July 19, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting




PRESENT: Mayor Eddie W. DeLoach, Presiding

Aldermen Carol Bell, Julian Miller, Brian Foster, Bill Durrence, Van Johnson, II, Tony Thomas, John Hall and Estella E. Shabazz

Rob Hernandez, City Manager

Bret Bell, Assistant to the City Manager

Jennifer Herman, Deputy City Attorney

ABSENT: Brooks Stillwell, City Attorney and William Shearouse, Assistant City Attorney

The regular meeting of Council was held this date at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited in unison followed by the Invocation by Mayor Eddie DeLoach.

Upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, unanimous approval was given for the Mayor to sign an affidavit and resolution on Personnel and Litigation for an Executive Session held today where no votes were taken.


BE IT RESOLVED by the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah as follows:

At the meeting held on the 19th day of July, 2018 the Council entered into a closed session for the purpose of discussing Personnel and Litigation. At the close of the discussions upon this subject, the Council reentered into open session and herewith takes the following action in open session:

  1. The actions of Council and the discussions of the same regarding the matter set forth for the closed session purposes are hereby ratified;
  2. Each member of this body does hereby confirms that to the best of his or her knowledge, the subject matter of the closed session was devoted to matters within the specific relevant exception(s) as set forth above;
  3. The presiding officer is hereby authorized and directed to execute an affidavit, with full support of the Council in order to comply with O.C.G.A. §50-14-4(b); 17
  4. The affidavit shall be included and filed with the official minutes of the meeting and shall be in a form as required by the statute.

ADOPTED AND APPROVED: JULY 19, 2018 upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried.

Upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried the agenda was amended to move item 34 in place of item 3, which was continued to the meeting of August 2, and add a proclamation to GoSouth.

3(a). Presentation of Proclamation Proclaiming July 19, 2018 GoSouth Day in Savannah

Alderwoman Bell stated this resolution is honoring and paying tribute to students who have come to the community and done good work under the direction of Jen Singeisen, Executive Director of StepUp Savannah. Ms. Singeisen briefly discussed the GoSouth program which represents a unique opportunity to partner with Yale students and alumni as they start a new nonprofit called GoSouth. The program brings interns to Savannah for the summer. Present today were interns from StepUp Savannah and the Georgia Historical Society. Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless and Lutheran Services were also among organizations that hosted interns.

Mayor DeLoach read the below proclamation:

WHEREAS: Go South was founded in 2017 in response to two challenges: the systemic lack of funding and human capital available to many of the South’s most dedicated public service organizations and the large number of students at Ivy League institutions; and

WHEREAS: Go South has partnered with people and organizations in Savannah to place 4 undergraduate fellows from Yale University in capacity-building summer internships with  nonprofits across the city; and

WHEREAS: Go South’s fellows are working at Step Up Savannah, the Georgia Historical Society, the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, and Lutheran Services of Georgia; and

WHEREAS: These fellows have worked in service of racial equity, historical education, just treatment for people experiencing homelessness, and civic engagement for refugees in Savannah; and

WHEREAS: They have and will work for over 800 combined hours to strengthen these organizations’ capacity to provide critical services to the people of Savannah and Chatham County.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mayor Eddie W. DeLoach, on behalf of the Savannah City Council, do hereby proclaim July 19, 2018 as:


in the City of Savannah, Georgia.

1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Work Session and City Manager's Briefing of July 5, 2018
07.05.18 WS minutes.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried.

2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Meeting of July 5, 2018
07.05.18 Minutes.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried.

3. Presentation of a Resolution Honoring the Life of Ernestine J. Jones

Conintued to the meeting of August 2, 2018

4. Appearance by Col. Edward Wexler (retired) to Recognize the Savannah Police Department for its Support of the National Guard and Reserve

Col. Edward Wexler (Retired) and Chuck Clark, volunteer, presented two awards to the City of Savannah on behalf of the National Guard and Reserve in recognition of an employer with favorable personnel policies that allow men and women to serve in the armed forces. The first award was presented to the Savannah Police Department for favorable personnel practices, it was accepted by Chief Mark Revenew. The second award was presented to the City of Savannah for meritorious leadership and was accepted by City Manager Hernandez. Chief Revenew thanked Col. Wexler on behalf of the Savannah Police Department stating he is proud of their partnership with the military, and they currently have several officers serving. City Manager Hernandez stated as a City we are very proud to support our nation’s military and the message to those men and women serving is that they do not need to worry, the City will take care of them when they come off active duty.

5. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Jacquelyn F. Sankawski of Better Than Sex – A Dessert Restaurant
Density Map - Better Than Sex20180710_16315202.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Better Than Sex20180710_16311267.pdf
Measurement Report - Better Than Sex Restaurant20180710_12583473.pdf

Alderman Johnson: The name just begs me to ask the question, what is this? I mean, can you give us just kind of an idea?

Jacquelyn Sankawski, Applicant: Absolutely. It's a dessert restaurant that started in Key West, Florida by a husband and wife couple, so we're their first franchisee. They have another location in Orlando, Florida. My husband and I have been patrons of theirs for 10 years vacationing in Key West and found out that they were franchising and decided that it was something that we believed in. It's a great place for couples, friends, families, to gather, have dessert, have a little fun, and kind of share their love and relationship together at that space.

Mayor DeLoach: Where is it located?

Ms. Sankawski: We're going to be at 410 West Broughton Street, kind of right by Corleone’s Restaurant.

Alderman Johnson: Extrapolate… have fun?

Ms. Sankawski: It's a full service dining restaurant. You order dessert, you order drinks, you have a waitress, there's romantic music playing, mood lighting, velvet curtains. It's just literally desserts in a restaurant and drinks.

Alderman Hall: This is going to be a family type restaurant?

Ms. Sankawski: I go there with my parents when we're in Key West. There's going to be an age restriction obviously of 21 for people who want to drink. But people who are older who may be on a trip with their mom and dad and they're in their twenties, you know, going to a restaurant.

