August 30, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Work Session and City Manager's Briefing of August 16, 2018
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Meeting of August 16, 2018
08.16.18 Minutes.pdf
3. An Appearance by the St. Joseph’s/Candler Smart Senior Program to Announce the 2019 Smart Living Expo & Health Fair
4. An Appearance by the Coastal Jazz Association to Announce the 2018 Savannah Jazz Festival
5. Request to Approve Alcohol License for Jyoti Patel for Montgomery Market
Density Report - Montgomery Market20180806_11430484.pdf
Measurement Report -Montgomery Market20180806_17171510.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Montgomery Market20180810_07492619.pdf
6. Motion to Approved Alcohol License for Charles H. Morris of Kehoe Venues
Density Map - Kehoe Venue20180823_16594949.pdf
Alcohol Reports - Kehoe Venue20180823_16422841.pdf
Measurement Report - Kehoe Venue20180823_16414364.pdf
660 E Broughton St 18-004185-ABL Memo 20180827.pdf
7. Motion to Deny the Rezoning of 3137 Martha St from R-6 to B-G (Petitioner: Frank Streiff for Aaron Brent Burroughs)
3137 Martha St Rezoning 20180807 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
8. Motion to Rezone 5414 Skidaway Rd from R-6 to O-I (Petitioner: Harold and Josh Yellin for Chatham County Hospital Authority)
5414 Skidaway Rd Rezoning 20180807 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
5414 Skidaway Rd Rezoning Draft Ordinance 18-003857-ZA.pdf
9. Motion to Amend Article A, Chapter 1, Part 7, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, of the Code of Ordinances to Prohibit Shared Mobility Devices from Being Placed in Public Rights of Way
10. Motion to Rezone 161 Canebrake Road from R-A-CO to RB-1 (Petitioner: Keith White)
161 Canebrake Rd Rezoning Draft Ordinance 18-003471-ZA.pdf
11. Motion to Approve Annexation of 5.09 Acres Located at 7 West Gateway Boulevard, near Fort Argyle Road (204 Hospitality LLC, Petitioner)
7 West Gateway Blvd annexation ordinance.pdf
7 West Gateway Blvd annexation petition and maps.pdf
12. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance to Provide a Zoning Designation for 5.09 Acres on West Gateway Boulevard to be Annexed into the City of Savannah (204 Hospitality, LLC, Petitioner)
7 West Gateway Blvd zoning ordinance.pdf
7 West Gateway Blvd annexation petition and maps.pdf
13. Motion to Adopt Resolution Authorizing the Submission of the FY 2018 Supportive Housing Program Grant Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
14. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Critical Workforce Facility Provisions to the Guardian Centers (Event No. 5452)
Critical Workforce Facility Purchasing Summary.pdf
Critical Workforce Facility Funding Verification.pdf
Critical Workforce Facility Scope.pdf
15. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Electric Motor Repairs to Carbone Technology, Inc. (Event No. 6287)
Electric Motor Repair Purchasing Summary.pdf
Electric Motor Repair Funding Verification.pdf
Electric Motor Repair Scope.pdf
Electric Motor Repair Bid Tab.pdf
16. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Victory Drive Median Maintenance to Russell Landscape Savannah, Inc. (Event No. 6284)
Victory Dr Median Purchasing Summary.pdf
Victory Dr Median Funding Verification.pdf
Victory Dr Median Scope.pdf
Victory Dr Median Bid Tab.pdf
17. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Flygt Pump Parts to Xylem Water Solutions
Flygt Purchasing Summary.pdf
Flygt Funding Verification.pdf
18. Motion to Procure Ultraviolet Ballasts from Xylem, Inc. (Event No. 6383)
UV Lights Purchasing Summary.pdf
UV Lights Funding Verification.pdf
19. Motion to Procure SCADA Parts from Emerson Process Management (Event No. 6489)
SCADA Purchasing Summary.pdf
SCADA Funding Verification.pdf
20. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Fuel Cleaning Services with Southern Fox Services, Inc. (Event No. 4161)
Fuel Cleaning Purchasing Summary.pdf
Fuel Cleaning Funding Verification.pdf
Fuel Cleaning Scope.pdf
Fuel Cleaning Bid Tab.pdf
21. Motion to Procure Tiburon Software Support and Maintenance from TriTech Software Systems (Event No. 6469)
Tiburon Purchasing Summary.pdf
Tiburon Funding Verification.pdf
22. Motion to Renew Annual Maintenance Agreement for for CityWorks Software with Azteca Systems (Event No. 6485)
City Works Purchasing Summary.pdf
