May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Modify a Contract for Liberty Municipal Building Cornice Repairs with Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 4518)

Recommend approval of Contract Modification No. 2 for the Liberty Municipal Building cornice repairs to Savannah Construction and Preservation in the amount of $959.50.

Savannah Construction and Preservation was hired by the City of Savannah in September 2016 under emergency procurement to repair parts of the existing masonry cornice on the building located at 601 E. Liberty Street, also known as the Liberty Municipal Building. The original scope of work included repair work to the four corners by removing the original stone pieces and creating and installing a fabricated replica that could be structurally attached without the concern of weight and displacing additional surrounding pieces.

The original contract was approved by City Council on September 1, 2016 in the amount of $32,774.00. Contract modification No. 1 was approved on October 27, 2016 in the amount of $35,639.48 due to unforeseen conditions in that the northeast corner had differing detachment issues requiring a unique repair method and therefore an expanded scope of work. 

Contract modification No. 2 is requested to provide a protective galvanized finish to the steel braces used in repair of the fourth corner. The braces (four sections at approximately 3 feet in length) are mounted to both the interior and exterior of the parapet wall and used for structural support of the masonry cornice. Galvanizing will protect the metal from any future deterioration and from the potential of rust bleeding onto the building facade. At the time of the proposal for the fourth corner repair the total cost of galvanizing was not able to be determined; therefore it was not included in the proposal. Contract modification No. 2 is being requested in the amount of $959.50.



Peter Shonka, Assistant City Manager
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