Alderman Hall: So, patrons under 21 can come in?

Ms. Sankawski: They can if they want to but we will be require ID from anyone asking for alcohol.

Alderman Hall: So, a 10 year old could like your food and want to come to your restaurant and can you imagine what that 10 year old would say… let's go to… Better than…

Ms. Sankawski: I don't think that would be a place that they would be going. We’re geared more towards people in their mid-twenties and I think our demographic is about mid-twenties and up.

A public hearing was held. No persons came forward to speak either for or against the item.

Hearing closed upon motion of Alderman Johnson, seconded by Alderman Durrence, and unanimously carried.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Durrence, seconded by Alderman Foster, and carried with the following voting in favor Mayor DeLoach, Aldermen Miller, Foster, Durrence, Johnson, Thomas, and Shabazz. Alderman Hall voted against the motion. Alderwoman Bell abstained from the vote. 

6. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Susan Lingenfelser of Quick Shop #5
Measurement Report - Quick Shop #520180710_12343676.pdf
Density Map - Quick Shop #520180710_12320839.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Quick Shop #520180711_17371555.pdf

A public hearing was held. No persons came forward to speak either for or against the item.

[Susan Lingenfelser, Applicant, approached the podium]

[Lieutenant Shinita Young, Savannah Police Department approached the podium]

Alderman Johnson: Lieutenant, this name sounds very familiar, is this one of the locations of a recent operation by your officers?

Lt. Young: Yes sir. There was actually an underage operation that occurred on last month and the person, the employee was actually cited for serving to a minor. We had a chance to have an administrative hearing and talk with as far as, Ms. Susan and the different things that she put in place for her employee. That employee is still employed at this location. She does have a point of sale already there and she has an age to date calendar. This employee actually didn't use that in order to make her decision in order to sell to the minor. So, they've gone over as far as those measures to make sure that she keeps that in place. And those are the things that we suggested that they follow.

Alderman Johnson: Other businesses were cited as well, not just this one on the same date.

Lt. Young: That is correct, we cited other businesses as well, it wasn't just this business, sir.

Alderman Johnson: Right, but in this case, the business was not cited.

Lt. Young: This business was cited, sir. 

Alderman Johnson: Okay, you said initially you didn't cite the business, you cited the employee.

Lt. Young: Right the employee is the actual person that's actually cited because they're the one who sold. The State will follow up once we do the disposition in the case and get that from the court. We send that to the State and the State decides from there how they're going to handle the business.

Alderman Johnson: But right now, that’s between us and the State?

Lt. Young: That's correct sir.

Alderman Johnson: So, obviously our granting of this license is still dependent on the resolution as it relates to the State, correct?

Lt. Young: Well, dealing with the State, the State will deal with the business like they have before. We’ve had operations before and we've given them as far as they come out with us or we’ve given them the court disposition. They'll handle that with a business and they'll do the same measures. Finding out what corrective measures they've done and it's really left up to the State. I can't speak on them as far as what their decisions were as far as fees or anything like that.

Alderman Johnson: But you're confident that now given the remediation or significant remediation has been taken place to ensure that this does not reoccur.

Lt. Young: Yes sir, I am confident. I've actually spoken to the employee and Ms. Susan and just like any of the other businesses that we've dealt with, with an administrative hearing we got the same cooperation from them.

Alderman Johnson: Mr. City Manager, I'm happy that we are doing regular enforcement. I think an ordinance doesn't mean anything if it's not enforced. I'm glad to see these operations going on. Ms. Lingenfelser you've already put your name in the record, I just want to ensure that you understand how serious this is. Obviously, you know, you're an extension of your employees and if the employees are doing this it reflects negatively on your business.

Alderwoman Bell: Just a quick question to Lieutenant Young, when did this incident occur that the Alderman was referencing?

Lt. Young: This would have been June 22nd.

Alderwoman Bell: So, the approval that we are looking at today, is this the same establishment?

Lt. Young: That's correct for Quick Stop.

Alderman Hall: Has the applicant ever had a license to sell alcohol with the City before this happened?

Lt. Young: That's something that Revenue would have to speak of, I don't have that information. I do know that there were previous locations, but I'm unsure what businesses sir.

Alderman Hall: Can you answer that Ms. Lingenfelser?

Ms. Lingenfelser: I have in the past owned bars before, but I'm retired from that. I haven't owned bars in about 10 years. I had End Zone, Inc. which used to be Bogey’s, which was Tiger's Den also. But I have not been in that business for years.

Alderman Hall: And we had some issues there didn't we?

Ms. Lingenfelser: We did years ago, sir. But I have been out of the business. I do know the realms of problems of that nature, sir. And as I said this, I've talked to my employees, matter of fact, the employee that this happened to, her mother had been ill.

Alderman Hall: Out of all the businesses you just picked this one too. These issues come before us and you ultimately surrendered your license, didn’t you?

Ms. Lingenfelser: No sir we didn't.

Alderman Hall: Did we take them?

Ms. Lingenfelser: No sir you did not.

Alderman Hall: How was the case disposed of?

Ms. Lingenfelser: I think we just, I think there was like a probationary type thing and then it was resolved. I did everything I was supposed to do and then I continued with my license with no problem.

Alderman Hall: Again, did you surrender the license?

Ms. Lingenfelser: No sir I did not.

Alderman Hall: So, you just closed the business?

Ms. Lingenfelser: Yes sir eventually and it was only because I decided to.

Alderwoman Shabazz: This location is in the Fifth District and I need to get some history from one of my colleagues, thank you Alderman Johnson for asking those pertinent questions that I also had on my mind to ask you. In this location, Alderman Thomas and I share this boundary really closely, I'm just asking for some history. I know that you probably had this area before.

