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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
26. Motion to Procure Two Street Sweepers from Environmental Products of Georgia (Event No. 5953)
Strategic Priority
Neighborhood Revitalization

Recommend approval to procure two street sweepers from Environmental Products of Georgia in the amount of $403,922.00. Pricing for this truck was obtained using the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) cooperative purchasing agreement, a purchasing cooperative of which the City has been a member since 2009. Cooperative purchasing is authorized as an appropriate procurement method in Division 10, Section 4-4152 of the City of Savannah’s Purchasing Ordinance. Under the NJPA contract, Elgin Sweeper Company is the contracted vendor for this equipment, and has authorized dealers to provide this type of specialty equipment to meet the needs of member agencies at a rate less than fair market value. 

The sweepers will replace units that have reached the end of their useful life cycle and are no longer cost effective to maintain. The Sanitation Department will use the sweepers to provide weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly street curb sweeping throughout the City.



Iris Ellsberry-Smith, Fleet Services
Financial Impact
$403,922.00 expenditure from the Vehicle Purchase Fund
Review Comments
Three Wheel Sweepers Purchasing Summary.pdf
Three Wheel Street Sweeper Funding.pdf
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