March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Council Work Session and City Manager's Briefing of March 1, 2018
03.01.18 WS minutes.pdf
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Council Meeting of March 1, 2018
03.01.18 Minutes.pdf
3. Appearance by Representatives from Leopold’s Ice Cream and Live Oak Public Libraries to Recognize Winners of the 8th Annual Leopold’s Creative Writing Challenge
4. Appearance by Representatives of South State Bank, which is Donating $10,000.00 into the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
5. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Charles Brazil of Old Town Trolley Tours of Savannah
Density Map - Old Town Trolley20180223_0106.pdf
Measurement Report - Old Town Trolley20180223_0106.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Old Town Trolley20180223_0107.pdf
6. Motion to Approve Transfer of Alcohol License from Melissa Watts to Bailey K. Rozler of CVS/Pharmacy #4187
Alcohol Documents -CVS20180307_18395244.pdf
Measurement Report -CVS20180307_18384067.pdf
Density Map -CVS20180307_18391583.pdf
7. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Charlie Rossi of The Escape Company
Alcohol Report -The Escape Co20180307_18522633.pdf
Measurement Report -The Escape Co20180307_18514356.pdf
Alcohol Density Map - TheEscapeCompany.pdf
8. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Walter L. Isenberg of Perry Lane Hotel
Alcohol Documents - Perry Lane Hotel20180307_18361505.pdf
Measurement Report - Perry Lane Hotel20180307_18370664.pdf
Density Map - Perry Lane Hotel20180307_18352967.pdf
9. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Jeffrey Downey of LaScala Ristorante
Alcohol Documents -LaScala Ristorante20180307_18420565.pdf
Measurement Report -LaScala Ristorante20180307_18432650.pdf
Density Map -LaScala Ristorante20180307_18423448.pdf
10. Motion to Approve Transfer of Alcohol License from John Maffei to Gilbert Clements of Andaz Savannah
Density Map - Andaz Savannah20180309_07320386.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Andaz Savannah20180309_07324959.pdf
Measurement Report - Andaz Savannah20180309_07332810.pdf
11. Motion to Amend Article U, Section 5a of the 2018 Revenue Ordinance to Provide for Water and Sewer Connection Fees
2018 Revenue Ordinance Article U Amendment.pdf
12. Motion to Amend Code Sec. 7-1027, Appendix I, Section 211. to Make the 500 Block of East Liberty Lane One-Way Eastbound
13. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting a $10,000.00 Donation from South State Bank into the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
South State Bank SAHF Donation Resolution 030518.pdf
14. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for HVAC Maintenance Services for Water Treatment Facilities with Boaen Mechanical Services, Inc. (Event No. 4902)
HVAC Bid Tab.pdf
HVAC Purchasing Summary.pdf
HVAC Scope.pdf
HVAC Funding Verification.pdf
15. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for Surveying and Drafting Services with Brewer Land Surveying (Event No. 3154)
Surverying Drafting Purchasing Summary.pdf
Surveying Drafting Funding.pdf
16. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Towing of Abandoned Vehicles to Panic Recovery Bureau and Investigations, LLC (Event No. 5721)
Abandoned Vehicle Scope.pdf
Abandoned Vehicle Towing Bid Tab.pdf
Abandoned Vehicle Purchasing Summary.pdf
Abandoned Vehicles Funding Verification.pdf
17. Motion to Award Annual Maintenance Agreement for Motorola Astro 25 Radio Network to Motorola Solutions, Inc. (Event No. 5951)
Motorola Solutions Funding.pdf
Motorola Purchasing Summary.pdf
18. Motion to Award Construction Consultant Contract for the Savannah River Landing Garage Development to Raymond Engineering (Event No. 5720)
SRL Garage Purchasing Summary.pdf
SRL Garage Scope.pdf
SRL Garage Project Funding.pdf
19. Motion to Award Design Services Contract for Phase IIB of the Truman Linear Park Trail to Thomas and Hutton Engineering Co. (Event No. 5571)
Truman Linear Park Trail Phase IIB Scope.pdf
Truman Trail Purchasing Summary.pdf
Truman Trail Design Funding.pdf
TLPT IIB_Conceptual Alignment (2).jpg
20. Motion to Award Seasonal Contract for Summer Lunch Program to Savannah-Chatham Board of Education (Event No. 5073)