Alderman Thomas: I think Alderman Hall had alluded to the past and she said 10 years ago, I knew the name rang a bell. I think you used to have a bar in the Varsity Plaza on Abercorn that became quite disruptive in that area and we had to take action to come in there to get it organized and back legally compliant. But you're saying that you did not surrender your license?

Ms. Lingenfelser: No, sir I did not.

Alderman Thomas: Okay, that wasn't the only problem that we had though with you, right?

Ms. Lingenfelser: Yes sir.

Alderman Thomas: You had another bar in the past?

Ms. Lingenfelser: I had two different bars and I did not have to surrender my license at either bar. My husband and I retired and that's the only reason. My husband is 77 years old and we just retired.

Alderman Thomas: Well, Ms. Lingenfelser based upon the history and knowing that, I need to go back in the 10 years or more and look at those notes from that. I still remember the problems we had when you were managing these locations. What bothers me, is this the Quick Stop that is located directly across the street from where White Bluff Elementary School is?

Lt. Young: That's correct, yes.

Alderman Thomas: This is. So, you have an elementary school across the street from this location. What has changed?

Ms. Lingenfelser: Sir, as I was trying to explain to you, the young lady that I've known for quite a while, her mother was ill and she was tired that day. She should have told me that and she would not have come to work that day. This should not have happened. We had been through numerous meetings together about enforcing the fact that this does not happen. We check all ID's. Why she did not that day, I don't know. After that happened she was very, very upset about it, and we sat down and had a meeting after that. We've had continuous meetings since then. We have a point of sale now, where immediately the ID is checked and we have a calendar in place, we have cameras in place, we have every system that you can think of.

Alderman Thomas: So, Karan Patel is transferring the license to you? Is that what you're looking for?

Ms. Lingenfelser: Yes sir.

Alderman Johnson: Mr. City Manager, Judee Jones with your permission sir, because I think my question has changed a little bit obviously about the veracity of the comments that I've heard thus far.

Alderwoman Shabazz: Let me ask something to Alderman Johnson in reference to the State issue. Can we, Mr. City Manager, Mr. Mayor, hold off on doing what is needed? I don't know if that's the direction you're going in. Can we hold back until the State decides?

Alderman Johnson: I'm interested in how the State… obviously a business has to have both licenses in order to operate and really honestly the question is this just happened less than a month ago and you know there's been no disposition on it from the State side. Ms. Jones, could you state your name for the record please?

[Judee Jones, Revenue Department.]

Alderman Johnson: Okay, you've heard some of the testimony given already is that correct?

Ms. Jones: That is correct.

Alderman Johnson: Has the license ever been surrendered by Ms. Lingenfelser?

Ms. Jones: Alderman Johnson, I cannot recall I would have to do some research on that. I do remember incidents but to be exact I cannot recall.

Alderman Johnson: So, you don’t remember how it ended?

Ms. Jones: I do not remember how.

Alderman Thomas: The thing that I'm bothered by and maybe you can help me Ms. Lingenfelser is this when we had that issue in Varsity Plaza, were there drugs involved in that issue?

Ms. Lingenfelser: No sir.

Alderman Thomas: Was there parking lot dealing that was going on because something in my mind from back then sticks with that location being a problem and I think we need to talk to somebody at CNT and find out were there any records of drug activity that occurred based upon that establishment at the time. And what bothers me more in particular is the fact that we have a potential operator operating across from an elementary school with a history that started like this. So, I mean, I guess I need to know from CNT. Mr. Mayor, I think that we owe her some research. I think we probably should defer it for a couple of weeks to allow staff to come back so that we're fair to her at the same time because we're talking about something that happened 10 years or more ago. But the reality is, is that there's a history from them and it's continued on and you know, now we're talking about an elementary school and a convenience store and I think that we owe it to her to get the answers and give her a fair shot. But at the same time we need to know the history we're dealing with.

Mayor DeLoach: My question is it happened 10 years ago, I don't know how many times. I think you said it was twice and you had two bars that you had. You didn't lose your license. So, you were cited at both of those?

Ms. Lingenfelser: I was cited at one establishment not at the other.

Mayor DeLoach: Okay, we’ll give you 10 years let’s come up to the present and then a month ago this happened again.

Ms. Lingenfelser: Yes sir.

Mayor DeLoach: Then it’s a pattern, what do we need to study about it?

Alderman Johnson: I think it's important in terms of the integrity of the individual who is asking the question. I mean obviously she's made some statements. I think it's to the benefit of Council to have some determination whether what she's saying is actually true because I think it directly lends itself to her ability to be able to carry out…

Mayor DeLoach: You want to know whether you want to know where the drugs were.

Alderman Johnson: Well I just want to know the history.

Alderman Thomas: It was significant.

Alderman Johnson: I think the Council, we have the benefit in this case of having history and I think we should, and it doesn't hurt us to have the benefit of at least examining her record in this case.

Mayor DeLoach: Don't we have the history? She was cited, she was cited and she was cited.

Alderman Johnson: We only got it from memory, I would prefer to have it from record.

Alderwoman Bell: Judee doesn't remember how the case was disposed.

Mayor DeLoach: Okay, we'll continue this to the next meeting and we'll ask for staff to come back with a full disclosure of what took place 10 years ago and then we will decide at that point.

Alderman Hall: Mr. Mayor it has not been 10 years, it was less time than that because I have not been up here for 10 years and this came up during my first term.

Continued to the meeting of August 2, 2018, upon motion of Alderman Johnson, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried to allow staff to bring back records of the events that occurred related to establishments previously owned by and associated with Ms. Lingenfelser to include CNT, Police, law enforcement and State records.

