February 28, 2019 City Council Workshop

Savannah City Government



February 28, 2019 – 10:00 a.m.

PRESENT: Mayor Eddie DeLoach, Presiding

Aldermen: Carol Bell, Julian Miller, Brian Foster, Bill Durrence, John Hall, Van Johnson, II (arrived 10:15 a.m.), Tony Thomas (arrived at 10:20 a.m.), Estella Shabazz (arrived at 11:05 a.m.)

Rob Hernandez, City Manager

Jen Herman, Interim City Attorney

Bret Bell, Assistant to the City Manager

William Shearouse, Assistant City Attorney

City Manager Hernandez welcomed everyone to the meeting and briefly reviewed the agenda stating the Pedicab & Quadricycles Ordinance Overview will be removed from both agendas because there were some last minute tweaks with meetings between staff and the industry.

Alderman Foster asked the City Attorney to draw up an ordinance about what he would like to add to the discussion as an amendment that prohibits alcoholic beverages by the people on them pedaling. City Manager Hernandez replied staff will include that language in the proposed revisions for March 14th. He stated it will be introduced at the workshop and if Council is comfortable the first reading will be on the 14th, with the final reading and adoption at the subsequent meeting.

Workshop Agenda Items
1. 2020 Census Update
2020 Census Workshop.pdf
2. Pedicab & Quadricycles Ordinance Overview
3. Clean Community Ordinance Overview
Exhibit 1: Presentation - Clean Community Ordinance.pdf
4. New Savannah Arena Update
2019_0228 Savannah Arena_City Council Meeting_final.pdf
5. Grant Center & Hudson Hill Community Center Update
Exhibit 1: Grant and Hudson Hill Community Center Options.pdf
6. 2018 Year-End Capital Projects Update
Exhibit 1: 2018 4th Quarter Capital Improvement Program Review.pdf
7. Executive Session: Real Estate, Personnel, Litigation
8. City Council Agenda Review

There being no further business, Mayor DeLoach declared this meeting of Council adjourned.

The video recording of the Work Session can be found by copying and pasting the below link in your url:


Agenda Plus