May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Amendment to the Charter of the City of Savannah to Provide for Leasing Parking Slots and Dock Facilities

Historically, Mobility and Parking Services Department has entered into agreements with private entities to lease parking spaces or dock space through a negotiated process ultimately approved by the City Manager and/or City Council. This process allowed Mobility and Parking Services to grant parking leases within garages on a large scale for projects such as the Whitaker Street Parking Garage and the Liberty Street Parking Garage.

In 2015 the State Legislature amended Georgia Law to require all new lease agreements provided by local governments be placed in open bid. This created situations in Savannah where large-scale parking lease holders faced an extended and uncertain open bid process in order to renew a lease or expand their number of spaces. It also created a layer of difficulty in dealing with the development and business community, and placed several negotiated agreements in a waiting pattern.  

It is essential to the operation of Mobility & Parking Services to have the ability to enter into lease agreements or contracts for the use of its parking and dock facilities at rates to be established annually and published in the annual Revenue Ordinance. 

The General Assembly did add a provision to the Law that allows lease agreements to be established without a full bid process if they are authorized in City Charter. This requires a Charter Amendment with proper notice and advertisement. 

Recommend amending the Charter of the City of Savannah to specifically enable the City to lease or enter into contracts for valuable consideration for the use, operation or management of its real or personal property. 






Sean Brandon, Mobility and Parking Services Director
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