May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend Code of Ordinances to Prohibit Commercial Vehicles on Ford Avenue and Dodge Avenue

Ford and Dodge Avenues are located in the Tremont Park neighborhood, which is situated between Tremont and Ogeechee Roads in West Savannah. Tremont Road is lined with light industrial facilities and, at times, traffic is at a standstill as tractor trailers are maneuvered in and out of businesses. During these periods, commercial vehicles take advantage of the direct connection between Tremont Road and Ogeechee Road to bypass congestion.

Currently, City Code prohibits commercial vehicles on the three north/south streets in the neighborhood but not on Dodge and Ford Avenues, the two east/west streets that provide direct connectivity to Tremont Road. Adding these two streets will allow for signage to be installed at the Tremont Road connections and for SCMPD to enforce cut-through traffic originating from those streets.

Recommend amending the City Code of Savannah as follows:

Section 7-1032. Appendix I Sec. 215. Commercial Vehicles Prohibited.


Ford Avenue from Tremont Road to Plymouth Avenue

Dodge Avenue from Tremont Road to Plymouth Avenue




Mike Weiner, Traffic Engineering Director
Financial Impact
Two "No Trucks" signs - $28.00
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