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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
34. Motion to Approve Sale Agreement with Bryan County for Groundwater Well
Strategic Priority

The City of Savannah entered into a wholesale water agreement with Bryan County in 2002.  As part of the agreement Savannah constructed a water withdrawal well on a site leased from Bryan County. Since the inception of the agreement Savannah has supplied water and Bryan County has paid appropriate costs as defined under the terms of the agreement. Water withdrawn from the Bryan County well has been charged against Savannah's groundwater withdrawal permit throughout the period of the agreement. 

It is now in the best interest of Savannah to sell, and in the best interest of Bryan County to purchase the Bryan County well. The purchase of the well shall include the unpaid capital cost plus any unpaid connection fees, plus any unpaid consumption charges due at the time of closing. Estimated revenue to the City of Savannah is $636,00.00. With the sale, the City will also recover approximately 500,000 gallons per day of uncommitted groundwater withdrawal permit. The actual closing date has not yet been determined.



John Sawyer, Public Works & Water Resources Director
Financial Impact
Estimated $636,000.00 in revenue
Review Comments
Agreement of Sale and Termination.pdf
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