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December 7, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Memorandum of Understanding between Mayor and Aldermen and ROI FUND, Inc

As part of the design of the West Mulberry Boulevard Extension project the Traffic Engineering Department directed the developer to perform a traffic study to determine the possible impacts for the intersection of Benton Blvd and West Mulberry Blvd. This study determined that the intersection will require to be widen to accommodate future traffic volumes as well as the installation of a traffic signal in view that the intersection meet certain warrants for such an installation.

Recognizing the need for signalization , the developer has agreed to share the cost by purchasing all the necessary equipment and cost for electrical service to the signal and for the relocation of three light poles .

ROI Fund, Inc. (Developer) cost share for the traffic signal installation is $47,000.00.



Mike Weiner, Traffic Engineering & Streets
Financial Impact
$47,000.00 CIP TE0311
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