf
Tree Pruning RFSQ Scope.pdf
Tree Pruning Bid Tab.pdf
Tree Pruning Purchasing Summary.pdf
25. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Tree Removal Services to McKinnon, Inc., Kolcun Tree Care, LLC, ArborNature LLC, and Downey Trees, Inc. (Event No. 5933)
Tree Removal RFSQ Scope.pdf
Tree Removal Bid Tab.pdf
Tree Removal Purchasing Summary.pdf
Trees Removal Funding Verification.pdf
26. Motion to Award Design Services Contract for Greenwich Cemetery Columbarium (Event No. 6005)
Greenwich Columbarium Funding Verification.pdf
Greenwich Columbarium Scope.pdf
Columbarium Purchasing Summary.pdf
27. Motion to Procure 20 Mid-Sized Sedans from J.C. Lewis Ford (Event No. 6014)
Mid-Size Sedans Purchasing Summary.pdf
Mid-Size Sedans Funding Verification.pdf
Mid-Size Sedans Scope.pdf
Mid-Size Sedans Bid Tab.pdf
28. Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of School Zone Beacon Control System Upgrade to Temple, Inc. (Event No. 6292)
School Zone Beacons Purchasing Summary.pdf
School Zone Beacon Funding Verification.pdf
29. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Barricades, Lights, and Safety Equipment to Vallen (Event No. 4076)
Barricades Purchasing Summary.pdf
Barricades Funding Verification.pdf
Barricades Scope.pdf
Barricades Bid Tab.pdf
30. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Curbside Sanitation Schedule Packets with Proforma PrintSource (Event No. 6133)
Curbside Schedule Packet Purchasing Summary.pdf
Curbside Schedule Packet Funding Verification Form.pdf
Curbside Schedule Packet Scope.pdf
Curbside Schedule Packet Bid Tab.pdf
31. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Curbside Refuse Carts with Toter, Inc. (Event No. 4117)
Curbside Carts Purchasing Summary.pdf
Curbside Carts Funding Verification.pdf
Curbside Carts Scope.pdf
Curbside Carts Bid Tab.pdf
32. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Filter Belts with Clear Edge Filtration (Event No. 4125)
Filter Belts Purchasing Summary.pdf
Filter Belts Funding Verification.pdf
Filter Belts Scope.pdf
Filter Belts Bid Tab.pdf
33. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Heavy Equipment Rental with Savannah River Utilities (Event No. 6172)
Heavy Equip Rental Purchasing Summary.pdf
Heavy Equip Rental Funding Verification.pdf
Heavy Equip Rental Scope.pdf
Heavy Equip Rental Bid Tab.pdf
34. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Pre-Employment Psychological Assessment and Testing with Stephen Sampson, PhD (Event No. 3365)
Psychological Testing Purchasing Summary.pdf
Psychological Testing Funding Verification.pdf
Psychological Testing Scope.pdf
35. Notification of Emergency Procurement of HVAC Air Handlers and Chiller Rentals from Johnson Controls, Inc. (Event No. 6262)
HVAC Rentals Purchasing Summary.pdf
HVAC Rentals Funding Verification.pdf
36. Notification of Emergency Procurement of HVAC Air Handlers and Chillers from Edge Air Conditioning (Event No. 6264)
HVAC Repair Purchasing Summary.pdf
HVAC Repair Funding Verification.pdf
37. Notification of Emergency Replacement of Uninterruptible Power Source at the Southside Radio Site from Alpine Power Systems and Move Buddies (Event No. 6261)
UPS Emergency Replacement Purchasing Summary.pdf
UPS Emergency Replacement Funding Verification.pdf
38. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Oils, Lubricants, and Anti-Freeze with Colonial Fuel & Lubricants Services (Event No. 5056)
Oils and Lubricants Purchasing Summary.pdf
Oils and Lubricants Bid Tab.pdf
Oils Lubricants, and Antifreeze Scope.pdf
Oils, Lubricants, Antifreeze Funding Verification.pdf
39. Motion to Procure Playground Equipment for Windsor Neighborhood Park from Dominica Recreation Products (Event No. 6024)
Windsor Park Playground Purchasing Summary.pdf
Windsor Park Playground Scope.pdf
Windsor Park Playground Funding Verification.pdf
40. Motion to Approve Amendment to Sales Contract with Geyer Morris Company to Purchase Property at Oglethorpe Avenue and Habersham Street
First Amendment to Purchase and Sale Agreement - E. Oglethorpe Ave and Habersham St..pdf
41. Motion to Approve Water and Sewer Agreement for Rivermoor West
Rivermoor West.pdf
42. Motion to Approve First Amendment to Infrastructure Repair Agreement for Savannah River Landing
Infrastructure Repair Agr1st Amd [6-18].pdf
Infrastructure Repair Agr)City MMA-PSP (00017840xAB0B1).pdf
43. Motion to Approve Amendment to Sales Contract of Real Property Located at 2115 Bull Street with Foram Development
First Amendment to PSA Foram Developement - Starland Village.doc
44. Motion to Approve 3rd Amendment to Lease at 1900 Victory Drive Suite B5
Map and Picture of McAlpin Square.pdf
Third Amendment to Lease Agreement - McAlpin Square.pdf
45. Motion to Approve Monument to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Park at 400 West River Street
Submittal Package.pdf
Development Agreement (Plant Riverside)_Page 4-MLK Park and Monument.pdf
COA - 400 West River Street 18-001991-MON.pdf
Agenda Plus