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October 26, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Amend Code of Ordinances, Appendix I, Section 225, to Modify Street Sweeping Schedule

Increased parking demand in the downtown area on weekends has resulted in a growing volume of requests and complaints for modification of the City’s street cleaning program to exclude sweeping on Friday and Saturday nights.

Staff has reviewed potential alternatives to accommodate these requests and has determined the more viable approach is to adopt a Monday through Thursday evening schedule. The requested action would modify existing no parking designated areas for night sweeping operations to conform to the revised schedule. In addition, it is recommended to add the no parking designation for the west side of Price Street on Thursday evening to allow sweeper access to the chronically blocked curb line.

Implementation will require modification of 2,700 existing no parking signs to reflect the new schedule. Night parking enforcement will be curtailed during the transition period. Parking prohibition shall not apply unless and until appropriate signage is installed and maintained in the affected areas.



Gene Prevatt, Sanitation Director
Financial Impact
Signage - $3,000.00
Review Comments
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Code-of-Ordinances_Part 7-1095.pdf
Revised Ordinance_Appendix I Sec. 225.pdf
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