Summer Lunch Purchasing Summary.pdf
Summer Lunch Program Funding.pdf
21. Motion to Procure Boom Truck from Altec Industries (Event No. 5773)
Boom Truck Bid Tab.pdf
Boom Truck Purchasing Summary.pdf
Boom Truck Scope.pdf
Boom Truck Funding.pdf
22. Motion to Procure One Dump Truck from Roberts International Trucks (Event No. 5493)
Dump Truck Purchasing Summary.pdf
Dump Trucks Bid Tab.pdf
Dump Trucks Scope.pdf
Dump Truck Funding.pdf
23. Motion to Procure Two Jet-Vac Combination Sewer Trucks from Adams Equipment Co., Inc. (Event No. 5625)
Jet Vac Bid Tab.pdf
Jet Vac Purchasing Summary.pdf
Jet Vac Scope.pdf
Jet-Vac Funding.pdf
24. Motion to Procure Gravity Thickener Repair Parts from TDH Company (Event No. 5952)
Gravity Thickener Parts Funding.pdf
Gravity Thickener Parts Purchasing Summary.pdf
25. Motion to Procure One Roll-Off Container Truck from Roberts Truck Centers (Event No. 5205)
Roll Off Container Truck Purchasing Summary.pdf
Roll Off Container Trucks Bid Tab.pdf
Roll-Off Container Trucks Scope.pdf
Roll Off Truck Funding.pdf
26. Motion to Procure Two Street Sweepers from Environmental Products of Georgia (Event No. 5953)
Three Wheel Sweepers Purchasing Summary.pdf
Three Wheel Street Sweeper Funding.pdf
27. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Office Supplies with Staples (Event No. 3649)
Office Supplies Scope.pdf
Office Supplies Funding Verification.pdf
Office Supplies Purchasing Summary.pdf
28. Motion to Procure Riot Gear from Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC (Event No. 5813)
Riot Gear Bid Tab.pdf
Riot Gear Purchasing Summary.pdf
Riot Gear Scope.pdf
Riot Gear Funding Verification.pdf
29. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Ballistic Vests with GT Distributors of Georgia, Inc. (Event No. 3489)
Ballistic Vests Bid Tab.pdf
Ballistic Vests Purchasing Summary.pdf
Ballistic Vests Scope.pdf
Ballistic Vests Funding Verification.pdf
30. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for DNA Laboratory Services with Serological Research Institute (Event No. 4421)
DNA Lab Purchasing Summary.pdf
DNA Lab Scope.pdf
DNA Lab Funding Verification.pdf
31. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Global Positioning Systems and Automatic Vehicle Locators with CalAmp (Event No. 4203)
Global Positioning Purchasing Summary.pdf
Global Positioning Scope.pdf
Global Positioning System Funding.pdf
32. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Savannah Police Department Uniform Accessories with GT Distributors of Georgia, DGG Tactical Supply, and JDX (Event No. 3956)
Uniform Accessories Bid Tab.pdf
Uniform Accessories Purchasing Summary.pdf
Uniform Accessories Scope.pdf
Uniform Accessories Funding Verification.pdf
33. Motion to Award Phase 2 of Deliberately Phased Construction Contract for the Central Precinct to Johnson-Laux Construction (Event No. 5956)
Central Precinct Funding Verification.pdf
Purchasing Summary.pdf
Central Precinct Rendering.jpg
34. Motion to Approve Sale Agreement with Bryan County for Groundwater Well
Agreement of Sale and Termination.pdf
Bill of Sale.pdf
35. Motion to Approve the Exchange of Rights of Way at Brock Elementary School
Plat - Brock Elementary School- Map.pdf
36. Motion to Approve Sale of Surplus Property Located at 415 East Waldburg Street
Map and Picture of 415 East Waldburg Street.pdf
37. Motion to Approve Short-Term License of Fairgrounds for 2018 Coastal Empire Fair
The Coastal Empire Fair 2018 License Agreement.pdf
38. Motion to Declare Property Located at 6 W. Henry Street as Surplus and Available for Sale
Map and Picture of 6 West Henry Street.pdf
39. Motion to Approve 30-Foot Utility Easement for Georgia Power at 1751 Grove Point Road
Map - 1751 Grove Point Road.pdf
40. Motion to Approve Installation of Historic Marker Honoring Louis B. Toomer in Chatham Square.
41. Boards, Commissions and Authorities Appointments
42. Recognition of the Sol C. Johnson High School Girls Basketball Team for its Class AAA State Championship
43. Recognition of the H.V. Jenkins High School Boys Basketball Team for its Runner-up Finish in the Class AAA State Championship
44. Motion to Approve Settlement of Claim
Agenda Plus