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October 26, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Annexation of 0.88 Acres Located on Ogeechee Road (Akshar Holdings, LLC)

The City received an annexation petition for a 0.88 acre parcel located on Ogeechee Road near Chatham Parkway Extension. The parcel is owned by Akshar Holdings, LLC. After annexation, the owner plans to develop the site as a mixed-use building with commercial and retail establishments. The land under petition is contiguous to existing City territory, and therefore can be annexed by ordinance adopted by City Council.  As required by State law the County has been informed of receipt of this petition. 

Annexation is being sought by the owner to gain access to the municipal utilities provided by the City. The owner desires to gain access to these services on in-city terms. The cost of providing water and sewer service will be fully covered by connection fees and service fees charged to the parcel.



David Maxwell, CFO
Financial Impact
Future tap-in fees and property tax revenue
Review Comments
Akshar Holdings LLC - Petition.pdf
Akshar Holdings LLC annexation Ordinance.pdf
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