December 7, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
1. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the Council Work Session/City Manager Briefing of November 21, 2017
11.21.17 WS Minutes.pdf
2. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of the City Council Meeting of November 21, 2017
11.21.17 Minutes.pdf
3. Appearance by St. Joseph's/Candler Health Systems President/CEO Paul P. Hinchey to Present a $15,000 Donation to the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund
4. Motion to Approve Beer and Wine Package License for Laukik Patel of City Market Cafe, LLC t/a Buzzin Cafe
Density Map - Buzzin Cafe20171125_0067.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Buzzin Cafe20171127_0078.pdf
5. Motion to Approve Wine (drink) License with Sunday Sales for Jennifer Jenkins of Fox & Fig, LLC t/a Fox & Fig
Density Map - Fox & Fig20171125_0070.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Fox & Fig Cafe20171127_0075.pdf
6. Motion to Approve Transfer of Liquor, Beer and Wine (drink) License with Sunday Sales from Christopher Martindale to Nathan Shaw of Bonefish Grill, LLC t/a Bonefish Grill
Density Map - Bonefish Grill20171125_0069.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Bonefish Grill20171127_0076.pdf
7. Motion to Approve Transfer of Liquor, Beer and Wine (drink) with Sunday Sales, and Liquor, Beer and Wine (package) license from Joanna Harber to Barbara A. Bachman of Island Hospitality Management III, Inc. t/a Springhill Suites by Marriott
Density Map - Springhill Suites by Marriott20171125_0071.pdf
Alcohol Documents - Springhill Suites20171127_0077.pdf
8. Motion to Approve Addition of Liquor Package License to existing Beer and Wine Package License for Pavan Putra Enterprises, Inc. t/a Broughton Street Liquor
Density Map -Broughton Street Liquor20171109_0055.pdf
Alcohol Documents -Broughton Street Liquor20171113_0061.pdf
Broughton Street Urban Renewal Plan.pdf
9. Motion to Approve Rezoning of 2415 E DeRenne Ave from R-6 to R-M-6 (Petitioner: Neil Dawson for St. John Baptist Church)
2415 E DeRenne Ave Rezoning 20171031 Planning Commission Recommendation.pdf
2415 E DeRenne Ave Rezoning Draft Ordinance 17-005892-ZA.pdf
10. Motion to Approve Petition 170385 from VZW for Six Additional Stealth Cellular Antennas in the Downtown Area.
VZW Exhibit.pdf
11. Motion to Approve Petition 170287 to Clear Title Issues Related to Lift Station Site
Nettled Ind Pk Exhibit.pdf
12. Motion to Repeal and Replace Part 9, Chapter 5 of the Animal Control Ordinance to Address Menacing Dogs and Regulate Breeding Practices
Draft Animal Control ORD Revisions 2017.pdf
13. Motion to Amend Sec.7-1091, Appendix 1, of the City of Savannah Code of Ordinances to Prohibit Parking on Causton Bluff Road
Causton Bluff Parking Restriction Map.docx
14. Motion to Adopt 2018 Savannah Affordable Housing Fund Policy Guidelines and Work Program
2018 SAHF City Council Resolution.pdf
2018 SAHF Policy Guidelines & Work Program.pdf
15. Motion to Adopt Resolution Accepting $15,000 Donation from St. Joseph’s/Candler Health Systems for the Savannah Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF)
SJCHS SAHF Donation Resolution.pdf
16. Motion to Award Deliberately Phased Construction Contract for Central Precinct to Johnson-Laux Construction (Event No. 5688)
Central Precinct Funding Verification.pdf
Central Precinct Purchasing Summary.pdf
17. Motion to Award Annual Contract for Savannah Fire and Emergency Services Uniforms to Galls, Inc. (Event No. 5393)
SFES Uniform Bid Tab.pdf
SFES Uniform Purchasing Summary.pdf
SFES Uniform Scope.pdf
SFES Uniforms Funding Verification.pdf
18. Motion to Procure Traffic Signal Cabinets from Temple, Inc. (Event No. 5704)
Traffic Signal Cabinets Funding Verification.pdf
Traffic Signal Cabinets Purchasing Summary.pdf
