October 11, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Work Session and City Manager's Briefing of September 27, 2018
09.27.18 WS minutes.pdf
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes for the City Council Meeting of September 27, 2018
09.27.18 Minutes.pdf
3. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Louis J. Valoze of Savannah Spirits Distilling Co.
Measurement Report - Savannah Sprits Distilling Co20181002_16425771.pdf
Density Map - Savannah Sprits Distilling Co20181002_16441739.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Savannah Sprits Distilling Co20181002_16451232.pdf
4. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Charles H. Morris of Kehoe Venues
5. Motion to Consider Alcohol License for Jacquelne Somesso of Liquid Cafe
Density Report- Liquid Cafe20180919_18035649.pdf
Measurement Report- Liquid Cafe20180919_18032786.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Liquid Cafe20180921_16235285.pdf
Liquid Cafe Applicant Background Memo.pdf
Code Compliance Report - Liquid Cafe20181002_17384510.pdf
City's R to ORA & Show Cause Hearing Notice - Liquid Cafe.pdf
6. Motion to Amend the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Upper-story Residential (Petitioner: Planning Commission) as an Alternative to the Rezoning of 415 E Oglethorpe Ave
Upper-story residential Draft Ordinance 18-003306-ZA.pdf
7. Motion to Deny the Rezoning Request of 415 E Oglethorpe Ave from RIP-C to B-C (Petitioner: Harold Yellin for Bryson–Read, LLC)
415 E Oglethorpe Ave Rezoning Planning Commission Recommendation 18-002579-ZA.pdf
415 E Oglethorpe Ave 2012 Deed Book 378M Pages 92-93.pdf
415 E Oglethorpe Ave 2008 Plat Book 40P Page 95.pdf
415 E Oglethorpe Ave 1984 Plat Book 6P Page 29A.pdf
8. Motion to Conditionally Allow Certain Special Uses on 1650 E Victory Drive (Petitioner: Richard Mopper for Tafina LLC)
1650 E Victory Dr 20180828 Planning Commission Recommendation RE Special Use 18-003858-ZA.pdf
1650 E Victory Dr Special Use Draft Ordinance 18-003858-ZA.pdf
1650 E Victory Dr 2018 and 2016 Concept Plans.pdf
1650 E Victory Dr 2016 Special Use City Council Minutes.pdf
9. Motion to Deny the Request to Rezone 10602 White Bluff Rd from R-6 to B-N (Petitioner: Holly Young for Victoria Guest)
10602 Abercorn St 20180818 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
10. Motion to Rezone 606 Berrien St from P-RIP-B to R-B-C (Petitioner: Jodie Quinter for Ileana Moleiro De Rivas)
606 Berrien St Rezoning Draft Ordinance.pdf
11. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Fuel to Sommers Oil Company and Barrett Oil Distributors (Event No. 6608)
Fuel Purchasing Summary.pdf
Fuel County Contract Barrett.pdf
Fuel County Contract Sommers.pdf
Fuel Funding Verification.pdf
12. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Hydrated Lime to Mississippi Lime (Event No. 6413)
Hydrated Lime Specs.pdf
Hydrated Lime Purchasing Summary.pdf
Hydrated Lime Bid Tab.pdf
Hydrated Lime Funding Verification.pdf
13. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Hydrofluosilicic Acid to Savannah Brush and Chemical (Event No. 6453)
Chlorine and HFS Purchasing Summary.pdf
Chlorine and HFS Scope.pdf
Chlorine and HFS Bid Tab.pdf
Chlorine and HFS Funding Verification.pdf
14. Motion to Procure Biological Treatment Blower for the Wilshire Water Reclamation Facility from Kittner, LLC (Event No. 6625)
Blower Purchasing Summary.pdf
Blower Funding Verification.pdf
15. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Water Reclamation Facility Painting to E&D Coatings (Event No. 6108)
WR Painting Purchasing Summary.pdf
WR Painting Scope.pdf
WR Painting Funding Verification.pdf
WR Painting Bid Tab.pdf
16. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Fire Hydrants and Parts with Ferguson Waterworks (Event No. 4269)
