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July 19, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
32. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Flooring for the Savannah Police Department Northwest Precinct Facility from Culver Rug (Event No. 6319)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Notification of the emergency procurement of carpet and tile flooring from Culver Rug in the amount of $127,388.00. This was deemed an emergency because the police de-merger required that the building, located at 602 E. Lathrop Avenue, be ready to be occupied by the Savannah Police Department as soon as possible. This vendor was selected due to the immediate availability.

The lease agreement on the Precinct facility allows the City to reduce up to the entire amount of the first year's rent -- $345,360 -- for improvements made to the facility, including new floor coverings. 



Alan Waters, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Financial Impact
$127,388.00 expenditure from the Capital Improvements Fund
Review Comments
Great Dane Flooring Purchasing Summary.pdf
Great Dane Police Facility Funding Verification.pdf
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