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December 7, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Award Contract for Software Services to Motorola Solutions, Inc. (Event No. 5676)

Recommend approval to award a two-year software service contract to Motorola Solutions, Inc. for the total amount of $273,586.80. The payment for the first year will be in the amount of $136,243.50 and payment for the second year will be in the amount of $137,343.30.

The City of Savannah operates a Motorola Astro 25 Digital Trunked Radio Network in cooperation with Chatham and five other counties in southeast Georgia. The network is managed and controlled by a large Microsoft-based Wide Area IP network, which requires periodic security maintenance, patches, and upgrades. This software user agreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc. provides for total service and maintenance of the IP networking portion of the Astro 25 radio network and all hardware, software, and applications required for operation of the radio system IP network. This is a sole source because the existing radio network is made up of Motorola equipment and solutions. The software is proprietary to Motorola Solutions, Inc. and is only supported by that vendor. 

The contract term will be from December 7, 2017 through December 7, 2019. 



Cam Mathis, Information Technology
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