May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Resolution Extending a 90-Day Moratorium on Alcoholic Beverage Licenses on West Bay Street

On March 3, 2017, City Council approved a Resolution imposing a 90-day moratorium barring acceptance by the City's agencies of applications for new alcoholic beverage licenses in a defined area of West Bay Street. 

It was the determination of the Mayor and Aldermen that the density of alcoholic beverage licenses in the West Bay Street corridor is creating substantial problems for the surrounding neighborhoods, increasing the amount of litter, loitering, unruly behavior, traffic congestion, and diminishing the quality of life in these neighborhoods.

The moratorium was enacted to give City staff time to study, assess, review, consider, and determine the densities and location for which it would be appropriate to issue new alcoholic beverage licenses in such area and to incorporate such densities and/or locations into ascertainable standards in the Code of Ordinances.

A 90-day extension of the moratorium is needed to continue this work and bring recommended Ordinance changes to City Council. 




Bret Bell, Deputy Assistant to the City Manager
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Resolution Extending Temporary Moratorium on Alcohol License Applications on West Bay Street 052517.pdf
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