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December 7, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend Sec.7-1091, Appendix 1, of the City of Savannah Code of Ordinances to Prohibit Parking on Causton Bluff Road

Causton Bluff Road is a local street that serves small business and light industrial facilities from Capitol Street to Riverview Drive in the Pine Garden neighborhood. Businesses on Causton Bluff Road have complained that commercial truck traffic including panel trucks and tractor-trailer trucks as well as personal vehicles have difficulty transiting Causton Bluff Road in a safe manner when vehicles park on the roadway.

Traffic Engineering has investigated these concerns and has seen tractor-trailer trucks and panel trucks making deliveries and transiting Causton Bluff Road. When vehicles are parked on the roadway it forces through traffic into the opposing lane due to insufficient road width available. Causton Bluff Road is 20 feet wide throughout the identified segment from Capitol Street to Riverview Drive; this allows for two 10-foot travel lanes with no available right of way for on-street parking on either side of the street.

Businesses along this segment of Causton Bluff Road have parking lots which are sufficient for visitors or employees to utilize when needed. Drivers choosing to park on the street are doing so because it is often most proximal to the business entrance rather than in the parking lots which would require a further walk.

Recommend that parking be prohibited along both sides beginning at Capitol Street and extending approximately 1,500 feet east to the Riverview Drive.

Recommend Amending the Code of the City of Savannah, Part 7-1091, Appendix I, Section 219. Stopping, standing and parking prohibited to add: Causton Bluff Road: Both sides from Capitol Street to Riverview Drive.



Mike Weiner, Traffic Engineering Director
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