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November 12, 2020 City Council Meeting
16. Amend the Zoning Map for 3001 Little Neck Road (PINs 21026 02001, 21027 01002 thru 01009), from the PDR-­SL-CO (Planned Development Reclamation-Sanitary Landfill-Annexed) and PDR-SM-CO (Planned Development Reclamation-Surface Mine-Annexed) to the I-H (Heavy Industrial), Petition of Harold Yellin (Agent) on Behalf of Waste Management of Georgia (Owner) (File No. 20-004418-ZA)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

The petitioner, Harold Yellin (Agent), for Waste Management of Georgia (Owner), is requesting to rezone the properties located at 3001 Little Neck Road (PINs 21026 02001, 21027 01002, -003, -004, -005, -006, -007, -008, and -009). The parcels are approximately 846 acres.  The Superior Landfill and Recycling Center has been located on the site since 1991.

On October 10, 2019, Mayor and Aldermen annexed the subject parcels into the City of Savannah. Prior to the annexation, the Chatham County zoning ordinance was applicable, and the zoning map identified two zoning districts for the properties. Those districts were PDR-SL (Planned Development Reclamation–Sanitary Landfill) permitting the landfill operation, and PDR-SM (Planned Development Reclamation–Surface Mine) allowing the mining of soil for the purpose of continually capping the landfill.  Under Section 1.6 of the City's Zoning Ordinance, Mayor and Aldermen also zoned the properties to PDR-SL-CO and PDR-SM-CO allowing the County’s zoning district to apply to the parcels at the time of the annexation.

The proposed rezoning of I-H (Heavy Industrial) will allow the parcels to be identified appropriately, from a zoning standpoint, with a City of Savannah zoning ordinance.

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On October 13, 2020, the Planning Commission approved the request to rezone the subject parcels from PDR-­SL-CO (Planned Development Reclamation-Sanitary Landfill-Annexed) and PDR-SM-CO (Planned Development Reclamation-Surface Mine-Annexed) to I-H (Heavy Industrial).

Following the Planning Commission meeting, the following condition is recommended as part of the rezoning:

           The subject property to be rezoned to the I-H (Heavy Industrial) zoning district shall be limited to the following uses:  sanitary landfill, surface mining, and related and ancillary landfill, transportation and hauling operations.  

This condition is included in the General Development Plan and draft zoning ordinance. 

Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design
Financial Impact
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet (File No. 20-004418-ZA)
Exhibit 2: Zoning Map (File No. 20-004418-ZA)
Exhibit 3: Revised General Development Plan with Condition Noted (File No. 20-004418-ZA)
Exhibit 4: Draft Ordinance for 3001 Little Neck Road (File No. 20-004418-ZA)
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