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November 12, 2020 City Council Meeting
13. Approval of a Class C (Liquor, Beer, Wine)(By the Drink) Alcohol License with Sunday Sales to Anthony Scarpulla of G.B. Lobster at 518 Martin Luther King Jr., Boulevard (Aldermanic District 2)
Strategic Priority
Good Government

Anthony Scarpulla for G.B. Lobster, LLC t/a G.B. Lobster is requesting a Class C (Liquor, Beer, Wine) (By the Drink) Alcohol License with Sunday Sales at 518 Martin Luther King Boulevard. No concerns noted by neighborhood association or Savannah Police Department. The establishment is located between West Huntingdon Street and West Gaston Street in Aldermanic District 2. The applicant plans to operate a limited service restaurant. (New owner/location)

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Judee Jones, Revenue Administrator
Financial Impact
Revenue of $0 in Alcohol License Fees
Review Comments
Exhibit 1: Checklist - GB Lobster.pdf
Exhibit 2: Density Map - GB Lobster.pdf
Exhibit 3: Alcohol Reports - GB Lobster.pdf
Exhibit 4: Measurement Report - GB Lobster.pdf
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