May 11, 2017, City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Manager’s Briefing of April 27, 2017
04.27.13 WS Minutes.pdf
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of April 27, 2017
04.27.17 Minutes.pdf
3. An appearance by Dr. Thomas Lockamy, Savannah-Chatham County Public School Superintendent, to Receive a Proclamation in Honor of his Years of Service
4. A Resolution Recognizing the Life of Rev. Maurice Rouche
5. Motion to Approve Transfer of Package and Sampling License from Kimberly Seldal of Cost Plus, Inc. t/a World Market.
World Market_0003.pdf
7805 Abercorn St..pdf
Additional Document for World Market_0010.pdf
6. Motion to Approve Transfer of Package License from Walter Wilcox of Derenne 2017, LLC t/a Stop N Save
Stop N Save_0004.pdf
1210 E. Derenne Ave.pdf
Additional Document for Stop N Save_0007.pdf
7. Motion to Approve Transfer of Package License from Samir Patel of Diya Foodmart, LLC t/a Budget Foods.
Budget Food Market_0005.pdf
1606 W. Gwinnett St.pdf
Additional Document for Budget Food Store_0008.pdf
8. Motion to Approve Transfer of Consumption on Premises License from Jeffrey Burcham of Savannah Rags, LLC t/a Rusty Rudders.
Rusty Rudders_0006.pdf
303 W. River St.pdf
Additional Document for Rusty Rudders_0009.pdf
Alcohol License. Rusty Rudder. 042717.pdf
9. Amendment to the Charter of the City of Savannah to Provide for Leasing Parking Slots and Dock Facilities
Home Rule for Municipalities (O.C.G.A. § 36-35-3).pdf
Georgia Code Title 36.pdf
Charter Amendment for Leasing and Contracting for Parking and Dock Facilties.pdf
10. Motion to Approve an Ordinance to Rezone a 1.03 Acre Site at 2803 Limerick Street from P-B-H District to a P-B-G* (MPC Reference File 16-005546).
Council Agenda Item Information Sheet - 16-005546-ZA.docx
MPC Recommendation Packet.pdf
11. Motion to Approve an Ordinance Amending the Future Land Use Map for 1.03 acres on Limerick Street (MPC Reference File No. 16-005585)
MPC Recommendation Packet 16-005585-CPA.pdf
Council Agenda Item Information Sheet 16-005585-CPA.docx
12. Motion to Approve Revisions to the Horse and Carriage Ordinance
Support letter from LLAVS.pdf
Redline Copy of the Revisions to the Horse Drawn Carriage Ordinance.pdf
Support from Horse Carriage Companies.pdf
Clean Copy of the Revisions to the Horse Drawn Carriage Ordinance.pdf
13. Motion to Adopt Recommendations of "Parking Matters" Plan for the Greater Downtown Savannah Area
Parking Matters Recommendation Spreadsheet.xlsx
Resolution supporting the parking plan.pdf
Shuttle Services.pdf
14. Motion to Declare Surplus and Available for Sale Part of Atlanta Street and Adjoining Lane to the Savannah Chatham County Board of Education
Haven QCD Map.pdf
15. Motion to Approve Right-of-Entry and Testing Agreement with T-Mobile
Liberty Street Garage Exhibit.pdf
State Street Garage Exhibit.pdf
16. Motion to Declare Lane Surplus and Available for Sale to Douglas Kaufman (Petition 170026)
Petition 170026 Map.pdf
17. Motion to Abandon and Release a Prescriptive Utility Easement at 641 and 647 West River Street (Petition 170088)
Petition 170088 Map.pdf
18. Motion to Renew License Agreement with Oglethorpe Mall for Police Precinct
Oglethorpe Mall Exhibit.pdf
Police Precinct Oglethorpe Mall License Agreement.pdf
19. Motion to Award the Sale of Surplus Property at 1230 Montgomery Crossroad (Event No. 5028)
Surplus Property Sale Funding Verification.pdf
Surplus Property Sale Purchasing Summary.pdf
Surplus Property Sale Scope.pdf
Surplus Property Sale Impact on Future Greenway Sites (2).pdf
20. Settlement of Claims
21. Motion to Approve Procurement of 220 Body-Worn Cameras from Taser International, Inc. (Event No. 5053)
Taser Camera Funding Verification.pdf
Taser Camera Purchasing Summary.pdf
22. Motion to Approve Procurement of SWAT and EOD Headsets from SRT Supply Company, Inc. (Event No. 4970)
SWAT EOD Headsets Bid Tabulation.pdf
SWAT EOD Headsets Funding Verification.pdf
SWAT EOD Headsets Scope.pdf
SWAT EOD Headsets Purchasing Summary.pdf
23. Motion to Award Annual Contract to Resource Management Associates for Promotional and Assessment Services (Event No. 4967)
