July 6, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting (Amended July 5, 2017)
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Manager’s Briefing of June 22, 2017
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of June 22, 2017
06.22.17 WS Minutes.pdf
3. Appearance and recognition of Dr. Jennifer Frum, who has been named as the Interim President of Armstrong State University.
4. Motion to Consider Retail Beer and Wine (package) License for Avinash Patel of Shiv Convenience Store #4
Density Map - Shiv's20170515_0025.pdf
Alcohol Information - Shiv Convenience20170516_0029.pdf
Additional Information - Shiv Convenience20170518_0049.pdf
5. Motion to Consider Request to Rezone 1325 Chatham Parkway from PUD-B-R to PUD-M-12 (Petitioner, Commonwealth Development Corporation of America)
1325 Chatham Parkway 17-002738-ZA 20170606 MPC Recommendation.pdf
1325 Chatham Parkway 17-002738-ZA Draft Ordinance.pdf
1325 Chatham Parkway MPC Staff Report.pdf
6. Motion to Amend the Future Land Use Map Category for 1325 Chatham Parkway (Petitioner, MPC staff)
1325 Chatham Parkway 17-002738-CPA Draft Ordinance.pdf
1325 Chatham Parkway 17-002738-CPA 20170606 MPC Recommendation.pdf
7. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Hotels (Petitioner, City of Savannah)
Text Amendment 17-002806-ZA Hotels 20170606 MPC Recommendation.pdf
Text Amendment 17-002806-ZA Hotels 20170606 Draft Ordinance.pdf
8. Motion to Amend Sec. 8-1002 of the Savannah Code of Ordinances with Sec. 510.2 of the 2015 International Building Code
9. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Density, Parking, Bonus Stories, and Upper-story Residential in the RIP-C, RIP-B-1, B-C, and B-G Zoning Districts (Petitioner, Lookin Good Properties)
MPC Recommendation Text Amendment 17-002242 Sections 8-3025(d) and 8-3090 Upper Story Residential.pdf
Draft Alternative Ordinance Text Amendment 17-002242 Sections 8-3025(d) and 8-3090 Upper Story Residential.pdf
10. Motion to Approve Resolution Accepting the Short-term Vacation Rental Report
Short-term Vacation Rental Report.pdf
Attachment A. Short-term Vacation Rental Zoning Bulletin.pdf
Attachment B. Short-term Rental Ordinance.pdf
Attachment C. Short-term Vacation Rental Application.pdf
Attachment D. National Trust for Historic Preservation Statment on Short-term Vacation Rentals.pdf
Attachment E. Revisions to the Short-term Vacation Rental Ordinance.pdf
Attachment G. Memorandum to City Council Preliminary STVR Regulation Revisions and Stakeholder Comments.pdf
Attachment H. STVR Maps and Data.pdf
Attachment F. Short-term Vacaton Rental Regulations from Other Communities.pdf
11. Motion to Approve Resolution Imposing a Temporary Stay on Short-Term Vacation Rental Registration
Resolution, 90-Day Stay on STVRs.pdf
12. Motion to Approve 90-Day Stay on Hotel Development in the Downtown Area
Resolution Imposing 90-Day Extension of Stay on Hotel Development In Certain Areas.pdf
13. Motion to Accept Donation of $25,000 for City of Savannah Parking and Mobility Fund
Resolution Accepting $25,000 Donation for the Parking and Mobility Fund.pdf
Parking and Mobility Fund Donation Letter.pdf
14. Motion to Declare City-owned Property at 415 E. Waldburg Street as Surplus and Available for Sale
Petition 170050 Map.pdf
15. Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement with the Savannah Chatham County Board of Public Education for use of Space at Shuman Elementary School
16. Appointments to Boards, Commissions, and Authorities
17. Motion to Approve Amendment No. 4 with RS&H, Inc. for Jumbo General Aviation International Arrivals Facility Redesign