7. Motion to Rezone 2824 and 2830 Dixie Ave from R-6 to B-C (Petitioner: Robert L. McCorkle for Patrick All)
2824 and 2830 Dixie Ave Planning Commission Recommendation 18-002315-ZA.pdf
2824 and 2830 Dixie Ave Draft Ordinance 18-002315-ZA.pdf

Marcus Lotson, Metropolitan Planning Commission: Mr. Mayor, members of Council, this item is actually a request to rezone two properties at 2824 and 2830 Dixie Avenue. The petitioner is requesting to rezone those properties to the B-C zoning classification. As you all know, there were a number of properties adjacent to this property that have been rezoned recently including the Johnny Harris property. This is a little unusual from the standpoint of the Planning Commission's recommendation. Typically I would bring that forth to you, however a motion on that action failed at the Planning Commission, but the petitioner is requesting the R-6 zoning classification for those.

Alderman Hall: I'm going to ask that we continue this until September 13th in order to ask the MPC to come up with a more cohesive recommendation for the area between Bee Road and Truman Parkway north and south of Victory Drive.

Mayor DeLoach: Let’s have a little bit of discussion. We're going to ask MPC to come up with a recommendation on this specific thing because they didn't the first time, is that what we're saying? Y'all didn't come up…

Mr. Lotson: For the record, I think Mr. Hall's concern is about some of the other properties in that general area also that are experiencing a lot of pressure from a zoning standpoint and a development standpoint. We're prepared to do a study of that area and come back before this body with a recommendation for all those properties in the vicinity of the subject property.

Alderman Hall: All those subject properties Mr. Mayor want to go commercial.

[Alderman Johnson requested a quick refresher on the major differences between the R-6 and B-C zoning classifications]

Mr. Lotson: The R-6 classification is a single family residential classification, that’s what this property is. A number of the properties in that general area were up until recently. The B-C zoning classification is a commercial classification that permits primarily all your retail and restaurants, hotels, those types of uses. So, it's essentially one of the more intense commercial zoning classifications. The former Johnny Harris property as an example was rezoned to B-C, and that’s what this petitioner seeking as well.

Alderman Johnson: So, hence in a generally residential area a B-C would be considered…

Mr. Lotson: Incompatible.

Alderman Johnson: Intrusion.

Mr. Lotson: Yes.

Alderman Foster: Is it true that this particular area that we’re asking for the review to be done has been addressed in the NewZo, which has not been passed?

Mr. Lotson: That is true, yes.

Alderman Foster: I think they've already addressed it, but we have not approved that yet. Just a matter of point.

Alderman Miller: To further explain what we're talking about. We have six or seven properties that are pretty much surrounded at least on three sides by commercial property and we have the owner of two of the properties who want to rezone to B-C. Some of the other property owners are in favor of it, at least one is not in favor it and what we don't have is a plan for this area. I think what Mr. Hall is asking for is let's come up with a plan for this before we vote on it. Am I correct?

Alderman Hall: I think you’re pretty correct in that aspect.

Alderman Miller: Which sounds reasonable to me.

Continued to the meeting of September 13, 2018, upon motion of Alderman Hall, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried for the MPC to come up with a more cohesive recommendation for the area between Bee Road and Truman Parkway north and south of Victory Drive.

8. Motion to Rezone 0 W 32nd St and 0 MLK Jr Blvd from B-G to TC-2 (Petitioner: Harold and Josh Yellin for Montgomery Street Partners, LLC)
West 32nd Street and MLK Jr Blvd Rezoning 20180626 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
West 32nd Street and MLK Jr Blvd Rezoning Draft Ordinance.pdf
West 32nd Street and MLK Jr Blvd Proposed Zoning Map.pdf

Marcus Lotson, Metropolitan Planning Commission: Mr. Mayor, members of Council, these are two parcels that are located on the corner of a block that is between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Montgomery Street, bounded by West 32nd and 31st Street. The petitioner is requesting to rezone these properties from the General Business classification to TC-2, which is Traditional Commercial. That's a designation that is found in the Mid-City Zoning District. The other properties that are a part of this block were rezoned by this body back in April to the TC-2 classification. There was also a text amendment that was adopted at that time that removed some of the standards that are associated with that district. It was our understanding at the prior rezoning that the City Council was interested in fostering redevelopment in that area, this was an effort to do that. This is a part of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard Urban Redevelopment Area so there were a lot of concerns as it relates to the opportunities to redevelop in that part of the City. This particular area is not within the Historic District. However, if the TC-2 zoning classification is applied here, those standards would also apply.

[Alderwoman Bell asked for an explanation on the differences between the TC-2 and B-G zoning classifications]

Mr. Lotson: B-G is a heavy commercial classification and it allows things like heavy automobile repair, for example. A TC-2 is a traditional commercial classification that’s typically more of a neighborhood scale commercial and mixed use residential district.

Alderwoman Bell: So, all the other properties in that block are already classified as TC-2?

Mr. Lotson: Actually all but one. There is one remaining parcel on the northwest corner that is not a part of this petition or the previous petition. But it's my understanding that the applicant is seeking or may be seeking to rezone that piece of property in the future.

Alderwoman Bell: And this particular property, what does the property owner plan to do with it? Why does he or she want it?

Mr. Lotson: Our understanding is that they're attempting to redevelop that property with a multifamily residential development.

Alderman Durrence: Just in terms of the phrasing of what we vote on because there were some conditions from the staff position. When we did the previous plats on this block, we did a TC-2 but removed two conditions of the TC-2 that are in all other TC-2 zoning districts, the 10,000 square foot maximum and the 10 foot setback. If we just vote to approve this now this will be consistent with the rest of this block, it would not contain those provisions?

Mr. Lotson: That's exactly right, the provisions that were adopted previously in April apply only to this block. So, if these properties are rezoned to TC-2 then those conditions that were removed would be removed from this as well.

Alderman Durrence: The reason I want to be clear about a couple of things here is I do have some concern about removing the footprint size. I also understand why there's a reason to do it, but the other piece of this when we approve this also makes this a portion of the Mid-City Zoning District. So, a single vote does all of that.

Mr. Lotson: Yes sir.