Promotional Assessment Services Funding Verification.pdf
Promotional Assessment Services Purchasing Summary.pdf
Promotional Assessment Services Scope.pdf
24. Motion to Amend Design Services Contract with Hussey Gay Bell for Central Precinct (Event No. 4693)
Central Precinct Amendment Purchasing Summary (1).pdf
Central Precinct Funding Verification Form.pdf
Central Precinct site plan.pdf
Initial Rendering Central Precinct.jpg
25. Motion to Approve Procurement of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus from Avon Protection Systems Inc. (Event No. 5127)
SCBA Purchasing Summary.pdf
SCBA Equipment Funding Verification.pdf
26. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Generator Maintenance (Event No. 4329)
Generator Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
Generator Maintenance Purchasing Summary.pdf
Generator Maintenance Scope of Work.pdf
Generator Maintenance Funding Verification.pdf
27. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Georgetown Sand Filters Rehabilitation from Aqua-Aerobics Systems (Event No. 5149)
Site Assessment Pictures of Georgtown WWTP Sand Filter.pdf
Georgetown Sand Filter Funding Verification.pdf
Georgetown Sand Filters Purchasing Summary.pdf
28. Motion to Procure Victory Drive Median Sod Installation (Event No. 4916)
Victory Dr Bid Tab.pdf
Victory Dr Median Funding Verification.pdf
Victory Dr Purchasing Summary.pdf
Victory Median Sod Installation Scope.pdf
29. Motion to Award Construction Contract to McLendon Enterprises, Inc. for Hitch Village Phase 2 (Event No. 4982)
Hitch Village Bid Tab.pdf
Hitch Village Purchasing Summary.pdf
MWBE Scoring Hitch Village Phase 2.pdf
Hitch Village Phase 2 Funding Verification.pdf
30. Motion to Renew Annual Contract with Vallen for Barricades, Lights, and Safety Equipment (Event No. 4076)
Barricades, Lights, and Safety Bid Tab.pdf
Barricades, Lights, and Safety Purchasing Summary.pdf
Barricades, Lights, and Safety Scope.pdf
Barricades, Lights, and Safety Funding Verification.pdf
31. Motion to Award Procurement of Standby Power Systems to Energy Systems Southeast (Event No. 4984)
Standby Power Bid Tab.pdf
Standby Power System Funding Verification.pdf
Standby Power System Scope.pdf
Standby Power System Purchasing Summary.pdf
32. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Thickener Parts from Walker Process Equipment (Event No. 5156)
Thickener Purchasing Summary.pdf
Gravity Thickeners Funding Verification.pdf
33. Motion to Renew Annual Contract with Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC for Bioxide (Event No. 3941)
Bioxide Contract Funding Verification.pdf
Bioxide Purchasing Summary.pdf
Bioxide Scope.pdf
Bioxide Bid Tab.pdf
34. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Replacement Motor at I&D Plant (Event No. 5100)
Replacement Motor Funding Verification.pdf
Replacement Motor Purchasing Summary.pdf
35. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Chiller Replacement from Edge Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Event No. 5114)
Chiller Replacement Funding Verification.pdf
Chiller Replacement Purchasing Summary.pdf
36. Motion to Award Procurerment of Parking Meters & Software from Parkeon (Event No. 5166)
Parkeon Meters Funding Verification Form.pdf
Parkeon Purchasing Summary.pdf
37. Motion to Award Procurement of Coban Interview Room Equipment from Coban Technologies, Inc. (Event No. 5112)
Interview Equipment Purchasing Summary.pdf
Interview Room Equipment Funding Verification.pdf
38. Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement Between City and County Concerning Administration of End Gun Violence Program
End Gun Violence MOU.pdf
39. Motion to Approve Water and Sewer Agreement for Trustees Garden Campus Phase I
Agenda Item Summary - Trustees Garden Campus.pdf
Trustee's Garden Location Map.pdf
40. Motion to Approve Water and Sewer Agreeement for Cap Barbell
Agenda Item Summary - Cap Barbell.pdf
Cap Barbell Location Map.pdf
41. Motion to Approve Water and Sewer Agreement for Sister's Court Redevelopment
Agenda Item Summary - Sisters Court Redevelopment.pdf
Sister's Court Location Map.pdf
Agenda Plus