May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Procure Two Fire Pumpers from Sutphen Corporation for Savannah Savannah Fire and Emergency Services (Event 4551)

Recommend procurement of two fire pumpers to be utilized by Savannah Fire and Emergency Services (SFES) to replace Units 5505 and 6502, which are on the 2018 Replacement List. The procurement is being initiated in 2017 because it takes approximately 8-10 months to build a fire pumper after a vendor receives the build order. The pumpers will be delivered and the invoice paid in 2018.

The original contract was approved by City Council on November 22, 2016 in the amount of $1,284,516.00 for the procurement of two fire pumpers on the 2017 Replacement List;  and, was awarded to Sutphen Corporation. Event No. 4551, upon which the original contract is based, included tiered pricing for 2018 – 2020. This allows the City an option to procure additional pumpers annually at a determined price and allow for the standardization of SFES fleet. The cost per unit for 2018 is $651,891.87.



Iris Ellsbury-Smith, Vehicle Maintenance
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