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November 12, 2020 City Council Meeting
14. Amend the Zoning Map for 24 Weiner Drive (PIN 20494 04016), Approximately 0.21 acres, from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to OI-T (Office Institutional-Transition), Petition of Rob Brannen (Agent) on behalf of SPM&A LLC (Owner), District 4 (File No. 20-004436-ZA)
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Good Government

The Petitioner, Rob Brannen (Agent), for SPM&A LLC (Owner), is requesting to rezone 24 Weiner Drive (PIN 20494 04016) from RSF-6 (Residential Single Family-6) to OI-T (Office Institutional-Transition). The property is 0.21 acres and located on Weiner and E. Montgomery Cross Road.

The property was developed with a single-family residential structure built in conjunction with the development of the Skyland Terrace Neighborhood. A recent rezoning request to the B-N (Neighborhood Business) zoning district was submitted and subsequently withdrawn to refile to the less intense OI-T (Office Institutional-Transition) zoning district.

The intent of the OI-T classification is to “facilitate the orderly transition of properties originally developed for residential use to limited nonresidential uses. These properties are in areas where increased automobile traffic, road widening or other factors have diminished residential viability, resulting in the need for a transitional area to buffer surrounding residential properties.”

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On October 13, 2020, the Planning Commission recommended rezoning 24 Weiner Drive from the RSF-6 zoning district to the OI-T zoning district.


Bridget Lidy, Planning and Urban Design
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Exhibit 1: MPC Recommendation Packet for 24 Weiner Drive (File No. 20-004436-ZA)
Exhibit 2: Zoning Map for 24 Weiner Drive (File No. 20-004436-ZA)
Exhibit 3: Draft Ordinance for 24 Weiner Drive (File No. 20-004436-ZA)
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