November 20, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Adopt a Resolution for the Executive Session Held on November 15, 2018, for the Purpose of Discussing Personnel
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Work Session and City Manager's Briefing of November 5, 2018
11.05.18 WS minutes.pdf
3. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final minutes for the City Council Meeting of November 5, 2018
11.05.18 Minutes.pdf
4. Appearance by David Rivers, a Savannah College of Art and Design Graduate, who Produced and Directed the Film, The Answer, which Premieres December 6 at the Royal Cinemas IMAX Theater
5. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Dhaval Patel of Broughton Market #2
Alcohol Reports - Broughton Market #220181015_18125812.pdf
Density Report - Broughton Market #220181015_18110138.pdf
Measurement Report - Broughton Market #220181015_18102247.pdf
Overview - Broughton Market #2.pdf
6. Public Hearing to Receive Comment on the 2019 Service Program and Budget
7. Motion to Declare Surplus and Award Sale of Excess Right of Way at 703 Louisville Road
Development Agreement 703 Louisville Road.pdf
Map of General Development Plan 703 Louisville Road.pdf
Map of Canal Improvement Plan 703 Louisville Road.pdf
8. First Reading of Ordinance to Adopt the 2019 Service Program and Budget
9. An Ordinance to Amend the Special Use Ordinance for 5715 Skidaway Road to Allow Construction of a Pavilion (Petitioner: Josh Yellin for Colleen Smith/Cohen's Retreat)
5715 Skidaway Rd Special Use Draft Ordinance.pdf
10. An Ordinance to Rezone 1602 Bull Street from TN-2 to TC-1 (Petitioner: Josh Yellin for 1602 Bull, LLC)
1602 Bull St Draft Ordinance.pdf
11. Motion to Adopt Ordinance to Issue General Obligation Bonds for Downtown Streetscape Improvements
Memo to CM RE 2018 GO Bond Issue.pdf
ord-tax (v2) 10-29-18.pdf
12. Motion to Amend the Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance to Provide for the Sale of On-Premises Alcoholic Beverages Beginning at 11 a.m. Sunday
Sunday sales ordinance amendment.pdf
13. Motion to Amend the Stormwater Management Ordinance to Update Language to Match State Regulations and to Codify Existing Policies
Stormwater ORD 2018.pdf
Stormwater ORD 2018 w Markups.pdf
14. Motion to Amend the Code of Ordinances to Address Parking on Residential Properties
Parking in Residential Areas (Sec 8-1003) REVISED.pdf
ORD029 Parking-Residental Zones REVISED.pdf
15. Motion to Amend the Code of Ordinances to Address Abandoned and Derelict Motor Vehicles
Abandoned and Derelict Vehicle Ordinance (Sec 9-2009 thru 9-2013) (003).pdf
Abandoned and Derelict Vehicle Ordinance_redlined version.pdf
16. Motion to Amend the Code of Ordinances Pertaining to Maintenance of Tree Lawns, and Keeping Streets and Sidewalks Free of Litter
ORD009 Refuse Collection.pdf
Tree Lawns (Sec 8-1005) (003).pdf
ORD021 Health Sanitation.pdf
17. Motion to Amend Section 8-1004 of the Code of Ordinances to Adopt Exterior Property Maintenance Standards
Exterior Property Maintenance (Sec 8-1004) (003).pdf
18. Motion to Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the Increase of 2018 Emergency Solutions Grant Funding Allocations to Family Promise of Greater Savannah and Inner City Night Shelter
Resolution Authorizing Reprogrammed 2018 ESG Allocations.pdf
19. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting Bid for Purchase of Savannah General Obligation Bond
