May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Manager’s Briefing of May 11, 2017
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of May 11, 2017
05.11.17 Minutes.pdf
3. Presentation of Proclamation Recognizing the 70th Anniversary of the Hiring of Savannah’s “Original Nine" Police Officers
4. Motion to Approve Wine (package) License with Sampling to Carol Sellers of The Salt Table
Density Map - The Salt Table20170515_0024.pdf
Alcohol Information - The Salt Table20170516_0030.pdf
Additional Information - Salt Table20170518_0045.pdf
5. Motion to Approve Retail Beer and Wine (package) License for Zaid Abdallah of Zack's
Density Map - Zack's 20170515_0022.pdf
Alcohol Information - Zack's20170516_0036.pdf
Additional Information - Zack's Quick Stop20170518_0050.pdf
6. Motion to Approve Transfer Liquor, Beer and Wine (Drink) License with Sunday Sales from Michael Glover to Peter H. Saloukas of Hilton Garden Inn Midtown
Density Map - Hilton Garden Inn Midtown20170515_0021.pdf
Alcohol Information - Hilton Garden Inn Midtown20170516_0035.pdf
Additional Information - Hilton Garden Inn Midtown20170518_0047.pdf
7. Motion to Approve Transfer of Retail Liquor, Beer and Wine (drink) License with Sunday Sales from Michael Glover to Peter Saloukas of Hampton Inn and Suites Midtown
Density Map - Hampton Inn Midtown20170515_0020.pdf
Alcohol Information - Hampton Inn & Suites Midtown 20170516_0027.pdf
Additional Information - Hampton Inn & Suites20170518_0044.pdf
8. Motion to Transfer Retail Beer and Wine (drink) License from David A. Harris to John Buckovich of Lucas Theatre
Density Map - Lucas Theatre20170515_0023.pdf
Alcohol Information -Lucas Theatre20170516_0037.pdf
Additional Information - Lucas Theatre20170518_0048.pdf
9. Motion to Approve Retail Beer and Wine (package) License to Avinash Patel of Shiv Convenience Store #4
Density Map - Shiv's20170515_0025.pdf
Alcohol Information - Shiv Convenience20170516_0029.pdf
Additional Information - Shiv Convenience20170518_0049.pdf
10. Motion to Approve Transfer of Retail Beer and Wine (Drink) License with Sunday Sales from Loan Tran to Qiu-Qin Chen of The King and I
Density Map - The King and I20170515_0019.pdf
Alcohol Information - The King and I20170516_0033.pdf
Additional Information - The King and I20170518_0046.pdf
11. Approve items 4-10
12. Motion to Consider Request to Rezone 8.44 Acres Located at 1147 East President Street from I-L to B-C (MPC Reference File No. 17-001310-ZA)
1147 East President Street 17-001310-ZA MPC Recommendation.pdf
1147 East President Street 17-001310-ZA Draft Ordinance.pdf
13. Motion to Consider Text Amendment to the Mid-City District (Article K) to Create a New Use "Microbrewery" in Sec. 8-3216(2)(a) and Use Standards in Sec. 8-3219 (MPC Reference File No. 17-001851-ZA)
Text Amendment 17-001851-ZA Secs 8-3216(2)(a) & 8-3219 Article K MCD MPC Recommendation.pdf
Text Amendment 17-001851-ZA Sections 8-3216(2)(a) & 8-3219 of Article K MCD Draft Ordinance.pdf
14. Motion to Consider a Text Amendment to Sec.8-3090(e) and Sec.8-3082(r) (Article D Off-street Parking and Service Requirements) to Allow Multifamily Residential Uses in the West River Street [Parking] District (MPC Reference File No. 17-001379-ZA)
Text Amendment 17-001379-ZA Sections 8-3090(e) & 8-3082(r) WRSD Draft Ordinance.pdf
Text Amendment 17-001379-ZA Sections 8-3090(e) & 8-3082(r) WRSD MPC Recommendation.pdf
15. Motion to Consider a Request to Rezone 1.92 Acres Located at 333 West Montgomery Cross Road from P-R-M-12 to B-N. (MPC Reference File No. 17-001825-ZA)
333 West Montgomery Cross Road 17-001825-ZA MPC Recommendation Packet.pdf
333 West Montgomery Cross Road 17-001825-ZA Draft Ordinance.pdf
16. Motion to Amend the Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Map for a 1.92-acre Property Located at 333 West Montgomery Crossroad (MPC Reference File No. 17-001825-CPA)
333 West Montgomery Cross Road 17-001825-CPA MPC Recommemdation Packet.pdf
333 West Montgomery Cross Road 17-001825-CPA Draft Ordinance.pdf
17. Acknowledgment of Annexation Petition by Mariner Brand Deptford, LLC, for 9.837 acres on East President Street.
Mariner Deptford annexation - map.png
Mariner Deptford Tract Survey.pdf
Deptford Tract Petition.pdf
18. Motion to Amend Code of Ordinances to Prohibit Commercial Vehicles on Ford Avenue and Dodge Avenue
Ford and Dodge Avenue Map.docx
19. Motion to Approve Amendment to the Charter of the City of Savannah to Provide for Leasing Parking Slots and Dock Facilities
Home Rule for Municipalities.docx
2010 Georgia Code Title 36.docx
Home Rule for Municipalities (O.C.G.A. § 36-35-3).pdf
Georgia Code Title 36.pdf
Charter Amendment for Leasing and Contracting for Parking and Dock Facilties.pdf
20. Motion to Approve an Ordinance to Establish a Special Services District to be Known as the Visitor Impact Special Service District.
