May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Acquisition of Utility Easements along Louisville Road at Telfair Road

Request approval to acquire two easements and an encroachment for a total acquisition cost of $1,981 to facilitate development of a new water line along Louisville Road at Telfair Road, and authorization for the City Manager to execute related closing documents. 

The City is installing a new water line along Louisville Road to provide enhanced capacity and water pressure to residents and businesses on Savannah's westside. To facilitate the project, the City needs to acquire easements across two parcels located at the intersection of Louisville Road and Telfair Road.

Parcel 1 (PIN 2-0629-08-001) is owned by Ringsby Terminals, Inc.  Parcel 2 (PIN 2-0629-01-001) is owned by Rule & Portman Kenneth P & Barnard M et al. The easement area needed across Parcel 1 is 624 square feet, and the easement area needed across Parcel 2 is 381 square feet. Parcel 1 is encumbered by a Georgia Power Corporation (GPC) transmission easement, and the City will need an encroachment agreement with GPC to cross that easement area.    

According to the Chatham County Board of Assessors, the 2016 assessed market land value of the parcels is $2.21 per square foot, indicating a fee simple value for both easement areas of $2,221.05. However, only a utility easement (less than fee simple interest) is needed. An acquisition price of $1,981 was negotiated with the property owners and will be funded by funds in WT-139-15 of the miscellaneous water line replacement budget of the Bureau of Public Works and Water Resources.

This matter has been reviewed by the Bureau of Public Works and Water Resources and Real Property Services.



David Keating, Director of Real Property Services
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