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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
18. Motion to Award Construction Consultant Contract for the Savannah River Landing Garage Development to Raymond Engineering (Event No. 5720)
Strategic Priority

Recommend approval to award a construction consultant contract for the Savannah River Landing parking garage to Raymond Engineering in the amount of $489,000.00. This contract will be used by the Mobility and Parking Services Department to oversee the construction of the Savannah River Garage

The Savannah River Landing Garage will be a 700-space, above-ground parking garage that will be wrapped with over 300 apartments and first-floor retail space. This will require common walls, electrical, mechanical, and other systems between the City-owned property and the privately owned property. Because of the complexity of the project, the City requires an agent who can act on the City's behalf during the final design and construction phases. The agent will verify that the design and construction occur within the parameters set by the City for the project through the development agreement and the approved plans. Issues that are identified by the agent can be addressed during the construction phase when solutions are easiest to obtain and potential costs for solutions are lower.

This project included an M/WBE goal of 18% (15% MBE, 3% WBE participation). The recommended proposer submitted MWBE participation in the amount of 93%. MBE participation will be in the amount of 30% using Raymond Engineering, Inc. WBE participation will be in the amount of 63% using Collins Construction.



Sean Brandon, Mobility and Parking Services Department
Financial Impact
$489,000.00 expenditure from the Capital Improvements Fund
Review Comments
SRL Garage Purchasing Summary.pdf
SRL Garage Scope.pdf
SRL Garage Project Funding.pdf
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