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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
11. Motion to Amend Article U, Section 5a of the 2018 Revenue Ordinance to Provide for Water and Sewer Connection Fees
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Recommend amending the 2018 Revenue Ordinance, Article U, Section 5a - Water & Sewer Additional Connection Fees.  This action is necessary in order for the Water/Sewer Fund to recover costs that are associated with providing additional sewer connection services to new customers within the President Street Water Reclamation Plant service area. All new customers connecting to the City's water and sewer system within a service area for which an additional connection fee has been established shall pay such fee prior to connecting to the water or sewer system.

Existing customers will not be impacted, as this fee change will only impact new customers to cover the expanded level of service resulting from the incorporation of the sludge handling facility.

This amendment will change the sewer connection fee from $2,000 per residential unit to $2,250 per residential unit.



Abe Ghazi, Water Resources
Financial Impact
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