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October 11, 2018, City Council Regular Meeting
4. Motion to Approve Alcohol License for Charles H. Morris of Kehoe Venues
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Charles H. Morris for Randolph Street Development, LLC t/a Kehoe Venues, has requested adding liquor (by the drink) license with Sunday sales to existing beer and wine (by the drink) license with Sunday sales at 660 East Broughton Street, which is located between Randolph Street and Barr Street in Aldermanic District 2. The applicant plans to continue to operate as an assembly hall/event venue/catering service. (New request/existing location). If approved, this license will be a Class C – Retail Dealer with On-Premise Consumption – Distilled Sprits. This is in addition to the applicant's current license at the location, Class C – Retail Dealer with On-Premise Consumption – Malt Beverage and Wine.

This application was initially heard by Council on August 30, 2018.  After the first public hearing, staff requested the applicant voluntarily delay action to allow for a procedural review of the public notifications related to this application.  It was noted that in advance of the initial hearing, staff construed the alcohol ordinance to not require posting of signage on the property because the applicant currently possesses an alcohol license.  The August 30 hearing was, however, posted on Council’s agenda and advertised in the Savannah Morning News.  In response to questions raised regarding the adequacy of notice, on September 27 signs were placed on the property and the applicant has agreed to reappear for a hearing on October 11, 2018.

Per the amended Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance, the following is included as an exception to state distance requirements:

For businesses classified as banquet, reception halls, or event venues whose dominant business activity and related gross sales receipts are from rental of facilities and catering of food for banquets, receptions, and events, there shall be no distance requirements for businesses within the Historic District when the premises are zoned to allow such use and such businesses are otherwise determined eligible for a beverage alcohol license for consumption on premises.

No concerns were noted by the Savannah Police Department.



Judee Jones, Revenue Administrator
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