Alderman Durrence: Okay, and with the Mid-City Zoning District there is a design review process?

Mr. Lotson: Correct.

Alderman Durrence: So, we will make sure that what’s there is an appropriate structure even though we don't have this maximum size.

Mr. Lotson: Yeah and just to your point on those two conditions that were changed by adoption. Within the Mid-City Zoning District there's a maximum building footprint of 10,000 square feet, it's because that is not a typical development pattern in the Mid-City District. This property which is not in the Mid-City District that would not apply to this.

Alderman Durrence: And I guess that brings up one other point. I'd like to just kind of request some MPC assistance with beyond what we're doing here today. We did some of this on several plats recently, we're doing these two plats today. We had another area in here where we did a little bit of this, although it was already within the Mid-City District, between Jefferson and Montgomery, we're doing all of this stuff piecemeal. What we've got is inevitably more of this kind of development that's going to happen in that MLK, Montgomery corridor. My concern is we have a gap, we have a hole in protection of that property between Montgomery and MLK that doesn't fit currently within either Mid-City or Cuyler/Brownville. So, what I would like to see coming back from MPC beyond what we're doing here today, I know we can't do this today, but I'd like to see something that goes ahead and moves all of the Mid-City District from I guess Anderson to Victory Drive to extend that Mid-City zoning character to MLK. If we could see about going ahead and trying to do something. I know that that's being done in NewZo.

Mr. Lotson: Yeah, and that is something we spent lot of time looking at that particular corridor because just when you look at the map, it's as simple as seeing that gap that you mentioned between the Cuyler/Brownville neighborhood, which has particular standards and the Mid-City neighborhood which has a different set of standards. So, this area is a little left out. So, our historic preservation officer has looked at that very closely and we will be making recommendations to address that.

Alderman Durrence: Well, and I know we're looking at dealing with that with NewZo, but even under the best circumstances, we're six months away from that and I'm a little concerned about this hole. This hole is what allowed those cottages to be torn down, the Meldrim Cottages to be torn down where we're doing the police precinct now, because they had no protection and I'm a little concerned about us leaving this gap for some indefinite period of time. So, if we have some language already that we're looking at in NewZo to protect this area, I'd like to see if we could move on that sooner.

Mr. Lotson: Understood.

Alderwoman Shabazz: In reference to the Mid-City area that Alderman Durrence is mentioning and moving down the corridor on Montgomery and MLK going further south from Victory Drive all the way down to even the Hunter Gate because the same situation from the historical side of things, the layout, the setbacks, the square footage requirements and all of that was the same all the way down the corridor between Montgomery, MLK and even that gap in between both of those, the gap that's in between the corridors. I'm asking can we not just stop at Victory Drive? Can we also include at this time, I know that I've seen the NewZo preliminaries and we've gone in depth in reference to those areas, but I don't know if any movement is happening now to make it possible for those developers or folks who are interested in trying to do something in the area south of Victory Drive. Should that happen now or do we need to wait for the NewZo to be approved?

Mr. Lotson: Well, we're happy to move at the Council's speed but we are prepared to make recommendations regarding those areas. We've taken a long look at that as you know, we've sat down and talked about it in great detail. So, I think we feel very comfortable about the changes that we're already proposing for that area. So, I think it's something that could be made ready to go relatively swiftly if that was the Council’s desire to do it outside of the other zoning process.

Hearing closed upon motion of Alderman Durrence, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Durrence, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

9. Motion to Approve Lease Amendment with Verizon at 100 James B. Blackburn Drive
Map and Picture of 100 James B. Blackburn Drive.pdf
Savannah Internation Airport 4th Amendment draft.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderman Miller, seconded by Alderwoman Bell, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

10. Motion to Approve the Naming of Windsor Park
Windsor Park- Submittal Package.pdf
Windsor Park- Aerial Map.pdf

Alderman Thomas: This is on the official name of the park for Windsor Park, and I just want to thank Heath Lloyd and Rob Hernandez and all of the staff that have worked diligently. As y'all heard earlier today, we should be clipping a ribbon sometime around early September, so we'll get together out there and clip a ribbon and open this park up for the residents. But the official name of this park will be Windsor Park and it’s passed all of the boards that it's had to before coming to us.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Thomas, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

11. Motion to Approve the Naming of Veterans Memorial Park
Veterans Memorial Park- Submittal-Package..pdf
Veterans Memorial Park- Aerial Photo.pdf

Alderman Thomas: This one's a little more special. I asked our Colonel Ed Wexler to hang behind, come on up Colonel Ed Wexler, if you would. He said to me, I'll wait, but if I get a ticket and you're going to take care of it. So, this could be costly for me. But I just wanted Colonel Wexler to be here. Colonel Wexler, you are the 2017/2018 Veteran of the Year of Chatham County. So, this is appropriate and I wanted our Colonel to be here for this. He was there on July 3rd when we did the flag raising event at the new Veterans Memorial Park. A very special park on Abercorn at the terminus of the Harry S. Truman Parkway. This park is featured by a 100 foot flag pole and giant flag. We're getting a lot of people who love it, riding by there and seeing it. This is a park that was basically built on an area of property that nothing else could have been built on. So, this is something that we partnered with Georgia Department of Transportation, I think Bret and legal and others had a big part in that. So, I appreciate everyone who participated with that. But, the name Veterans Memorial Park was recommended to honor all military veterans who have and continue to serve the United States of America. This location was important because of it’s the only highly visible thoroughfare and because of its proximity to Hunter Army Airfield. So, I asked Colonel Wexler to hang around because we wanted to acknowledge him as our Chatham County Veteran of the Year, but also to thank him and all of the veterans in Chatham County for their service and with that I would move that we accept the name Veterans Memorial Park per the City Manager's recommendation.

