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October 26, 2017 City Council Regular Meeting
Motion to Approve Ordinance Creating a Process for the Naming and Renaming of Public Property, Facilities, and Streets

The proposed public property naming ordinance received a first reading during the October 12, 2017, City Council Meeting. Per Council's direction at that reading, the draft ordinance has been amended to include the allowance of one approved Honorary Designation per calender year by each member of City Council. Additionally, it was decided that a separate policy regarding the process for City sponsorships shall be drafted and presented to City Council at a later date.

The proposed ordinance creates a formal process for the naming of public property to protect the historical, cultural and functional integrity of the names of City-owned property while allowing for the opportunity to commemorate individuals and events that have made significant contributions to the community.

Article E. 'Naming and Renaming of Public Property, Facilities and Streets' will formalize a process for naming, renaming or establishing an honorary designation of City-owned property. This ordinance will help provide greater consistency and transparency to the naming process and protect the historical integrity of our streets, parks, roadways and facilities.

The naming requirements vary depending on property type and nature of the request but generally must include:

  • An endorsement by the current Mayor, an at-large alderman or the alderman representing the district in which the property is located;

  • Precise location and description of the subject property;

  • A thorough discussion regarding the history of the property;

  • A statement of reasons supporting the renaming request;

  • Petition in favor of the request by the surrounding residents and businesses; and

  • Proposed name and current name.

Naming request for a natural person should take the following into consideration:

  • Absent extraordinary or extenuating circumstances, the proposed honoree shall be deceased;

  • Whether the proposed namesake made a sustained contribution over an appreciable time period, exerted efforts of benefit or significance to local, state or national affairs and/or demonstrated leadership in governmental, cultural or historical affairs, humanitarian efforts, or community development;

  • Contributions that beneficially changed the nature and characteristics of the community; and

  • Achievement by a native Savannahian of national or international acclaim in a specific field of endeavor that has reflected positively on Savannah



Joseph Shearouse, Management Coordinator
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