21. Motion to Amend the Savannah Revenue Ordinance of 2017 to Allow for a Service Fee Within the Visitor Impact Special Service District
22. Motion to Adopt a Resolution for the City Manager to Execute Grant Agreements with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and Union Mission, Inc.
Union Mission Resolution.pdf
HOPWA- Project House Call.pdf
HOPWA- Daniel Flagg Villas.pdf
23. Motion to Approve Resolution Extending a 90-Day Moratorium on Alcoholic Beverage Licenses on West Bay Street
Resolution Extending Temporary Moratorium on Alcohol License Applications on West Bay Street 052517.pdf
24. Boards, Commissions and Authorities Appointment
25. Motion to Approve Acquisition of Utility Easements along Louisville Road at Telfair Road
26. Motion to Approve Final Plat for Liberty Townes Subdivision
Liberty Townes Sub Plat_Rev1.pdf
27. Motion to Approve Installation of the First African Baptist Church Marker at Franklin Square
Application and Submittal Packet - First African Baptist Church.pdf
Historic Site and Monument Commission Recommendation - First African Baptist Church.pdf
28. Settlement of Claims
29. Motion to Approve Purchase of Three 2017 Ford Explorers (Event No. 5036)
Savannah Airport Commission - May 25 2017.pdf
30. Motion to Approve Procurement of Telehandler Heavy Equipment from Low Country Machinery (Event No. 5074)
Savannah Airport Commission - May 25 2017.pdf
31. Motion to Approve Contract to Mill and Pave Airways Avenue to Carroll and Carroll Inc. (Event No. 5033)
Mill Pave Airways Avenue Entrance Exit Contract 5-25-17 agenda.pdf
32. Motion to Approve Contract with Hasco Inc. to Remove and Repaint Taxiway Edgelines and Thermoplastic Markings (Event No. 4936)
Savannah Airport Commission - May 25 2017.pdf
33. Approve items 29-32
34. Approve all
35. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Hand Tools with Millworks and Supply, Inc. (Event No. 3973)
Tools Bid Tab.pdf
Tools Purchasing Summary.pdf
Tools Funding Verification.pdf
Tools Scope.pdf
36. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Medical Fitness Testing to St. Joseph's Candler Health Systems (Event No. 4952)
Medical Fitness Funding Verification.pdf
Medical Fitness Purchasing Summary.pdf
SFES Medical Fitness Exams Scope.pdf
37. Motion to Award Contract for Horticultural Products with VM Distribution Partners, Central Garden and Pet, and John Deere Landscapes (Event #4888)
Horticultural Products Bid Tab.pdf
Horticultural Products Funding Verification.pdf
Horticultural Products Purchasing Summary.pdf
Horticultural Products Scope of Work.pdf
38. Motion to Approve Contract Amendment for Project DeRenne Phase III with Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.
DeRenne 3B Funding Verification.pdf
DeRenne 3B Purchasing Summary.pdf
39. Motion to Award Annual Contract for HVAC Maintenance to Boaen Mechanical Services, Inc. (Event No. 4902)
HVAC Maint Funding Verification.pdf
HVAC Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
HVAC Maintenance for Water Treatment Scope.pdf
HVAC Maint Purchasing Summary.pdf
40. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Recycling Receptacles to SiteScapes, Inc. (Event No. 4884)
Litter and Recycling Bid Tab.pdf
Recycling Receptacles Funding Verification.pdf
Litter Recycling Receptacles Scope.pdf
Recycling Receptacle installed (River Street).jpg
Recycling Receptacle Top.jpg
Recycling Receptacles Purchasing Summary.pdf
41. Motion to Modify a Contract for Liberty Municipal Building Cornice Repairs with Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 4518)
LMB Cornice Funding Verification.pdf
LMB Cornice Purchasing Summary.pdf
42. Motion to Modify a Contract for Disaster Recovery Grant Administration Services with Witt O'Brien's (Event No. 4723)
Funding Verification_Even No.4723.pdf
Purchasing Summary_Event No.4723.pdf
43. Motion to Procure Two Fire Pumpers from Sutphen Corporation for Savannah Savannah Fire and Emergency Services (Event 4551)
Fire Pumpers Scope.pdf
Fire Pumpers Bid Tab.pdf
Fire Pumpers Purchasing Summary.pdf
Fire Pumpers Funding Verification.pdf
44. Motion to Approve Procurement of Executive Recruitment Services from Colin Baenziger & Associates, The Mercer Group, Inc., The Novak Consulting Group, and The Royster Group, Inc. (Event No. 5155)
Exec Recruitment Svc Purchasing Summary.pdf
Executive Recruitment Funding Verification.pdf
Executive Recruitment Services RFSQ.pdf
45. Motion to Approve Development Agreement Between the City of Savannah and Savannah River Landing JV, LLC Concerning Certain Public Infrastructure at the Savannah River Landing Site
Savannah River Landing Public Spaces Narrative.pdf
Savannah River Landing Project Map.pdf
Savannah River Landing Development Agreement.pdf
46. Motion to Approve Water and Sewer Agreement for QuickStart Regional Training Center
Water and Sewer Agreement for Quick Start.pdf
47. Motion to Amend Grayson Stadium Lease Agreement with Fans First Entertainment (Savannah Bananas)
Usage Agreement Fans First Entertainment.pdf
first-amendment-to-Fans First agmt.pdf
Agenda Plus