October 26, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting



The regular meeting of Council was held this date at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited in unison followed by the Invocation by Pastor Clarence Teddy Williams.

1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Council Work Session of October 12, 2017
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of October 12, 2017
3. Appearance by St. Joseph's/Candler Health Systems President/CEO Paul P. Hinchey to Present a $15,000 Donation to the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
4. Appearance and Recognition of United Community Bank donation of $5,000 for Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
5. Appearance by the Veterans Council of Chatham County to Present the Veteran of the Year and Receive the 2017 Veterans Day Parade Permit
6. Appearance by Aaron Whitely, of the Board of Directors for the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club, to Invite City Council to the Club's 100th Year Celebration
7. Appearance by Members of the Board of Directors of the Savannah Pride Festival to Invite City Council to the Festival on October 28, 2017
8. Motion to Approve Beer and Wine Consumption off Premises for Suhil Kumar Patel of J. Harmon Investments, LLC t/a Pump N Go
Density Map - Pump N Go20171013_0009.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Pump N Go20171019_0026.pdf
9. Motion to Approve Transfer of Consumption on Premises Liquor, Beer and Wine License with Sunday Sales from Krista Weeks to Nicole Allen of Host SCR SAV FB, LLC t/a Southbound Taphouse
Density Map - Southbound Taphouse20171013_0007.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Southbound Taphouse20171019_0023.pdf
10. Motion to Approve Transfer of Liquor, Beer, Wine (Drink) License with Sunday Sales from Michael Bailey to Erik Duncan of CHLN, Inc. t/a Chart House
Density Map - Chart House20171013_0010.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Chart House20171019_0025.pdf
11. Motion to Approve Transfer of Consumption on Premises Liquor, Beer, Wine License with Sunday Sales from Krista Weeks to Nicole Allen of Host SCR SAV FB, LLC t/a PGA Tour Grill
Density Map - PGA Tour Grill20171013_0006.pdf
Alcohol Documents - PGA Tour Grill20171019_0024.pdf
12. Motion to Approve Beer and Wine License with Sunday Sales and Consumption off Premises Wine License for Jason Fackler of Koalaty Trading, Inc. t/a Georgia Tasting Room
Density Map - Georgia Tasting Room20171013_0008.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Georgia Tasting Room20171019_0027.pdf
13. Motion to Amend the Future Land Use Map Category for 2201 Beaumont Dr (Petitioner: Phillip McCorkle for Sherwin Robin and Brian Robin)
2201 Beaumont Drive Comp Plan Amendment 20170829 Planning Commission Recommendation 17-004963-CPA.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive Comp Plan Amendment Draft Ordinance 17-004963-CPA.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive Comp Plan Amendment Public Notice 17-004963-CPA.pdf
14. Motion to Rezone 2201 Beaumont Drive from PUD-M-8 to PUD-IS* and to Approve a General Development Plan (Petitioner: Phillip McCorkle for Sherwin Robin and Brian Robin)
2201 Beaumont Drive Rezoning 20170829 Planning Commission Recommendation 17-004804-ZA.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive General Development Plan 17-004780-PLAN.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive Rezoning Draft Ordinance 17-004804-ZA.pdf
2201 Beaumont Drive Rezoning Public Notice 17-004804-ZA.pdf
15. Motion to Rezone 144 Drayton Street from RIP-A to BC-1 or the MPC's Alternative Recommendation of RIP-B (Petitioner Harold Yellin for 480 Mall Boulevard, LLC)
144 Drayton St 20170926 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
144 Drayton St Draft Rezoning Ordinance.pdf
16. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Review of New Construction and Exterior Work Visible From a Street or Lane (Petitioner: Planning Commission)
Sec. 8-3207 COA 20170926 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
Sec. 8-3207 COA Draft Text Amendment Ordinance.pdf
17. Motion to Amend Code of Ordinances, Appendix I, Section 225, to Modify Street Sweeping Schedule
CM Memo to Council_10-10-17.pdf
Code-of-Ordinances_Part 7-1095.pdf
Revised Ordinance_Appendix I Sec. 225.pdf
AMD031.Street Sweeping.doc
18. Motion to Approve Annexation of 0.88 Acres Located on Ogeechee Road (Akshar Holdings, LLC)
Akshar Holdings LLC - Petition.pdf
Akshar Holdings LLC annexation Ordinance.pdf
19. Motion to Approve Ordinance Creating a Process for the Naming and Renaming of Public Property, Facilities, and Streets
ARTICLE E. Naming and Renaming of Public PropetyFacilities and Streets- UPDATE 101917.pdf
Public Property Naming Policy 102017.pdf
20. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting $15,000 Donation from St. Joseph’s/Candler Health Systems for the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF)
SJCHS SAHF Donation Resolution.pdf
21. Motion to approve a Resolution accepting a $5,000 donation from United Community Bank for the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
United Community Bank SAHF Donation Resolution 102617.pdf
22. Motion to Approve 90-Day Stay on the Issuance of Licenses to Sell Alcoholic Beverages by the Package Along Montgomery Street between Victory Drive and DeRenne Avenue
Resolution Imposing Temporary Stay on Alcohol Licenses on Montgomery Street.pdf
23. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Employee Assistance Program with Deer Oaks Services, LLC (Event 5046)
EAP Funding Verification.pdf
EAP Scope.pdf
EAP Purchasing Summary-26oct agenda.pdf
Deer Oaks Provider List with Certifications.pdf
24. Motion to Award Contract for Design Services for Travis Field Water Reclamation Facility to Thomas & Hutton (Event No. 5436)
Travis Field Funding Verification.pdf
Travis Field Purchasing Summary.pdf
Travis Field Scope.pdf
Travis Field Location Map.pdf
25. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Fuel Tank Maintenance with Energy Systems Southeast, LLC (Event No. 4335)
Fuel Tank Funding Verification.pdf
Fuel Tank Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
Fuel Tank Maintenance Scope.pdf
Fuel Tank Purchasing Summary.pdf
26. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Commercial Irrigation with Turf Services Unlimited, Inc (Event No. 2273)
Commercial Irrigation Bid Tab.pdf
Commercial Irrigation Funding Verification.pdf
Commercial Irrigation Purchasing Summary.pdf
Commercial Irrigation Scope.pdf
27. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 4 for President Street and General McIntosh Improvements to McLendon Enterprises, Inc. (Event No. 2379)
President St Funding Verification.pdf
President St Purchasing Summary.pdf
Savannah East Boundary Infrastructure Improvements.pdf
President Street - Stage 4.pdf
28. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Traffic Paint Pavement Markings with Peek Pavement Marking, LLC (Event No. 4483)
Traffic Paint Bid Tab.pdf
Traffic Paint Funding Verification.pdf
Traffic Paint Purchasing Summary.pdf
Traffic Paint Scope.pdf
29. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Sewer Backup Cleaning Services to Serve-Pro and Service Master (Event No. 5413)
Sewer Backup Bid Tab.pdf
Sewer Backup Funding Verification.pdf
Sewer Backup Purchasing Summary.pdf
Sewer Backup Scope.pdf
30. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Repainting of Street Lights and Traffic Signal Poles to E&D Coatings, Inc. (Event No. 3525)
Repainting Poles Bid Tab.pdf
Repainting Poles Funding Verification.pdf
Repainting Poles Purchasing Summary.pdf
Repainting Poles Scope.pdf
31. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Debris Monitoring and Oversight Services with Witt O'Brien's, LLC (Event No. 3923)
Debris Monitoring Funding Verification.pdf
Debris Monitoring Purchasing Summary.pdf
Debris Monitoring Scope.pdf
32. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Protective Clothing with Ten-8 Fire & Safety Equipment (Event No. 2486)
Protective Clothing Bid Tab.pdf
Protective Clothing Funding Verification.pdf
Protective Clothing Scope.pdf
Protective Clothing Purchasing Summary.pdf
33. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Overhead Door Maintenance and Repair with Advanced Door Systems, Inc. (Event No. 3391)
Overhead Door Bid Tab.pdf
Overhead Door Funding Verification.pdf
Overhead Door Purchasing Summary.pdf
Overhead Door Scope.pdf
34. Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Extrication Equipment to Municipal Emergency Services (Event No. 5570)
Extrication Equipment Funding Verification.pdf
Extrication Purchasing Summary.pdf
35. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Storm Debris Removal with Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. and Crowder Gulf, LLC (Event No. 3706)
Debris Removal Funding Verification.pdf
Debris Removal Scope.pdf
Debris Removal Purchasing Summary.pdf
36. Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Picnic Shelter, Tables, and Benches to GameTime, Inc. (Event No. 5585)
Avondale Park Funding Verification.pdf
Avondale Purchasing Summary.pdf
37. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Air, Fuel, and Oil Filters to TNT Parts (Event No. 5468)
Air, Fuel, Oil Filters Bid Tab.pdf
Air, Fuel, Oil Filters Funding Verification.pdf
Air, Fuel, Oil Filters Scope.pdf
Air, Fuel, Oil Filters Purchasing Summary.pdf
38. Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Three Wheel Street Sweepers to Environmental Products of Florida (Event No. 5089)
Street Sweepers Funding Verification.pdf
Street Sweepers Purchasing Summary.pdf
39. Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Paint Striping Truck to M-B Companies (Event No. 5132)
Paint Striping Purchasing Summary.pdf
Paint Striping Truck Funding Verification.pdf
40. Motion to Extend Annual Contract for Voice Communication Lines with AT&T (Event No. 4586)
Voice Lines Funding Verification.pdf
Voice Lines Purchasing Summary.pdf
41. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 2 for Sylvan Terrace Park Walking Trail Project to Savannah Construction and Preservation (Event No. 4724)
Sylvan Park Funding Verification.pdf
Sylvan Park Purchasing Summary.pdf
42. Motion to Approve Contract Amendment No. 1 for the Cultural Arts Center Design Services Contract with Gunn Meyerhoff Shay (Event No. 1173)
Cultural Arts Funding Ver Form.pdf
Cultural Arts Purchasing Summary.pdf
43. Motion to Approve Agreement with WOW Agency LLC for Holiday Tree
WOW AGREEMENT 10.24.2017.pdf
Holiday Tree Donation Letter.pdf
44. Motion to Approve Lease for new Eastside Police Precinct at 2250 E. Victory Drive
2250 Victory Lease.pdf
45. Motion to Approve Lease with Savannah Airport Commission for Police Sub-Station
Airport Substation Lease. Revised 10.24.17.pdf
46. Motion to Approve Lease for a new Police Substation at 11 Gateway Boulevard
Shoppes of Sav Lease.pdf
47. Motion to Approve Lease for a new Police Facility Located at 602 E. Lathrop Avenue
Lease Outline - City of Savannah (10-24-17).pdf