[Alderman Thomas asked Colonel Wexler if he would like to say anything]

Colonel Wexler: Thank you all Mayor and City Council, it is a great location. That flag is just amazing. Every time I go by it gives me chills, so look forward to the new developments as that park progresses. So thank you so much.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Thomas, seconded by Alderwoman Bell, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

12. Motion to Adopt the Final 2018 Property Tax Millage Rate, Adopt the Special Service District Tax Rate for the Water Transportation District, and Amend the 2018 Revenue Ordinance
Memo to Council - Adoption of the 2018 Millage Rate.pdf
Millage Rate Ordinance.pdf
2018 Tax Digest and Five Year History.pdf
Millage Rate - 2nd and 3rd Public Hearing Notice.pdf

Asa Davis: I’m Asa Davis I live at 7 West Charlton Street Downtown. I just have a few questions for the Council. The millage rate seems to have jumped or at least the net effects of the millage rate jumped from last year at five and a half percent to this year 12 percent or rise in taxes or an additional 8 million plus dollars. Now I would like to, in light of the fact that the City has found $10 million which it didn’t know it had or whatever it was, and some of that's gone to take care of the fire free for at least temporarily and possibly some to cover some of the operating budget of the Culture Center which apparently was overlooked. Why do the real estate owners have to bear the rest of the brunt or even what looks like 80 percent of the brunt of trying to find revenue for the City this year?

City Manager Hernandez: Can you clarify what your question is because you started off making a comment that the millage rate was increasing five mills…

Mr. Davis: No, I said that the net tax percent change which is from a City of Savannah table has increased from in 2017 a 5.52 percent increase to 12.03 percent increase or going from $3.5 million increase to $8.1 million increase.

City Manager Hernandez: That also takes into account growth in the tax roll, additions to the tax roll and change in the millage rate that's being proposed. I think that going into 2018, we estimated an, actually not an estimate, an actual increase in the tax roll of 4.37 percent.

Mr. Davis: That may be, but the net tax change percentage is still 12 percent on average and that is not commensurate with the previous five years which were much less or less than that. So, I'm really questioning why do the property owners have to bear this? You obviously must need the funds, but why aren't there other ways of doing this?

City Manager Hernandez: To the speaker, I think we've had this conversation before. If there was a silver bullet out there for staff to identify a source of funding that would minimize the impact on property owners we are actively looking for it and I think we would've found it by now. The fundamental issue is that there isn't a silver bullet that's readily available to the City of Savannah in terms of raising revenue without going to the legislature.

Mr. Davis: Have you looked at reducing costs because it seems to me that arenas and that sort of stuff, are going to cost a hell of a lot more and a rise in taxes.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Miller, seconded by Alderman Foster, and carried per the City Manager's recommendation with the following voting in favor: Mayor DeLoach, Aldermen Bell, Miller, Foster, Johnson, Thomas, and Hall. Alderwoman Shabazz voted against the motion. Alderman Durrence was not present for the vote.

13. Motion to Adopt Resolution Approving the Issuance of Bonds and Authorizing a Contract with the Resource Recovery Development Authority (RRDA)
Memo RE 2018 Bonds 6-8-18.pdf
IGA Resource Recovery Development Authority.pdf
Bond Resolution 071919.pdf

Alderman Foster: This afternoon prior to the Council meeting, the Resource Recovery Development Authority for the City of Savannah approved and authorized the bond resolution of approximately $11 million in aggregate principal, and another $85,000 in expenses as well as the intra governmental contract providing for the approval of the sale. Eleven proposals were received on the interest rate and the winning interest rate we're recommending today is 3.09 percent from Suntrust Bank.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Foster, seconded by Alderman Hall, and unanimously carried.

[Alderwoman Shabazz asked if this is for the landfill]

Alderman Foster: Yes it is, and I should have added to that that this is the expansion that will add another 13 years approximately to the four to seven years in the existing landfill, but planning for the future. In this particular case, the City cost on this is estimated to be $28 million and we have about $17 million saved up and so the bond would be necessary in the amount of $11 million. We have a bond that will be finished being paid next year. So, this was to expand the future of the existing landfill by capping the old one and developing it further out from the existing side.

14. Motion to Award Contract Amendment No. 1 for Design of Interchange Court to Hussey, Gay, Bell, & DeYoung (Event No. 5001)
Interchange Court Purchasing Summary.pdf
Interchange Court Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

15. Motion to Award Annual Contract for East Lot Clearing to Family Lawn Care, LLC (Event No. 5893)
Lot Clearing East Purchasing Summary.pdf
Lot Clearing East Funding Verification.pdf
Lot Clearing East Bid Tab.pdf
Lot Clearing East Scope.pdf

Alderwoman Shabazz: Just for the sake of recognition before I make the motion. The first out of the box sheltered market contracts for the City of Savannah under the small business ordinance they are here. I just want to recognize the family who owns the Family Lawn Care, LLC. The Suares family if we can ask them to stand up just for a second. We're so glad to have you present and we look forward to many more families in our City as we break down contracts that are under $100,000 that they can improve their businesses as we move forward. Thank you so much.

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Shabazz, seconded by Alderwoman Bell, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

Alderman Miller: Mr. City Manager this is an important step. This is a first step and a big procedure that we've been taking. We sometimes don't get our story told. Can you have somebody from staff or yourself explain the significance of this and how we're working with DBE’s and the significance of the program with that. So many of us, including Dr. Shabazz, have worked so hard on this.

[City Manager Hernandez asked Manny Dominguez, Director of the Office of Business Opportunity, to come forward to explain the procedures]

City Manager Hernandez: About a year ago City Council authorized us to set up a pilot project as part of our overhaul of our Business Opportunity Ordinance. One of the components of that overhaul included creating the Savannah Business Enterprise Program, which is what we call a targeted market or a sheltered market opportunity. Basically what we've done there is we've identified procurements that are $100,000 or less in value. What we have said is for those procurements, they would be advertised only among small Savannah based businesses, rather than the open market which gives the smaller Savannah based businesses an opportunity to compete for City contracts without having to compete against some of the larger entities that might be existing in the market space. The emphasis behind the Savannah Business Enterprise Program is to keep our money local and to help our small businesses flourish, and so what you've done today is you've awarded the very first two contracts under the Savannah Business Enterprise Program. With that I'll turn it over to Mr. Dominguez who can elaborate.