19. Motion to Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for Bilbo Canal Drainage Improvements to Orion Marine Construction, Inc. (Event No. 4383)
Bilbo Canal Funding Verification.pdf
Bilbo Canal Purchasing Summary.pdf
20. Motion to Renew Annual Contract and Approve Contract Modification No. 1 for Traffic Signal Construction with Hoffman Electric (Event No. 5019)
Traffic Signal Purchasing Summary.pdf
Traffic Signal Scope.pdf
Traffic Signal Bid Tab.pdf
Traffic Signal Funding Verification.pdf
21. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for One-Ton Chlorine Cylinders with Allied Universal Corporation (Event No. 3492)
Chlorine Cylinders Funding Verification.pdf
Chlorine Cylinders Purchasing Summary.pdf
Chlorine Cylinders Bid Tab.pdf
Chlorine Cylinders Scope.pdf
22. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for High Visibility Rain Gear with On-Site Supply (Event No. 4624)
Rain Gear Bid Tab.pdf
Rain Gear Funding Verification.pdf
Rain Gear Scope of Work.pdf
Rain Gear Purchasing Summary.pdf
23. Notification of Emergency Purchase of Fire Protection Curtain for the Civic Center from Stage Front (Event No. 5673)
Fire Curtain Funding Verification.pdf
Fire Curtain Purchasing Summary.pdf
24. Notification of Emergency Procurement and Installation of Generator Motor from TAW Power Systems (Event No. 5703)
Generator Funding Verification.pdf
Generator Purchasing Summary.pdf
25. Notification of Emergency Purchase Vehicle Decals from Edwards Interior Graphics (Event No. 5700)
Vehicle Decals Funding Verification.pdf
Vehicle Decals Purchasing Summary.pdf
26. Motion to Renew Annual Contract for Street Repair and Resurfacing with Savannah River Utilities (Event No. 3013)
Street Repair Funding Verification.pdf
Street Repair Purchasing Summary.pdf
Street Repair Scope.pdf
Street Repair Bid Tab.pdf
27. Motion to Award Contract for Software Services to Motorola Solutions, Inc. (Event No. 5676)
Motorola Service Funding Verification.pdf
Motorola Service Purchasing Summary.pdf
28. Motion to Award Sole Source Procurement of Six Channel Expansion and Management Software to Motorola Solutions, Inc. (Event No. 5674)
Motorola Expansion Purchasing Summary.pdf
Six Channel Expansion and Mgmt Software Funding Verification.pdf
29. Motion to Approve Memorandum of Understanding between Mayor and Aldermen and ROI FUND, Inc
30. Motion to approve Water and Sewer Agreement for The Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah Center
The Roman Catholic Diocess of Savannah Center (St Marys).pdf
31. Motion to Approve Revocable Encroachment Agreement with HLC Olde Harbour Inn Properties, LLC
Olde Harbour Inn Encroachment Agreement.pdf
Exhibit A - Olde Habour Inn Map.pdf
32. Motion to Approve Supplemental Budget Appropriations to the 2017 Budget
December CIP Amendment.pdf
33. Motion to Approve the Summary/Final Minutes of Day 2 of the City Council Budget Retreat of December 1, 2017
12.01.17 Budget Retreat Minutes Day 2.pdf
34. Appearance by Family Members of the late Dr. Lester B. Johnson, Jr. to receive a Resolution Honoring his Life
Resolution-Dr. Lester B. Johnson, Jr..pdf
35. Appearance by Presidents of the Hudson Hill and West Savannah Communities to Announce the 12th Annual Christmas Parade
36. Motion to Appoint Luciana Spracher as Acting Clerk of Council
37. Public Hearing for the Proposed 2018 Service Program and Budget
38. First Reading of Ordinance to Adopt the 2018 Service Program and Budget
39. First Reading of Ordinance to Adopt the 2018 Revenue Ordinance
40. First Reading of Amendments to Section 5-107, Chapter 1, Article 5; and Chapter 2, Article 5, of the City Charter, to Authorize Collection of a Fire Services Fee
Fire Fee Charter Amendment REVISED.pdf
41. First Reading of an Amendment to Part 3, Chapter 2 of the Code of Ordinances to Establish a Fire Services Utility and Provide for Fire Services Fees
Fire Services Special Revenue Fund Ordinance REVISED.pdf
Agenda Plus