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March 15, 2018 City Council Regular Meeting
28. Motion to Procure Riot Gear from Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC (Event No. 5813)
Strategic Priority
Public Safety

Recommend approval to procure riot gear from Sirchie Acquisition Company, LLC in the amount of $44,500.00. The Public Order Contingent is one of Savannah Police Department’s largest special duty teams dedicated to addressing civil unrest while protecting the rights of all to exercise First Amendment rights. A recent assessment of readiness revealed the need for newer protective gear for the officers assigned for this duty. The gear includes helmets with gas mask face shields and suits.  



Robert Gavin, Assistant Police Chief
Financial Impact
$44,500.00 expenditure from the Condemned Funds Account
Review Comments
Riot Gear Bid Tab.pdf
Riot Gear Purchasing Summary.pdf
Riot Gear Scope.pdf
Riot Gear Funding Verification.pdf
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