Manny Dominguez: So, the City Manager laid out pretty well sort of how the program works. We're particularly excited today that this is the first award. Earlier this year when Council passed this program and we launched it in January we looked at these kinds of projects, lot clearing and this kind of work as potentially perfect for this kind of opportunity. So, we identified Family Lawn Care along with other local small businesses to get them certified, and go through our process to get them certified as Savannah Business Enterprises. And now, here we are just over six months later, issuing the first award. So, we're very excited about that. There are two big things, two big reasons why this program has been used throughout the country successfully and why I think it will be successful here in Savannah. One is that it provides and keeps local dollars local. It ensures that some of the small businesses here in Savannah are the ones winning these contracts. They then turn around and spend those dollars, and hire employees. Family Lawn Care is actually going to be hiring more employees thanks to this contract. So, we're excited about that. Secondly, it provides a foot in the door, it allows smaller local companies to get slightly larger contracts, which then they can turn around and use to hire more employees, to buy more equipment, and then to grow and then finally get larger and larger contracts and eventually we hope graduate into the DBE program, then graduate into even larger programs and, and go on from there. So, we're particularly excited about that. So, thank you all for passing the program and thank you guys for being here.

Alderman Miller: If I can add one more thing I'd like to thank the family business for getting involved in this. We have so many small businesses that are reluctant to do so because it's almost foreign territory and they're not used to it. Now we have more businesses, small businesses that are getting involved in working with the City and I hope that will pave the way for more, which is what we started out to do years ago, and I'm proud that we've gotten there and I thank you for helping us get there.

16. Motion to Award Annual Contract for West Lot Clearing to Family Lawn Care, LLC (Event No. 6137)
Lot Clearing West Purchasing Summary.pdf
Lot Clearing West Funding Verification.pdf
West Lot Clearing Bid Tab.pdf
West Lot Clearing Scope.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Shabazz, seconded by Alderwoman Bell, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

17. Motion to Award Contract for Colonial Drive Drainage Improvements to E&D Contracting Services, Inc. (Event No. 6043)
Colonial Drive Funding Verification.pdf
Colonial Drive Purchasing Summary.pdf

Alderman Hall: Item seventeen is a SPLOST project for the Magnolia area. 5555 Colonial Drive as it is known. This is a capital improvement SPLOST project.

Approved upon motion of Alderman Hall, seconded by Alderwoman Shabazz, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

18. Motion to Award Design and Construction Contract for Bolton Street Brick Line Cured-in-Place Pipe to Lanzo Lining Services, Inc. (Event No. 5257)
Bolton Street Funding Verification.pdf
Bolton Street Brick Line CIPP.pdf
Bolton Street Map.pdf
Bolton Street Purchasing Summary.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

19. Motion to Award Construction Contract for Industrial and Domestic Laboratory to Dabbs-Williams General Contractors, LLC (Event No. 6047)
I and D Domestic Laboratory Funding Verification.pdf
I and D Laboratory Purchasing Summary.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

20. Motion to Award Construction Contract for Miscellaneous Water Lines to McLendon Enterprises, Inc. (Event No. 6098)
Misc Waterlines Purchasing Summary.pdf
Misc Waterlines Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

21. Motion to Award Construction Contract for East Savannah Waterline Replacement to Southern Champion Construction, Inc. (Event No. 6106)
E Savannah Waterline Purchasing Summary.pdf
E Savannah Waterline Funding Verification.pdf
E Savannah Waterline Bid Tab.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

Alderman Hall: This is an item for the East Savannah Community waterline replacement, and it was awarded to Southern Champion and this was a long awaited project. I think this project got on the board when the City Manager arrived here with the hurricane, the first one.

22. Notification of Emergency Repair of 48-Inch Pipeline by BRW Construction (Event No. 6330)
Emergency Pipeline Repair Purchasing Summary.pdf
48 I and D Pipeline Repair Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderman Durrence, seconded by Alderwoman Bell, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

[Alderman Johnson asked for the location]

City Manager Hernandez: So my understanding is that this is off of Lathrop Avenue in District One.

23. Motion to Procure Replacement Computer Equipment from New Century (Event No. 6303)
Replacement Computers Purchasing Summary.pdf
Replacement Computers Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

24. Motion to Procure ShoreTel Hardware Upgrade from CNP Technologies (Event No. 6311)
ShoreTel Upgrade Purchasing Summary.pdf
Shoretel Hardware Upgrade Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

25. Motion to Procure Network Equipment for the Cultural Arts Center from Layer 3 Communications (Event No. 6305)
Cultural Arts Network Equipment Purchasing Summary.pdf
Cultural Arts Network Equip Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

26. Motion to Renew Lawson Annual Maintenance Agreement with Infor Global Solutions (Event No. 6290)
Lawson Annual Maint Renewal Purchasing Summary.pdf
Lawson Annual Maint Renewal Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

27. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Barracuda Message Archive Upgrade from New Cyber Source (Event No. 6310)
Barracuda Purchasing Summary.pdf
Barracuda Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

28. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Fiber Optic Cabling with TurnKey Fiber Network (Event No. 4570)
Fiber Optic Purchasing Summary.pdf
Fiber Optic Cabling Funding Verification.pdf
Fiber Optic Cabling Scope.pdf
Fiber Optic Bid Tab.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

29. Motion to Renew Emergency Notification System Annual Maintenance Agreement with SwiftReach (Event No. 6301)
SwiftReach Renewal Purchasing Summary.pdf
SwiftReach Emergency Notification Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

30. Motion to Renew Annual Maintenance Agreement for GPS Services with Zonar Systems (Event No. 6302)
Zonar Annual Maint Renewal Purchasing Summary.pdf
Zonar Annual Maint Renewal Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

31. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for City-Wide HVAC Maintenance with Edge Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (Event No. 4836)
City Wide HVAC Purchasing Summary.pdf
City Wide HVAC Maintenance Funding Verification.pdf
City Wide HVAC Maintenance Bid Tab.pdf
City Wide HVAC Maintenance Scope.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

32. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Flooring for the Savannah Police Department Northwest Precinct Facility from Culver Rug (Event No. 6319)
Great Dane Flooring Purchasing Summary.pdf
Great Dane Police Facility Funding Verification.pdf

Approved upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried per the City Manager's recommendation.