Memo to CM RE 2018 GO Bond Issue.pdf
res-bond (v2) 10-29-18.pdf
20. Motion to Purchase Flight Information Display (FIDS) Monitors, Computers, and Licenses from Infax, Inc.
SAV4656 QUOTE.pdf
21. Motion for Approval to Purchase Ford Utility Police Interceptor from Wade Ford, Inc.
22. Motion to Procure Materials for Terminal Concourse Fan Terminal Units from Brooks Building Solutions
Concourse Fan Terminal Unit Bid Document.pdf
23. Motion to Procure Installation Services for the Terminal Concourse Fan Terminal Units from Brooks Building Solutions
24. Motion to Approve a Conde Naste Magazine Co-Op Advertising Campaign Partnership with the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
Conde Naste Co-op Program.pdf
25. Motion to Approve a Travel and Leisure Magazine Co-Op Advertising Campaign Partnership with the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
Travel and Leisure Campaign.pdf
26. First Reading of Amendments to the Charter of the City of Savannah Implementing Certain Pension Plan Changes for Savannah Airport Commission Employees
12150292 (1) (34266_124321) (Notice of Charter Amendment - Pension Plan ...pdf
Ordinance to Amend City of Savannah Employees_ Retirement Plan.pdf
27. Motion to Award Construction Contract for Cann Park Sidewalks to Astra Construction Services, LLC (Event No. 6700)
Cann Park Purchasing Summary.pdf
Cann Park Funding Verification.pdf
28. Motion to Procure Playground Equipment from GameTime c/o Dominica Recreation Products, Inc. for Summerside Park (Event No. 6732)
Summerside Playground Funding Verification.pdf
Summerside Playground Purchasing Summary.pdf
29. Motion to Procure Design Services for Lift Station 23 Upgrade and Force Main from Hussey, Gay, Bell, and DeYoung, Inc. (Event No. 6356)
Lift Station 23 Purchasing Summary.pdf
Lift Station 23 Scope.pdf
Lift Station 23 Exhibit.pdf
Lift Station 23 Funding Verification.pdf
Lift Station 23 Project Vicinity Map.pdf
30. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Lawn and Leaf Bags to Paper Chemical Supply (Event No. 6526)
Lawn and Leaf Scope.pdf
Lawn and Leaf Funding Verification.pdf
Lawn and Leaf Bid Tab.pdf
Lawn and Leaf Purchasing Summary.pdf
31. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Replacement Expansion Joints from Engineered Restorations for the Motor Controls Room at President Street Water Reclamation Plant (Event No. 6740)
Expansion Joint Funding Verification.pdf
Expansion Joint Purchasing Summary.pdf
32. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Propane from MX Energy for the President Street Water Reclamation Plant (Event No. 6741)
Propane Funding Verification.pdf
Propane Purchasing Summary.pdf
33. Motion to Procure Curtain Rigging Equipment from Stage Front to Repair the Johnny Mercer Theater Curtain Rigging System (Event No. 6606)
Rigging Bid Tab.pdf
Rigging Purchasing Summary.pdf
Rigging Scope.pdf
Rigging Funding Verification.pdf
34. Motion to Procure Control System Repairs from Southeastern Air Conditioning for the Northwest Police Precinct (Event No. 6540)
Great Dane Heat Funding Verification.pdf
Bid Tabulations.pdf
Control System Specs.pdf
Event 6540 Purchasing Summary .pdf
35. Motion to Renew and Modify Annual Contract for City Wide HVAC Maintenance Services with Edge Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Event No. 4836)
City Wide HVAC Scope.pdf
City Wide HVAC Bid Tab.pdf
City Wide HVAC Purchasing Summary.pdf
City Wide HVAC Funding Verification.pdf
36. Motion to Procure Painting Services from United Grounds Maintenance Services, Inc. to Paint the Stairwells in the Liberty Street and Whitaker Street Garages (Event No. 6424)
Stairwell Painting Purchasing Summary.pdf
Stairwell Painting Scope.pdf
Stairwell Painting Bid Tab.pdf
Stairwell Painting Funding Verification.pdf
37. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Debris Monitoring Services with Witt O'Brien's, LLC (Event No. 3923)
Debris Monitoring Services Funding Verification.pdf
Debris Monitoring Scope.pdf
Debris Monitoring Purchasing Summary.pdf
38. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering Services with Sebring Engineering, LLC (Primary) and RWP Engineering (Secondary) (Event No. 3599)
MEP Bid Tab.pdf
MEP Funding Verification.pdf
MEP Purchasing Summary.pdf
MEP Scope.pdf
39. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Digital Advertising for Savannah Police Department with WSAV/Lin Digital (Event No. 4497)
Digital Advertising Scope.pdf
Digital Advertising Purchasing Summary.pdf
Digital Advertising Funding Verification.pdf
40. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Structural Welding and Fabrication at the Dean Forest Landfill with L&H Welding (Event No. 4961)
Structural Welding Purchasing Summary.pdf
Structural Welding Funding Verification.pdf
Structural Welding Bid Tab.pdf
Structural Welding Scope.pdf
41. Motion to Renew Annual Maintenace Agreement for ShoreTel Phone System with CNP Technologies (Event No. 6707)
ShoreTel Maintenance Purchasing Summary.pdf
ShoreTel Maintenance Funding Verification.pdf
42. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 with Southeastern Site Development to Reduce the Cost of the Bacon Park Bridge Replacement (Event No. 5543)
Bacon Park Bridge Purchasing Summary.pdf
Bacon Park Bridge Bid Tabulation.pdf
Bacon Park Bridge Funding Verification.pdf
43. Notification of Contract Modification No. 1 with E&D Contracting Services to Reduce the Cost of Bowles C. Ford Park Repairs (Event No. 5908)
Bowles C Ford Park Funding Verification.pdf
Bowles C Ford Purchasing Summary.pdf
44. Motion to Approve Contract Amendment No. 3 for Design Services for Downtown Streetscapes with EDSA (Event No. 4348)
Downtown Streetscapes Funding Verification.pdf
Downtown Streetscapes Purchasing Summary.pdf
45. Motion to Amend Annual Contract for Body-Worn Camera Devices and Support Services with Axon Enterprise, Inc. (Event No. 6771)
Axon Funding Verification.pdf
Axon Purchasing Summary.pdf
46. Motion to Approve Revocable License Encroachment Agreements for the Broughton Street Streetscape Improvement Project and Authorization for the City Manager to Execute
47. Motion to Adopt Agreement with Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency Concerning Emergency Response Grant
GEMA Homeland Security SFES agreement.pdf
48. Motion to Declare Property Located at East Victory Drive as Surplus and Available for Sale
Map at East Victory and Oleander Avenue.pdf
49. Motion to Declare Surplus Property and Available for Sale at 4214 Sumter Street
Map and Picture of 4214 Sumter Street.pdf
50. Motion to Approve Supplemental Budget Adjustments to the Capital Improvement Fund
CIP Amendment 9 - Nov 20 AMENDED.pdf
51. Motion to Approve Naming of 201 Montgomery Street the 'Savannah Cultural Arts Center'
Application - 201 Montgomery St. Renaming Cultural Arts Center 18-004315-HM.pdf
COA - 201 Montgomery Street 18-004315-HM.pdf
52. Motion to Approve Settlement of Claim by MMA/PSP Savannah River, LLC
Agenda Plus