May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Consider a Request to Rezone 1.92 Acres Located at 333 West Montgomery Cross Road from P-R-M-12 to B-N. (MPC Reference File No. 17-001825-ZA)

The petitioner, Philip R. McCorkle, is requesting to rezone a 1.92-acre property located at 333 West Montgomery Crossroad from P-R-M-12 (Planned, Multifamily Residential, 12 units per net acre) to B-N (Neighborhood Business). The petitioner wishes to rezone the subject property to allow a fast-food or drive-thru restaurant (Use 49a).  Fast-food and drive through resturants are not permitted uses in the P-R-M-12 zoning classification. Granting the requested zoning change will allow the proposed project to move forward. 

The Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of the rezoning request at its April 25, 2017 Regular MPC Meeting. This petition is related to an Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan's Future Land Use Map for the subject property (MPC Reference File No. 7-001825-CPA).


Continuance, pending completion of traffic study

Shane Corbin
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333 West Montgomery Cross Road 17-001825-ZA MPC Recommendation Packet.pdf
333 West Montgomery Cross Road 17-001825-ZA Draft Ordinance.pdf
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