May 25, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Consider Request to Rezone 8.44 Acres Located at 1147 East President Street from I-L to B-C (MPC Reference File No. 17-001310-ZA)

The petitioner, D.J. Desai as Agent for W.J. Bremer, Jr. et al, Owner, is requesting to rezone an 8.44-acre site from an I-L (Light Industrial) zoning classification to a proposed B-C (Community Business) zoning classification.

The subject site is located south of President Street and the Madison Retail properties, east of Hitch Village, and west of the Bilbo Canal. It is accessed by an easement along the Bilbo Canal and a planned frontage road along the south side of President Street, and by the unopened city right of way designated “Normandy Street.” Presently, the site is a demolition debris site under a consent order for remediation.

The petitioner is proposing to remediate the site, removing all debris and potentially contaminated soil, and re-fill and grass the site preparatory to development. The petitioner also is seeking to construct several hotels and parking structures on the site. Hotels are not a permitted use in the I-L zoning classification. Granting the requested zone change will allow the proposed hotels to move forward. 

The Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of this rezoning request at its Regular Meeting on April 25, 2017.  A Conceptual Master Plan was approved for the site by the Planning Commission.

Shane Corbin, Zoning Administrator
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1147 East President Street 17-001310-ZA MPC Recommendation.pdf
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