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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
21. Motion to Procure Boom Truck from Altec Industries (Event No. 5773)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to procure a boom truck from Altec Industries in the amount of $210,484.00. The boom truck will be used by the Fleet Services Department to replace a unit assigned to the Lift Station Maintenance Division that is no longer economical to repair. 

This boom truck has a large hyrdraulic crane on the back of the truck. Lift Station Maintenance utilizes the crane to retrieve the submersible pumps utilized at the City's 196 lift stations. Retrieval of these pumps is necessary to perform routine maintenance and emergency repairs as required. 



Iris Ellsberry-Smith, Fleet Services
Financial Impact
$210,484.00 expenditure from the Vehicle Purchase Fund
Review Comments
Boom Truck Bid Tab.pdf
Boom Truck Purchasing Summary.pdf
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Boom Truck Funding.pdf
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