July 6, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting (Amended July 5, 2017)
Motion to Accept Donation of $25,000 for City of Savannah Parking and Mobility Fund

On June 22, 2017, City Council approved an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance, which allows for a 50% parking reduction in the West River Street District. The amendment was made at the request of the developer of a multi-family residential development at 601 West River Street. 

During discussion, the developer voluntarily agreed to contribute $25,000 to the City of Savannah Parking and Mobility Fund to help offset parking demands the development will place on the downtown area. 

The Traffic Engineering Department and Mobility and Parking Services have identified four potential projects that can be funded by the $25,000 in lieu of parking contribution received from this donation. Those projects are as follows:

  • Resurface River Street between Warner and Fahm Street:        $10,000
  • Resurfacing River Street between Fahm Street and MLK Blvd   $4,000
  • Bike rack package throughout the area ($150 x 15 sets)             $2,250
  • Contribution to bike share station in the area                               $8,750

Though these projects have been identified, none of the work can be performed until after the waterline relocation project and the Kessler Hotel projects have been completed.



Bret Bell, Deputy Assistant to the City Manager
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$25,000 donation to Parking and Mobility Fund
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