Fire Hydrants Scope.pdf
Fire Hydrants Bid Tab.pdf
Fire Hydrants Purchasing Summary.pdf
Fire Hydrants Funding Verification.pdf
17. Motion to Modify and Renew Annual Contract for Street Sweeper Brooms with Keystone Plastics, Inc. (Event No. 3990)
Street Sweeper Brooms Scope.pdf
Street Sweeper Brooms Bid Tab.pdf
Street Sweeper Brooms Funding Verification.pdf
Street Sweeper Brooms Purchasing Summary.pdf
18. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Equine Sanitation with Image Keepers (Event No. 6012)
Equine Sanitation Scope.pdf
Equine Sanitation Funding Verification.pdf
Equine Sanitation Purchasing Summary.pdf
19. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Litter Receptacles and Benches from Swartz & Associates and Sitescapes, Inc. (Event No. 6102)
Park Bench Scope.pdf
Park Bench Bid Tab.pdf
Park Bench Photos.pdf
Park Benches Purchasing Summary.pdf
Park Benches Funding Verification.pdf
20. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Traffic Signs and Blanks with Vulcan Signs (Event No. 6368)
Traffic Sign Blanks Funding Verification.pdf
Traffic Sign Blanks Purchasing Summary.pdf
Traffic Sign Blanks Scope.pdf
Traffic Sign Blanks Bid Tab.pdf
21. Motion to Approve Contract Amendment No. 1 for State Street Garage Design Services to Raymond Engineering (Event No. 5575)
State Street Purchasing Summary.pdf
State Street Funding Verification.pdf
22. Motion to Approve Contract Amendment No. 2 for Cultural Arts Center from Gunn Meyerhoff Shay (Event No. 1173)
Cultural Arts Purchasing Summary.pdf
Cultural Arts Funding Verification.pdf
Cultural Arts Center Weather Delays.pdf
23. Motion to Award Sale of Surplus Property 6 West Henry Street to Inman Park Properties, Inc. (Event No. 6470)
6 W Henry Scope.pdf
6 W Henry Purchasing Summary.pdf
6 W Henry Drawings.pdf
6 West Henry St Funding Verification.pdf
24. Motion to Procure Granite Software Upgrades from Adams Equipment (Event No. 6627)
Granite Software Purchasing Summary.pdf
Granite Software Funding Verification.pdf
25. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Dell EqualLogic Network Storage System from Dell, Inc. (Event No. 6612)
Dell EqualLogic Storage Shelf Purchasing Summary.pdf
DELL EqualLogic Storage Shelf Funding Verification.pdf
26. Notification of Emergency Procurement of Veeam Backup Solution from Layer 3 (Event No. 6613)
Veeam Backup Solution Purchasing Summary.pdf
Veeam Backup Solution Funding Verification.pdf
27. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Continuum of Care Grants Program to Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless (Event No. 6468)
Continuum of Care Purchasing Summary.pdf
Continuum of Care Scope.pdf
Continuum of Care Funding Verification.pdf
28. Motion to Approve Memorandum of Agreement and Cost Share for Savannah River Below Augusta Restoration Feasibility Study
SRK letter of request.pdf
MOA Savannah and SRK 9.27.2018.docx
29. Motion to Approve Bacon Park Golf Course Maintenance Building Agreement and Funding Allocation
Existing Bacon Park Maintenance Building.Photos.SWB.docx
Drawings 2018.06.15.pdf
Narrative 2018-8-27.pdf
30. Motion to Approve Intergovernmental Agreement Concerning Reimbursement of Relocation Costs for Water and Sewer Facilities in County-owned Rights of Way
Memo of Understanding re Reimbursement of WS Relocation Costs (rev).pdf
31. Motion to Declare Unopened Portions of Dixon Street and Two Unnamed Alleys as Surplus and Available for Sale.
Dixon St - Agenda Item Map Attachment.pdf
32. Motion to Approve Naming of 201 Montgomery Street the 'Savannah Cultural Arts Center'
Application - 201 Montgomery St. Renaming Cultural Arts Center 18-004315-HM.pdf
COA - 201 Montgomery Street 18-004315-HM.pdf
Agenda Plus