Attach - Amendment No. 04 to Task Order 04.pdf
18. Motion to Approve Renewal of Annual Contract for Software Services with Infax, Inc.
Attach - System Support Agreement - Infax Inc..pdf
19. Motion to Enter Into Partnership with Visit Savannah for 2017 Advertising Campaign
20. Motion to Procure Diffusers from Blue Phoenix Environmental LLC (Event No. 5171)
Diffusers Bid Tab.pdf
Diffusers Purchasing Summary.pdf
Diffusers Scope.pdf
Diffusers Funding Verification.pdf
21. Motion to Amend Contract for DeLesseps LaRoche Corridor Improvements with Thomas and Hutton (Event No. 716)
Delesseps Funding Verification Form.pdf
DeLesseps Purchasing Summary.pdf
22. Motion to Procure Stormwater Utility Consulting Services from Stantec (Event No. 5071)
Stormwater Utility Scope.pdf
Stormwater Utility Purchasing Summary.pdf
Stormwater Utility Funding Verification.pdf
23. Motion to Award Contract Modification No. 1 for Coffee Bluff Sidewalk Installation to Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 4057)
Coffee Bluff Funding Verification.pdf
Coffee Bluff Purchasing Summary.pdf
24. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Weed Control Chemicals to BWI Companies, to NatureChem Inc., to John Deere Landscape/SiteOne, and to CWC Chemical, Inc. (Event No. 5124)
Weed control Funding Verification Form.pdf
Weed Control Chemicals Bid Tab.pdf
Weed Control Chemicals Scope of Work.pdf
Weed Control Purchasing Summary Form.pdf
25. Motion to Procure Design Services for Casey Phase IIA Drainage Improvements from Thomas and Hutton Engineering Co. (Event No. 4935)
Casey Funding Verification.pdf
Casey Scope.pdf
Geotechnical Report.pdf
Map of All Phases.pdf
Map of Current Phase.pdf
Tree Assessment.pdf
Casey Canal Purchasing Summary.pdf
26. Motion to Award Contract for Design Services for East Savannah Waterline Replacement to Hussey Gay Bell (Event No. 5085)
Exhibit 4 - Site Map.pdf
Waterline Purchasing Summary.pdf
Waterline Scope.pdf
Waterline Funding Verification.pdf
27. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Median Grounds Maintenance to Chase Landscaping and J. Corbett Enterprises (Event 5212)
Ground Maint Purchasing Summary.pdf
Medians Bid Tab.pdf
Medians Grounds Maint Funding Ver.pdf
Medians Grounds Maintenance Scope.pdf
28. Motion to Award Contract Modification No. 1 for Sylvan Terrace to Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 4724)
Sylvan Funding Verification.pdf
Sylvan Purchasing Summary.pdf
29. Motion to Procure Fencing from Guaranteed Fence Company (Event No.5176)
Guy Minick Bid Tab.pdf
Guy Minick Purchasing Summary.pdf
Guy Minick Scope.pdf
Youth Complex Fence Funding Verification.pdf
30. Motion to Renew Annual Agreement for Electronic Ticketing with Etix (Event No. 5314)
Renewal of Ticketing Service Agreement.pdf
Etix Funding Verification.pdf
E-Tix Purchasing Summary.pdf
31. Motion to Procure Playground Equipment from GameTime (Event No 5229)
Playground Equipment Purchasing Summary.pdf
River's End Park Funding Verification Form.pdf
32. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Transportation Services to JLM Transportation (Event No.5010)
Golden Age Funding Verification.pdf
Golden Age Purchasing Summary.pdf
Golden Age Transportation Scope.pdf
Transportation Bid Tab.pdf
33. Motion to Approve Amendment No. 2 for Arena Site Study Contract with Barrett Sports Group (Event No. 2691)
BSG Contract Agenda Item.pdf
Arena Site Study Funding Verification.pdf
Arena Site Study Purchasing Summary.pdf
34. Motion to Procure Zero Turn Mowers from Low Country Kubota (Event No. 5131)
Zero Turn Mowers Scope.pdf
Zero Turn Mowers Bid Tab.pdf
Zero Turn Mowers Funding Verification.pdf
Zero Turn Mowers Purchasing Summary.pdf
35. Motion to Procure Police Interceptors from Wade Ford (Event No. 5133)
Interceptors Scope.pdf
Interceptors Bid Tab.pdf
Interceptors Funding Verification.pdf
Interceptor Purchasing Summary.pdf
36. Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement with Chatham County for the Resurfacing of Grove Point Road
grove-point-road-resurfacing-area-exhibit A.pdf
Agenda Plus