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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
35. Motion to Approve the Exchange of Rights of Way at Brock Elementary School
Strategic Priority

Request a 0.26-acre portion of Stratford Street be declared surplus and available for conveyance to the Savannah Chatham County Board of Education (BOE) in exchange for a 0.87-acre parcel along Abbott Street, a 0.29-acre parcel adjacent to Stratford Street, and a 15-foot-wide easement for the purposes of water and sewer utilities. 

The BOE recently redeveloped Brock Elementary School, which impacted two City rights of way: Stratford Street and Abbott Street. This land swap would serve the purpose of allowing the City to re-route Abbott Street as well as remedy title issues associated with the redevelopment.

The proposed plat recombination has been reviewed by Development Services, Public Works and Water Resources, Greenscapes Division, Sanitation Department, Real Estate Services, and by the Assistant City Attorney. 

Request authorization for the City Manager to sign and execute the Quit Claim Deeds, a 15-foot utilities easement, and any associated closing documents.



David Keating, Director of Real Estate Services
Financial Impact
No Cost to the City
Review Comments
Plat - Brock Elementary School- Map.pdf
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