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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
39. Motion to Approve 30-Foot Utility Easement for Georgia Power at 1751 Grove Point Road
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Georgia Power has requested a 30-foot utility easement over City-owned property at 1751 Grove Point Road (PIN 2-1004 -02-004) for the purpose of installing an electrical distribution line. The property is currently under construction and will serve as the City of Savannah’s upcoming Sweet Water Fire Station.

The “Easement Area” is defined as any portion of the property located within 15 feet of the centerline of the overhead distribution line(s) as installed in the approximate location shown on the attached Exhibit “A.” This easement solely gives Georgia Power access to install, maintain, and repair said electrical equipment.



David Keating, Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
No cost to the City
Review Comments
Map - 1751 Grove Point Road.pdf
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