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November 12, 2020 City Council Meeting
15. Amend the Zoning Map for 716 Highland Drive (PIN 20491 07010), Approximately 0.5 acres, from the RSF-10 (Single Family Residential-10) Zoning District to the O-I (Office-Institutional) Zoning District with Conditions, Petition of Ed Garvin (Agent) on behalf of Goldberg Properties LP (Owner), District 4 (File No. 20-001742-ZA)
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The petitioner, Ed Garvin (Agent), for Goldberg Properties LP (Owner), is requesting to rezone 716 Highland Drive (PIN 20491 07010) from the RSF-10 (Single Family Residential-10) zoning district to the O-I (Office-Institutional) zoning district with conditions.  The property is 0.5 acres and located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Highland Drive and Waters Avenue.

On June 9, 2020, the Planning Commission denied the initial rezoning request to rezone the subject property from RSF-10 to O-I.  The Planning Commission found that the subject property and the neighborhood have served as residential single family for many years and although many commercial uses have developed around it, the neighborhood has remained stable and viable through this transition.

On July 23, 2020, Mayor and Aldermen held a public hearing for the proposed rezoning. During the hearing, the Agent presented a new proposal which differed from what the Planning Commission considered.  The proposal was to only permit the "Office, General" use if the O-I zoning district was approved.  The Office, General use is defined in the Zoning Ordinance as, "An establishment generally providing professional services where tangible products are not produced or sold." Since the initial application changed and the Planning Commission did not consider the proposal, the Mayor and Aldermen remanded the petition back to the Planning Commission.

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On October 13, 2020, the Planning Commission approved the requested rezoning from the RSF-10 (Single Family Residential-10) zoning classification to the O-I (Office Institutional) zoning classification.

If Mayor and Council approve the rezoning of 716 Highland Drive from the RSF-10 (Single Family Residential-10) zoning district to the O-I (Office Institutional) zoning district, the following conditions shall also apply to the approval:  

1. The approval for the O-I zoning district shall only permit the Office, General use and be included in the Owner Deed of Transfer which shall be provided to the City; 

2. The following standards shall apply to the site plan review:

a.  Install and maintain a new 5' high black aluminum fence along Highland Drive from Waters Avenue to the property located at 716 Highland Drive;

b.  Maintain a 4' chain link fence on the north of the property and 6' wooden fence on the west of the property;

c.  Permit ingress and egress from Waters Avenue; and

d. Apply the O-I Zoning District development standards.


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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet (File No. 20-001742-ZA)
Exhibit 2: Zoning Map for 716 Highland Drive (File No. 20-001742-ZA)
Exhibit 3: Draft Ordinance for 716 Highland Drive (File No. 20-001742-ZA)
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