City Works Funding Verification.pdf
23. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Cellular Services with Verizon (Event No. 3461)
Cellular Service Purchasing Summary.pdf
Cellular Service Funding Verification.pdf
Cellular Services Scope.pdf
24. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Senior Meals with Senior Citizens, Inc. (Event No. 4242)
Senior Meals Purchasing Summary.pdf
Senior Meals Funding Verification.pdf
Senior Meals Scope.pdf
Senior Meals Bid Tab.pdf
25. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Vehicle Repair Services from Williams Fire Apparatus, LLC (Event No. 6493)
Fire Pumper Repair Purchasing Summary.pdf
Fire Pumper Repair Funding Verification.pdf
26. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Red Light Camera Systems with Redflex Traffic Systems (Event No. 6487)
Red Light Camera Purchasing Summary.pdf
Red Light Camera Funding Verification.pdf
27. Motion to Approve the Sale of Surplus Property Located at 601 E. Liberty Street to Standard Companies (Event No. 5983)
601 E Liberty Scope.pdf
601 E Liberty Purchasing Summary.pdf
601 E Liberty Funding Verification.pdf
28. Motion Approve the Sale of Surplus Property Located at 2-10 E. Bay Street to Foram Development (Event No. 5982)
East Bay Surplus Purchasing Summary.pdf
East Bay Surplus Funding Verification.pdf
Surplus Property - 2-10 E Bay Street Scope.pdf
29. Motion to Procure Administrative Furniture for the Cultural Arts Center from McWaters, Inc. (Event No. 6209)
CAC Admin Furniture Funding Verification.pdf
CAC Admin Furniture Scope.pdf
CAC Admin Furniture Bid Tab.pdf
CAC Admin Furniture Purchasing Summary.pdf
30. Motion to Procure Exterior Furniture for the Cultural Arts Center from McWaters, Inc. (Event No. 6207)
CAC Exterior Furniture Funding Verification.pdf
CAC Exterior Furniture Scope.pdf
CAC Exterior Furniture Bid Tab.pdf
CAC Exterior Furniture Purchasing Summary.pdf
31. Motion to Procure Performance Furniture for the Cultural Arts Center from Center Office Systems (Event No. 6211)
CAC Performance Furniture Funding Verification.pdf
CAC Performance Furniture Scope.pdf
CAC Performance Furniture Bid Tab.pdf
CAC Performance Furniture Purchasing Summary.pdf
32. Motion to Procure Programming Furniture for the Cultural Arts Center from Center Office Systems (Event No. 6210)
CAC Programming Furniture Scope.pdf
CAC Programming Furniture Bid Tab.pdf
CAC Programming Furniture Purchasing Summary.pdf
CAC Programming Furniture Funding Verification.pdf
33. Motion to Procure Theater Lighting and Furniture for the Cultural Arts Center from Sight and Sound Technologies (Event No. 6212)
CAC Theatre Lighting Purchasing Summary.pdf
CAC Theater Lighting Funding Verification.pdf
CAC Theatre Lighting Scope.pdf
CAC Theatre Lighting Bid Tab.pdf
34. Motion to Award Construction Contract for Dean Forest Landfill to Baker Constructors, Inc. (Event No. 6025)
Dean Forest Phase 1D Funding Verification.pdf
Dean Forest Phase 1D Purchasing Summary.pdf
35. Motion to Award Contract for Construction Manager at Risk for the Arena to AECOM Hunt (Event No. 6096)
Arena CMAR Scope.pdf
CMAR Purchasing Summary.pdf
Arena CMAR Funding Verification.pdf
36. Motion to Approve Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement with AECOM Concerning Use of the Fell Street Box Culvert
AECOM Hold Harmless Renewal 1.pdf
37. Motion to Authorize the City Manager to Approve Mutual Aid Agreements with Surrounding Jurisdictions
Mutual Aid and Assistance Agreement.pdf
38. Motion to Approve the Labor-Management Agreement with Local #574 International Association of Firefighters, Savannah Professional Firefighters Association
39. Motion to Approve Major Subdivision of Lots 1-5 of Lot 16 and the Northeastern Quarter of Lot 17, Berrien Ward
Berrien Ward Major Subdivsion.pdf
40. Motion to Approve Transfer of 1002 Cubbedge Street to Chatham County/City of Savannah Land Bank Authority
1002 Cubbedge_Transfer Request.pdf
41. Motion to Approve Transfer of 913 West 39th Street to Chatham County/City of Savannah Land Bank Authority
913 W 39th_Transfer Request.pdf
42. Motion to Approve 15-Foot Utility Easement for Georgia Power at Joseph Tribble Park, 12517 Largo Drive
Map and Picture of 12517 Largo Drive - Joseph Tribble Park.pdf
Easement - Joe Tribble Park.pdf
43. Motion to Amend the Savannah Business Opportunity Program
Redlined SBO Policy Amendments.pdf
Agenda Plus