33. Appointments to Boards, Commissions and Authorities

Upon motion of Alderwoman Bell, seconded by Alderman Miller, and unanimously carried the following appointments to boards, commissions and authorities were made:

Coastal Workforce Investment Board

  • Leigh Acevedo
  • Earline Wesley Davis
  • Chavis Ferguson
  • Candace Mims
  • William (Bill) Stankiewicz
  • Paul Teague

Ethics Board - Mayor's appointee

  • Thomas Hersch

Grater Savannah International Alliance (GSIA)

  • Lynn Pitts

Coastal Region Metropolitan Planning Organization Citizens Advisory Committee (CORE MPO – CAC)

  • Christopher Middleton
  • Deborah Sieg-Bowen

Savannah Resource Recovery Development Authority 

  • Ty Stone

Chatham County/City of Savannah Landbank Authority 

  • Richard Evans

Chatham Area Transit Authority (CAT) 

  • Alderman Bill Durrence
34. Presentation of a Resolution Honoring the Life of Ronnie Wayne Thompson

Alderwoman Bell asked that the family of Ronnie Wayne Thompson come forward. She stated to the family, led by Ms. Marcia Thompson, that as a Council they were privileged to honor the life of a person who exemplified the hospitality and all that makes Savannah great.

Before reading the resolution Mayor DeLoach stated they were also recognizing an institution, Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House, and the entire family for all that they have done in the community.

Mayor DeLoach read the following resolution:

WHEREAS: Ronnie Wayne Thompson was born August 9, 1946 in Savannah, Georgia to Robert Theron Thompson, Sr. and Audie Mae White Thompson.  He was a 1964 graduate of Savannah High School.  After serving a tour of duty in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps, he returned to Georgia and completed his degree in finance at Georgia State University and was employed by both Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company and Xerox Company; and

WHEREAS: Ronnie Thompson spent the majority of his adult life owning and operating the family restaurant, Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House.  It was his great honor to take over the reins from his beloved grandmother-in-law, Sema M. Wilkes.  For forty years, Ronnie served as an ambassador for the city of Savannah and enjoyed serving customers from all over the world, as well as his many local friends and neighbors; and

WHEREAS: Ronnie Thompson passed away on July 8, 2018.  He is survived by his wife of forty-seven years, Marcia Martin Thompson, and their children, Ryon and Emily; and

WHEREAS: In the loss of Ronnie Wayne Thompson, the Savannah community has lost a kind and generous host and ambassador; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah celebrate the life of Ronnie Wayne Thompson and offer our appreciation for his service and hospitality to the Savannah community.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Ronnie Wayne Thompson will be sadly missed by all of us who knew him as a notable member of the Savannah community; and that a copy of this resolution will be delivered to his family and made a part of the permanent records of the Savannah City Council meeting minutes of July 19, 2018.


Rick Ellison, President of R.U.F.F., announced the official dedication of the Philly J. Meyers Bridge that will take place on Monday, July 23, 2018 at the Southwest Library Auditorium. The bridge being renamed is at the intersection of Highway 204 and Highway 17. Mr. Ellison also announced “Living Long, Safely, and Well in Georgia: A Community Conversation” taking place on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at the Coastal Georgia Center for older adults, individuals with disabilities, caregivers, pre-retirees, veterans, and service providers. He encouraged City Council to share the information with their constituents.

Taffanye Young, Chief Community Services Officer, reminded everyone about the upcoming Connecting the Dots Poverty Summit, with the first of three events taking place at the Civic Center on July 31, 2018. She invited social service agencies and faith based organizations to participate.

Alderwoman Carol Bell invited everyone to the culminating event of the Summer 500 program on Friday, July 27, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. at the Civic Center ballroom.

Alderman Van Johnson extended City Council’s condolences on the passing of Mr. Fred Foster, the first African American director of the Chatham County Department of Family and Children Services.

Alderman Van Johnson asked City Council for consensus on directing the City Attorney to look at repealing the section of the charter that allows for the establishment of fees. City Council directed Deputy City Attorney Jen Herman to have the City Attorney’s Office bring something back to City Council in two weeks for review on this matter.

Mayor DeLoach invited incoming Police Chief Roy Minter and his wife, Ramona, to come forward and speak. Alderman Johnson reminded everyone that tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the City would be holding a ribbon cutting at the new Northwest Precinct on Lathrop Avenue. Chief Minter thanked City Council for their support and gracious welcome, and stated it was humbling to be accepted as part of Mr. Hernandez’s team. He talked about his three goals, to reduce crime, build partnerships, and operate the department with maximum efficiency. Chief Minter spoke about Chief Revenew and the outstanding job he has done leading the department through some tough times. He stated that while he has a lot of great ideas, he does not have all the answers, and this will be a team effort between the department, the community, and City leadership.

The Mayor reminded everyone that there would be a special meeting of City Council tonight at 6:00 p.m.

There being no further business, Mayor DeLoach declared this meeting of Council adjourned.

The video recording of the Council meeting can be found by copying and pasting the below link in your url:


Luciana M. Spracher, Acting Clerk of Council
Agenda Plus