Upon Motion of  Alderman Bell, Seconded by Alderman Hall and unanimously carried.  The following appointments to boards, commissions and authorities were approved.


Park and Tree Commission


Kenneth H. Barthels, Jr.

Cealan Clifford

G. Randy Tate

Mary Todesea


Savannah Zoning Board if Appeals


Thomas Edison Branch III & Zoning Board Representative on MPC


Savannah Economic Development Authority


Kalpesh Patel

Willie J. Seymore


Housing Authority of Savannah


Kay Ford




Alderman Thomas stated he wanted to express his condolences to the family of George Adkins Jr. who at 15 was murdered by a 16 year old last weekend in the McDonalds parking lot coming from the movies.  All indications report that he was a innocent bystander.  His concern is the continued crime in the streets of savannah which have become alarming.  The Chief of Police and the police department under the City Manager is doing a monumental job but the reality is that crime has increased in his district at levels he has never seen before.  He's not taking anything away from other districts but he volunteered to serve this district and there has been numerous crimes involving young people, senior citizens, crime in apartment complexes, Walgreens, the carnival at the mall, and Georgetown which now requires some type of taskforce to focus on the best practices to combat this type of behavior.  The capture and release program for juvenile justice need to be more aggressive and he's concerned about citizens arming themselves against this kind of behavior.  He asked that the City Manager direct the staff and especially the police department to reign in resources, trends, and patterns that other communities are using to help us with crime.  He appreciates all members of council and he recognize that it is a problem through out the city but his district is overwhelmed with this kind of behavior.


Mayor Deloach thanked Alderman Thomas and he speaks for everybody up here.


Alderman Hall agreed and stated that crime spikes in all districts and that the police department is doing the best with what they have and we should give the chief all resources necessary to curve violent crime.


Alderman Johnson stated it's a societal issue, it's bigger than the police department, and what we need is  radical and unconditional methods to deal with young people behavior, parenting, and the school system.  Crime is fluent and it moves all around the city.


Alderman Bell stated it is a community problem and it is the responsibility of each and every member of council and the savannah citizens at large. We need to engage the community with support of the churches, ministers, clubs, and organizations to improve the quality of life for all of our citizens.


Alderman Bell introduced and welcomed Mrs. Cynthia Deloach wife of Mayor Deloach who was visiting with us today.


There being no further business, Mayor DeLoach declared this meeting of Council adjourned. 


The recorded City Council Meeting is located on the City of Savannah website.




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